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Well boys and girls you knew this time would come. "Oh Koop you said you would keep this place open, at least try." Well truth be told gaming forums are an overused breed. I am sure you can find a better one that us. Hell, I am going to suggest one. Don't get pissed, which most of you wont since I doubt you will check on this place anytime soon. I am referring you to another forum I admin at (which took its toll on me, running two forums sucks) and a better gaming forum.

Other forum I admin, great site. Hate to say it but I enjoyed it more as a member there than I enjoyed here as an admin. Don't worry, if I would resign there there are 3 other admins to take over. And I won't resign either, since they said I am stuck for life. :3

Best Gaming forum out there (it might be Resident Evil first but their game section is equivalent to ours. Plus their themes are sexy.)

There you have it folks, sorry for letting you down the third time. If I ever do make a forum on my own again, it will NOT BE GENERAL GAMING. That is a promise. Email the Critical Hit email ( to keep and contact and such. Make sure to join the above two forums, they are greater than this forum could achieve. Thanks. :/
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