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CWA Character Profile Template; Updated CWA Profile Template [6-2011]
Topic Started: Dec 1 2009, 12:56 AM (2,270 Views)
Danielle Chirel
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This template topic is outdated, but we've forgotten which guides link to it exactly. For the most up to date profile template, [Click Here]

Please be sure to read the [RULES] before you begin.

Title of Thread: [Your Character's Name]


Age: (13-19 suggested for Student characters, majority staff approval required for non-Students)


Character Type: (At first, your only option is a Student character in a particular dorm [your choice of Osiris/Ra/Obelisk].
Example: "Ra Yellow Student"
Necrophades Black is not a part of the main, 3-dorm system; it's an extra dorm, in the sense that you can't get placed in it from, say, a proctor's test duel, or "get promoted" to it through school matters, but rather, only transfer to or from it under certain means. If you'd like to join Necrophades Black, please speak to [Gouki Shinkou] for all the information regarding that dorm.
Non-Student options, such as Teacher and Pro Duelist become available for application after specific Post Count requirements have been met.)

Year: (What year you're in at the academy. If this does not apply, such as with teachers, Pro Duelists, etc., put in "N/A";
new students are considered 1st Year students)

Physical Appearance: (Include height, weight, ethnicity, and hair and eye colours. If you have any particularly notable features, please be sure to include them as well.)


Biography: (You can include things like where the character grew up, or known relatives, as well. You are also required to explain reasonably well as to why your character would appear at our academy.)

(Other): (Optional - if you have nothing to put here, feel free to erase this line.)

Here's the Code for it

Additional fields may be included at the author's discretion.
For profile examples, please see the approved profiles.

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