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Crimson Wind Academy is an Yu-Gi-Oh! Academy-style Role Play, with an active and great community! Check us out; we have tournaments, role playing, deck help and advice, and almost anything you're looking for in Yu-Gi-Oh! If you're new to the board, scroll down to the bottom and check out the Chatbox. Please change your chat name to your character name so we know who you are.

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News and Discussion

Regular Forum THE RULES of Crimson Wind Academy
Something to refer to
Moderated By: Gouki Shinkou, Global Moderator
Rules, Suggestions, and Other Beginners In… Jul 19 2014, 05:35 PM, By Mina Hatcher
0 viewers Topics: 4 Replies: 6
Redirect Forum Annotated New Users Guide
Something quick to read.
Hits: 1,439
Regular Forum Announcements & News
Find the latest information about the board here.
Moderated By: Global Moderator
Emergency Mod Elections 41 minutes ago, By Akira Tsukikage
2 viewers Topics: 80 Replies: 841
Regular Forum Tournament Information
All information regarding site-wide tournaments, Epic or otherwise, can be found here. Since this is meant to be 'Serious Business', refrain from spamming and whatnot, if you please.
Moderated By: Gouki Shinkou, Global Moderator
Epic Tournament 29 Feb 27 2015, 07:21 PM, By Mina Hatcher
1 viewer Topics: 55 Replies: 2,097
Subforums: Tournament Archive
Regular Forum Introductions - Outroductions
Whether coming or going, staying for a while or leaving for a week, feel free to post it in here.
Moderated By: Global Moderator
Hello All Feb 27 2015, 12:28 PM, By Ikari Kira
0 viewers Topics: 274 Replies: 3,006
Regular Forum Member Announcements
Have a personal announcement to make? Post it here.
Moderated By: Global Moderator
Stop the Bullying 2015 Feb 28 2015, 05:13 PM, By Gallatin
0 viewers Topics: 361 Replies: 3,459
Regular Forum Forum Feedback
Here's your place to report feedback directly to the staff of CWA. Having a problem? Got an idea? Have a question about the forum? Post it here.
Moderated By: Global Moderator
Enjeru Being on the Staff Lineup Yesterday, 11:22 PM, By Akuto Kurai
2 viewers Topics: 331 Replies: 4,756
Subforums: Candidacy Topic Section, Resolved Issues

Role Play Controls

Regular Forum Role Play Information
Important information regarding the role play will be stored here.
Moderated By: Gouki Shinkou, Global Moderator
A list of "Numbers" in the RP Today, 12:52 AM, By Gouki Shinkou
0 viewers Topics: 23 Replies: 357
Regular Forum Role Play Profiles
Your character's profile for the storyline is to be posted here.
Moderated By: Global Moderator
Approved - Adrian Lexo Feb 13 2015, 02:41 AM, By Enjeru Karasu
0 viewers Topics: 462 Replies: 314
Regular Forum General Roleplay Discussion
If you wish to rally your dorm together for some reason, or, just in general, want to make an announcement of random information for other RP-ers to keep in mind, or other such things, feel free to post it here.
Moderated By: Global Moderator
Headmaster Campaign Feb 28 2015, 01:52 AM, By Akuto Kurai
0 viewers Topics: 304 Replies: 4,324
Regular Forum Extra Roleplays
Non-canon RPs, or other RPs for other canons (or original works) can be done in here. PLEASE NOTE! This is not an advertising section.
Moderated By: Global Moderator
Behind the Username Feb 1 2015, 11:13 PM, By Akuto Kurai
0 viewers Topics: 78 Replies: 1,425
Regular Forum Silvershine City RP
For the alternate story going-on in Silvershine.
Moderated By: Global Moderator
Hello Again. Yesterday, 11:33 PM, By Jude
0 viewers Topics: 142 Replies: 1,545
Subforums: Silvershine Profiles
Regular Forum Duel Space
CWA's In-Character Social Network
Moderated By: Global Moderator
Inner Mind of a Psychic: Enjoying the Game Feb 12 2015, 06:05 PM, By Enjeru Karasu
0 viewers Topics: 19 Replies: 100
Regular Forum CWA Origins
Alternate Universe Prequel to the current CWA RP
Cafeteria; Memory Making Feb 26 2015, 05:11 PM, By Mina Hatcher
0 viewers Topics: 12 Replies: 37
Subforums: CWA Origins Profiles


Regular Forum Off-Topic Discussion
Off-topic forums for "serious" discussion.
Moderated By: Global Moderator
Yugioh Youtube Idea Feb 26 2015, 10:54 AM, By Akira Tsukikage
0 viewers Topics: 457 Replies: 4,035
Subforums: Debate Forum
Regular Forum Random Spam
Moderated By: Global Moderator
What IS Chibi Feb 22 2015, 12:24 PM, By Akira Tsukikage
0 viewers Topics: 525 Replies: 6,953
Subforums: Forum Games

Yu-Gi-Oh Discussion

Regular Forum Yu-Gi-Oh General Discussions & Rulings
General Yu-Gi-Oh! discussion on various topics. Ruling questions are posted here, as well.
Moderated By: Global Moderator
Calling for Volunteers for Project BP03 Feb 28 2015, 05:00 PM, By Gouki Shinkou
0 viewers Topics: 151 Replies: 1,785
Regular Forum Deck Garage
Post your deck, get some fixes, and learn from other players' experiences.
Moderated By: Global Moderator
IRL deck help Feb 6 2015, 06:07 PM, By Gidd Melack
0 viewers Topics: 555 Replies: 3,524
Regular Forum Card Creations
Create your own Duel Monsters cards here to be discussed and commented on. ---- The main area can be used to create any cards you'd like, to your heart's content. "I2" (Industrial Illusions) is where you post custom cards intended for use in an RP Duel - for honest-to-goodness attempts at making balanced and/or fair, or competitive cards - pending Admin approval.
Moderated By: Global Moderator
Anime Cards Feb 18 2015, 12:32 AM, By Gallatin
0 viewers Topics: 94 Replies: 468
Subforums: "I2" Creations

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