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Duke Screech


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Riff Madness
Welcome to Crimson Flames!
Revive from the ashes and rise!

Crimson Flames is back! Click here to read up!

We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! — The Crimson Flames staff

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Important News:
I will be updating the website during my spare time.
— Your old webmaster, Steve

IRC is lively once again. Join us:
#crimson_flames @ SwiftIRC.net
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• Absolutely no flaming, reacting to this will result in an automatic IP ban.

• No "fan sites" or any other forms of advertising on our site.

• No spamming, that's what our spam room is for.


• All new accounts should be created with a memorable username and password.

• You will be asked for your RuneScape Username and Runescape Status. (F2p or P2p)

• You must register before applying to Crimson Flames for Member, Clan Friend, or for an Alliance/War.

Thank you,
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