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Speculative biology is simultaneously a science and form of art in which one speculates on the possibilities of life and evolution. What could the world look like if dinosaurs had never gone extinct? What could alien lifeforms look like? What kinds of plants and animals might exist in the far future? These questions and more are tackled by speculative biologists, and the Speculative Evolution welcomes all relevant ideas, inquiries, and world-building projects alike. With a member base comprising users from across the world, our community is the largest and longest-running place of gathering for speculative biologists on the web.

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Hello World!
Topic Started: Jan 9 2018, 08:16 AM (245 Views)
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Mixotrophic Sea Slug
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Hi everyone! Ive been interested in speculative evolution and future evolution ever since I saw The Future is Wild (Both the documentary and the cartoon.) When I stumbled upon this site, I immediately joined, as this is something that interests me greatly. In fact, I am even training to be a zoologist, so studying spec. evolution animals should be good practice/fun.
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Hello there my friend!Welcome to zetaboards!
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Welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll settle right in here.
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Welcome! You're far from the only one to be introduced to the subject via The Future Is Wild (I also discovered it through that documentary). so you'll be in good company.
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Welcome ZoologicalBotanist, I hope you like the place here and find your nice with projects. Look forward to hearing from you!
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