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Speculative biology is simultaneously a science and form of art in which one speculates on the possibilities of life and evolution. What could the world look like if dinosaurs had never gone extinct? What could alien lifeforms look like? What kinds of plants and animals might exist in the far future? These questions and more are tackled by speculative biologists, and the Speculative Evolution welcomes all relevant ideas, inquiries, and world-building projects alike. With a member base comprising users from across the world, our community is the largest and longest-running place of gathering for speculative biologists on the web.

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Nothing Here
Topic Started: Nov 14 2017, 06:11 PM (250 Views)
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Nothing here either.....
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So, what I got from this is that there is some weird alternate universe where 3 mass extinctions where lessened to an extreme degree.

A few questions though.

1. What about marine crustaceans?

2. What's the point of excluding hooded tickspiders? I can definitely understand kicking out spiders or mites, but Ricinulei are already quite fragmented as they are and would be a nice addition.

3. Why does it say arthropod analogues in brackets as if they're aliens when its actually talking about arthropods?
Punga: A terraformed world with no vertebrates
Last one crawling: The last arthropod

ARTH-6810: A world without vertebrates (It's ded, but you can still read I guess)

Potential ideas-
Swamp world: A world covered in lakes, with the largest being caspian sized.
Nematozoic: After a mass extinction of ultimate proportions, a single species of nematode is the only surviving animal.
Tri-devonian: A devonian like ecosystem with holocene species on three different continents.


Phylogeny of the arthropods and some related groups

In honor of the greatest clade of all time

More pictures

Other cool things

All African countries can fit into Brazil
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