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Dream Creatures; Speculation of the subconcious!
Topic Started: Dec 10 2011, 01:34 PM (10,039 Views)
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I've had many odd dreams rich with bizzare animals. One of the most memorable was some sort of large, but cute, muntjac-sized rat that was following me through the neighborhood. It was a chocolate brown color with a thin build and long, skinny legs and a catlike tail. I was tossing it raw chicken drumsticks as I went, for some reason, and it would stand up on its hind legs and hold them in its paws/hands and eat them.

A much weirder one appeared in a dream several years ago. It was night, and stormy, and very creepy when this hideous, black elephant-sized flying animal, with a walrus-like body and a long, snaky, wrinkly neck appeared very high up in the air, gliding silently. It came closer and a bit lower, and I was then able to make out more details - it had a tiny head with an expressionless, mouthless face, and two wide red eyes that just stared at me. It soared on two enormous eagle-like wings, which were like its flippers and flapped very slowly, and never took its eyes off me. I remember it emitted a sound like a tornado siren as it passed, but muffled and more drawn-out. I do recall actually seeing this monster in several different dreams, behaving the same way in all of them, but this one was most vivid. It's really a terrifying thing, if I could better describe it.
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