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Dream Creatures; Speculation of the subconcious!
Topic Started: Dec 10 2011, 01:34 PM (10,029 Views)
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May Specula Grant you Bountiful Spec!

Well two nights ago I had a strange dream.It involved me and a team going around to several biomes and observing the fauna.Although
I'm not sure if it was a alien planet,alternate earth or future evolution.

The first place we visited was on top of a mountain.The flora was a purple,blue and pinkish color.The biome seemed to
be dominant by "birds".The first creature looked like a bird with a cycloptic face and a toothed beak.The other creature we
saw looked like a weasel with two pairs of wings and birdish looking face.The last creature we saw looked like a huge birds
with 2 long necks and heads and was a predator,it was apparently called the hydra.

The second place me and the team want to was a cave.Although the tripe was very short due to volcanic activity.
The only creature I saw looked like a fuzzy cockroach.

The last place we visited was the moon.All the flora was a metallic blue.All the fauna looked like balls of legs like those found
in echinoderms.They were very friendly.The last part of the dream was us on the moon and we noticed that a huge thing
was right about to hit the planet.The huge object looked like a massive ball of red and black worms stuck together.
Thene off course I woke up.
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