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Speculative biology is simultaneously a science and form of art in which one speculates on the possibilities of life and evolution. What could the world look like if dinosaurs had never gone extinct? What could alien lifeforms look like? What kinds of plants and animals might exist in the far future? These questions and more are tackled by speculative biologists, and the Speculative Evolution welcomes all relevant ideas, inquiries, and world-building projects alike. With a member base comprising users from across the world, our community is the largest and longest-running place of gathering for speculative biologists on the web.

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Evolutionary Continuum: Species Concepts
Topic Started: Jul 17 2008, 02:16 PM (6,732 Views)
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That was more than enough of mr skeltal for a lifetime, if you ask me.
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Nov 21 2011, 07:07 PM
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zaglossus_hacketti perhaps the recurrence of large echidna again? Is it possible for echidna to use their long tongues for catching fish, or is that WAYYY out of the question?
it's quite possible. In fact, it's quite probable that a giant echidna would use it's tongue to catch fish, or get a longer, beaked muzzle for that purpose.
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A neat pixel animation of a future cowboy

Hey, their right to get freaky ends when it goes up my nose.

I think this describes what dinosaurs are like now

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The ethereal photosynthetic archosaur

hey, this is dead?
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The future is Far

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no its undead
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There aren't any coursing predators in the African savannah currently. I'd like to create one.

Also, can we attempt to argue that a species that has been stated to be extinct shouldn't be extinct? Because if humans vanished at about now, I think I could make an excellent case for cheetahs in desert regions, descended from a small population in the Sahara desert (or, for that matter, descended from a population in Namibia; where if we vanished their populations would explode). They don't really have any competition.

They aren't big cats, either, they're a distinct lineage and they can't roar. And elimination of other big cats would work tremendously in their favor.
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I think.
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