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Species list
Topic Started: Feb 26 2011, 05:36 PM (1,180 Views)
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I'll keep this here so I can edit it if need be.

Madagascar: Winged Iguanids, Voloris
West African Coast: Great Manateever, Atlantic Manateever, Pantropical Heart Seal
Jungle: Winged Agamids
Savannah: Various Kasais, Feraboon, Caracaleo
Congo River Basin: Riverrine Kasai, Hydrus
East African Lakes: Water Dragon, Chelydralacus

British Isles: Wyrmfish, British Badger-bear, Swamp Elk, Chevalier, Moguar, Halberd-Fish, Great British Water Slider
Mediterranean: Winged Agamids, Gwythaint, Crustacrocodilus, Chelydralacus, Mediterranean Dugoneever,
Temperate Forest: European Badger-bear, Beasts of Gevaudan
Iceland: Sea Bear, Northern Frog Heron
Alpine Regions: Mountainous Badger-bear,

Sri Lanka: Winged Agamids, LaVeyan Payel, Red Sloth-Loris, Calahao
Southeast Asia: Marine Agama
New Guinea: Carnivore Phalanger
South Asia: Winged Agamids, Makara, Voloris
Temperate Forest: Lesser Asian Badger-bear
East Asia: Chinese Shishi, Chinese Water Springer
Boreal forests and taiga: Greater Asian Badger-bear
South-East Asian island chain: Indonesian Pseudorhea

Winged Agamids, Various Storkgulls, Giant Aoteroan Pterobat, Dromaius, Beaver Wombat
Temperate Forest: Marsupial Tree Panda, Carnivowary
Northwest Outback: Notodraco
New Zealand: Various Storkgulls, False Mihirung, Manaia
Tasmania: Tasmanian Platyped, Various Storkgulls

North America:
California Islands: Hare Hunter Bat, California Haredeer, Californian River Cougar, California Stalker, Californian Snake Smasher
Atlantic Islands: Crustacrocodilus & Terrestrial Snappers, Sea Bear, Mucus Snakes, Southern Frog Heron, Pagodids, Cheetowl, Voloris
Florida Archipelago: Manateevers, Floridan False Kasai, Voloris
Temperate Forests: King Garter, American Badger-bear, Sciurutherium, Nightmare Roach, Greater Lateovul
Sonoran Desert:Tezcatlipoca Vulture, Sonoran Dragon, Rock Peccary
American Prairie: Prairie Snake Smasher
Mexican Plateau:Tezcatlipoca Vulture, Mexican Snake Smasher
Yucatan Peninsula: Hurakan Vulture
Caribbean Islands: Hurakan Vulture, Marsupial Bears, Pantropical Heart Seal, Tropical Frog HeronGreat Manateever, Atlantic Manateever, Screamerella
Canada, Alaska & Arctic Circle: Otter-Lion, Taiga Bird, Arctic Haredeer, Canadian Sabre Seal, Alaskan Slasher Seal

South America:
Galapagos: Galapagos Heart Seal
Mountains: Ziz,
Tropical Grassland: Titan Anteater, Onza, Grassland Capybara, Giant Urubu, Caviochoerus, Carnivorhea, Amazonian Tree Panther
Amazon Basin (Rivers and Rainforest): Squamatadile, Caviochoerus, Chelydralacus, Screamerella, Otter Grebe, Onza, Amazonian Grass Seareaver, South American Gemsbok, Camazotz, Leech Bird, Tamara, Amazonian Tree Panther, Amazonian Batsnatcher Boa
Patagonia: Screamerella

Peninsula: Screamerella, Meatcleaver Skua,Sabre-toothed Seal, Artarctic Sea Bat, Antarctavis Grandis

Atlantic: Wrathworm, Chelydrasalis, Sargasso Searat, Atlantic Heart Seal, Giant Heart Seal, Common Torpedoseal, Great Manateever, Atlantic Manateever,
Pacific: Krasfal, Skewer Squid, Chelydrasalis, Ocean Striders
Southern: Weddell Playpus, Weddell Heart Seal, Seagles, Pacific Toxi Worm, Benthic Toxi Worm, Marine Snakeworm
Indian: Aquasuchus
Coastlines: Anka
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