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Giant Sigmatatora; A deep-sea oddity
Topic Started: Sep 7 2010, 07:53 PM (538 Views)
The Dodo
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Name: Giant Sigmatatora
Time: Carboniferous
Size: 50-70cm
Diet: Scavenger
Habitat: Deep ocean trenches around Euramerica

As in HE, there are many deep sea oddities in the ocean trenches. One of these is the Giant Sigmatatora, the largest species of Sigmatatora to have existed up to this point. They live around the trench floors where they scavenge on any animal which falls to the floor though they have also be known to kill and eat small animals including smaller Giant Sigmatatora.
They have a large body and can swim but only for small distances. With no light they have lost the use of their eyes and instead get around by touch and smell. Their mouths have formed movable plates to bite off pieces of meat.
They are a very successful group surviving in trenches through the Carboniferous and into the Permain until they were killed off in the P-Tr mass extinction.
They lay their eggs on large carcasses when they hatch out and devour the rotting meat, though they much watch out for larger Giant Sigmatatora and other predators.
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