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Green Neospoggia; dominant in the late Carboniferous neospoggia-reefs
Topic Started: Sep 1 2010, 08:26 PM (570 Views)

Green Neospoggia (Viridispoggia sp.)

Size: 4-10 m tall

Diet: plankton, small animals, occasionally neocharophytes

Habitat: north coast of Gondwana; eventually universal in shallow warm to temperate seas

Time: middle and late Carboniferous

When the forest-building neospoggia recovered from the end-Devonian extinction, they did so in a very big way. The forest neospoggia is not only far larger than previous species, its slender 'trunk' or central column is forked, and some of these 'branches' contain a special substrate (a mass of spongy, unreinforced chitin) allowing neocharophytes to 'take root' there. These neocharophytes attract small animals, which the neospoggia then eats; in extreme hunger the neospoggia can feed upon the plants themselves.

The first Viridispoggia species appeared in the mid-Carboniferous, in warm, shallow waters north of Gondwana. The genus rapidly expanded and diversified, however.
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I like the concept.

*gives a thumbs up*
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The Dodo
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Yes, great concept.
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