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SPLICE Create a Creature Competition; Hosted by DeviantART
Topic Started: May 6 2010, 10:52 PM (1,318 Views)
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Hive Tyrant of the Essee Swarm

Is it just me, or does SPLICE seem like a movie based on Impossible Creatures?
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That kind of genre has been running around for a while now.
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Are you plausible?

I could participate, if I had the time...
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Take a look at my exobiology subforum of the planet Nereus!

food for thought
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The King Wizard

May 7 2010, 10:11 PM
District 9 was pretty good :P

Hey Parasky, seeing as it seems that NOONE on here can actually enter this deviant art competition, why don't we just have our own one?
Just an idea :)
Because the producers aren't paying us to promote their film. Besides, the only way I would do so is through the COM, and I have to say that Fakey's idea is more interesting than fictional genetic splicing. I figured that a community like this might be interested in seeing what some of these artists come up with. I hope that Zippo4K and IRIRIV do something.
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proud gondwanan
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Just a thought. I figured there would better stuff for us to do :P
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How many COMs from the list are left though?
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