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Off-Topic Material
Topic Started: Nov 6 2009, 05:31 PM (661 Views)
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The King Wizard

Recently there has been a lot of off-topic discussion in threads where it doesn't belong. I've been getting complaints about it and quite honestly I myself am getting fed up with it. I understand that yes, sometimes topics do get off into a wild tangent but lately it's been nothing more than random posts in places they don't belong. We have places like General Discussion and the Forum Games area for random and amusing stuff, so it doesn't need to be in places where it will distract posters from the thread's intended purpose.

It may seem harmless but the off topic discussion goes unchecked by moderators, myself included. Eventually it builds up to two or three pages of unnecessary off topic material that ends up killing threads as people lose interest in the new material and forget the original purpose of the thread. So from this moment on we will be a bit stricter on off-topic material; threads will get one warning and if off-topic discussion persists it will be deleted.

I didn't want to have to crack down on this, but it's getting out of control. Our terms of service state that useless posts will be deleted, and neither the posters nor moderators have been abiding by this rule, and it's about time we did.

EDIT: I have created a section in General Discussion specifically for randomness, since some people have found it mildly entertaining (and personally I use "entertaining" lightly, but that's just me).
Edited by Pagansky, Nov 6 2009, 05:51 PM.
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