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First of all, by joining this forum you agree to the terms of service that have been provided by the administrators and staff. These rules are here for a reason and you must respect them.

Prohibited Content
If you post any content that has been prohibited, the admins have the right to remove the content, warn you, and/or ban you for whatever period of time the admin or mod sees fit.
Racist, sexist, derogatory, or threatening material.
Viruses, spyware, spamware, or other harmful software
Pornographic or excessively sexual imagery or content
Spam, or useless posts
Anything that may be considered illegal as far as international or local law

Prohibited Activity
You may not do any of the following activities regardless of intent:
Hack or phish another person's account
Use multiple accounts
Flame or personally attack another user
Advertise your website through personal messages or posted topics (depending on situation)
Steal/distribute the creations of other users
Use a signature that stretches the forum theme

You will typically be given a verbal warning for your first offense. In certain situations, you may given an official warning right away for breaking the rules, or possibly banned if the offense was serious enough. Ban lengths vary depending on individual abuse.