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Regular Forum Announcements & News
Welcome to the Speculative Evolution forums! Read the latest site updates and news and be sure to read any information or rules that are also found in this forum.
The Shoutbox Feb 3 2015, 02:13 PM, By Zorcuspine
1 viewer Topics: 63 Replies: 874

Speculative Biology

Regular Forum General Spec
Discuss general speculative biology in this forum. Topics you may discuss include Dougal Dixon and his works, Future Evolution by Peter Ward, and the concept of speculative biology itself.
Giant Exoskeletons Today, 5:05 AM, By Monster
0 viewers Topics: 799 Replies: 18,843
Subforums: Spec Guides, Orphaned Projects/Concepts
Regular Forum Evolutionary Continuum
Share your ideas about future species and scenarios. This may also include scenarios involving futuristic species of human.
French book on Future Evolution to be publ… 2 minutes ago, By Myo
5 viewers Topics: 658 Replies: 21,381
Regular Forum Alternative Evolution
Have you ever wondered what other paths could have taken through history? Discuss alternative biology topics, the most common being scenarios in which the dinosaurs survive.
Terra 2.5 Today, 9:54 AM, By dino-ken
0 viewers Topics: 761 Replies: 28,095
Subforums: Terra Alternativa, A Scientific Fantasy
Regular Forum The Habitable Zone
Share your thoughts on what sorts of strange and intriguing creatures might be found on other planets and moons as well as the different places they might live.
Orvan and the Orvani Yesterday, 10:44 PM, By BolianAdmiral
0 viewers Topics: 823 Replies: 32,150
Subforums: Snaiad, Recon (Roleplay), Nereus, Priapus Prime
Regular Forum Alternate Universes
In the vastness of the entire cosmos, the great multiverse in which our very universe is contained, there exists life on worlds where the rules are very different. The very fabric upon which all things are built can weave many forms of life, and here are the strangest.
[Member Project] Sheatheria Today, 9:23 AM, By Sheather
0 viewers Topics: 80 Replies: 4,295

Competitions and Projects

Regular Forum Official Competitions
Participate in our speculative biology competitions within this forum. Our competitions will cover a variety of different subjects.
Moderated By: Vultur-10, Troll Man, citrakayah, Richard, Forum Moderators
COM #56: Domestication II May 20 2015, 02:47 PM, By Myo
1 viewer Topics: 92 Replies: 4,352
Regular Forum SE Community Projects
Occasionally, SE will host a speculative biology project that all members may participate in. Generally, a project will cover a large sum of time so they will not happen very often.
Moderated By: Vultur-10, Troll Man, citrakayah, Richard, Forum Moderators
Upland Vorst [Fauna] Today, 8:34 AM, By Myo
1 viewer Topics: 443 Replies: 4,434
Subforums: Evolutionary Continuum, Rewriting Earth, Collaborative Future Evolution Project, A Bygone World

Forum Ecosystem

Regular Forum Member Introductions
Hello new users and welcome to the site! To view the rest of the site, this is the place to make your first post. Please notify us of your presence!
Closing Up May 24 2015, 09:40 AM, By Zorcuspine
0 viewers Topics: 368 Replies: 5,828
Regular Forum General Discussion
Discuss open chat topics about various topics including debates, sports discussions, media discussions and threads about birthdays, favorite activities and what not.
So What Happened To You Tomorrow? Today, 9:56 AM, By Sheather
0 viewers Topics: 1,593 Replies: 90,638
Subforums: Forum Games, In-Depth Discourse, News and Articles, SE Census
Regular Forum Science Central
This forum is devoted exclusively to discussion of the various sciences including natural, social, applied, and formal sciences.
So no mammoths? Yesterday, 4:00 PM, By lamna
3 viewers Topics: 598 Replies: 11,983
Regular Forum Cafe Cosmique
Back by popular demand. A place for your stories and musings.
Eden Paleo-Zoological Park and Resort Today, 3:06 AM, By lamna
0 viewers Topics: 282 Replies: 31,415
Subforums: Hall of Fame


  • Yesterday, 8:37 PM
    Myo: Oh god troll man is the devil right now.
  • Yesterday, 7:30 PM
    Myo: Hey! It starting working suddenly. Weird. Wouldn't load for like two hours; it's really unsettling having no music playing...
  • Yesterday, 7:23 PM
    Dragonthunders: is your connection,
  • Yesterday, 6:25 PM
    Myo: Is it just my connection or has Youtube just stopped working?
  • Yesterday, 12:19 PM
    DK1000: Alternatively just write [img]*URL goes here*[/img].
  • Yesterday, 12:03 PM
    Martiitram2: - appear. Post the image url in the writing bar and then click the "OK" button on the sign.
  • Yesterday, 12:02 PM
    Martiitram2: Copy the image url, use the full reply screen to post the entry, then click on the image button, which is located between the words "posting reply to "insert thread name here"" and the section where you write. Then a small sign will -
  • Yesterday, 11:52 AM
    The Sea-Dumpling: Hey, does enyone know how to properly post images into comments? I want to post one of my images into a contest entry, but i don't know how.
  • Yesterday, 1:18 AM
    NotLegalTender: Motu and Pape are not finished, I still feel like it is unfinished.
  • Yesterday, 1:16 AM
    NotLegalTender: Armored Seraph can be moved too, unless there is a reason not to.

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