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Interesting tidbits of information regarding Icon and Dwayne Mcduffie.
Topic Started: Oct 25 2009, 12:51 PM (205 Views)
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Pulled from his message board.


SERIOUSLY sorry if it's been asked before, but before the unfortunate departure, did you plan on adding Icon or Hardware to the JLA?

Dan wanted Icon in JLA, but I wasn't sold. Eddie seemed to want Hardware in there. I'd planned to have Jon Stewart blackmail Hardware into helping for a while (until the real team came back), and bringing Icon back as a guest star in a year or so. Neither would join, in my plans. But then, the JLA wouldn't have reconstituted until spring 2011.

Do you think this would have been a good ideal? I thought exposure was well needed for the milestone characters but perhaps dwayne thought otherwise? What do you think?
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I think if Dwayne didn't feel it fit the characters, then it makes sense. I wouldn't want them forced on the team or the creators. And, of course, McDuffie may have thought, at this time, that the two characters would be featured elsewhere. Namely their own titles.

Not really sure I like the idea of John Stewart "blackmailing" Hardware. Although without knowing how, I can't be sure.
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