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Conversations with a burglar about where to hide money/valuables
Topic Started: Aug 4 2009, 05:04 PM (253 Views)
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Here are a few more articles I was reading today that I thought were interesting enough to share. The first two are conversations with a burglar about where/how to effectively hide money and valuables in your home, and the last is a unique type of safe lol.

The idea of hiding a false, lesser stash of money in an easier to find place makes sense to me; I've heard a similar theory about carrying extra cash around with you as your "mugging cash". I've also heard that idea taken to using an old wallet with those fake example credit cards and a bit of money in it to give a mugger for two reasons. The first, obviously, is to save your real cards and money, the second is so in case you don't have any money you don't end up shot instead. Neither is something I've started doing yet (not in a bad enough town and don't have enough money or valuables to worry about), but they both sound like great ideas to me.

I do tend to look at things and think about how easy it is to steal them sometimes. It's kind of pathetic how careless people get. One day when I went to my friend's house instead of knocking I simply went and walked in because I knew her mom tended to leave the door unlocked. After doing so, I went and scared her brother (who was sitting at the computer with headphones on, engrossed in a game) and then laid down on the couch. My friend's mom was pretty surprised to come downstairs and find me there, she hadn't even heard the door open or anything. So I told her about how I'd walked in and could have easily just killed her son and left without her even knowing. I've also snuck into that house to get items for a scavenger hunt for a birthday party when we were supposed to get them from anywhere except the house lol. Again, it was remarkably easy to get in and out unnoticed.

The Best Place to Hide Money
Don't Hide Money in the Toilet
"Skid Mark' Safe
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