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Earth Country (IC)

A for-shaken village which is barely functioning at this point. In a great valley sandwiched between mountains. The place where the village used to be was actually a mountain at one time but it was riddled down, bit by bit, year by year until they descended into the valley. Now the village is in shambles unable to really sustain themselves.
Mentors and Brats and Impudence, Oh My! Oct 15 2009, 04:33 AM, By Isumi
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Joukuu Mountains
A massive mountain trail which surrounds the village on all sides. The mountains are incredibly high and most of them have snow on the tips year round. They are difficult to get through without previous knowledge or even someone's help. They are the villages main defense and are probably the only reason why the village still exists.
Cisco Apr 2 2013, 09:05 AM, By bilalansari
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Rifaca Region
To the south of the actual Stone Village is the Rifaca Region. This region is nothing more then a savanna with the occasional person living on it. It has been war torn since the beginning of time and probably will stay that way until the end of it. People here have the genetics of having slightly darker skin then the rest of the world.
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Forgotton City
Known as the Forgotten City because it seems the Earth's down times have "forgotten" this part of the world. The small city is filled with lights, gold, and other high buildings and structures. The city is built only for the noblemen and it tends to get a large portion of government funds.
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