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October 2009

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c h r o n i c l e s o f g r e e n f o r d; 18th century RPG / Potc inspired
Topic Started: Mar 22 2010, 10:16 PM (376 Views)
t h e l o r d

Posted Image
The conflicts between the earlier king house , the Stuart's and the second, the Hanover , are becoming very violent. The Stuart's last heir wants gain again his place to rule the country , then aganist the Hanover House, that actually rules under the leadership of the heir ,George II.
In this while , a faithful kinghts oder and a business company serves the Hanover House and King George II, trying to keep safe the honor of the actual king by the gossips at court caused by the members of Hanover's House and by the and attempts of upset the actual monarchy trying to let fall the trustworthiness of the King ahead his people.
In particular the ruler of this order Lord
who faithfully serves the King as diplomate and business man. Another menace risks to upset the honorable reputation of the king , during the colonial conquest orders of pirates menace the English armada and the lands conquered by that with a rebellion .
The Monarchy its risking to fall in a conflicts between sovreigns and England colonies rebellion under pirates attacks .

Conflicts, intrigues and betrayal wander around the court and in the lands owned by the England Kingdom, going beyond the Antilles and reaching the disputed seas of the Caribbean, all happens around the next land to conquer, Greenford...
is coming the Age of Revolution [/blockquote]

Inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean scenario opens a new 18th-century RPG based on a story completely reinvented.
c h r o n i c l e s o f g r e e n f or d
war for a land.
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