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October 2009

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Delesfee School of Magic; magic is what you will it to be...
Topic Started: Jan 14 2010, 05:55 PM (213 Views)

{ Delesfee School of Magic }
Magic is what you will it to be...

Posted Image

{ Rules } { How to Apply } { Lexicon Index } { Available Positions } { Student Positions }
{ Currently Accepted Characters }

Come into a world beyond what you know. A place that doesn't adhere to the normal or the flight or fancy. A place where everything you do can decide your fate and allow you to will something purely from the magic you create. Delesfee School of Magic is a school set in British Columbia, Canada, where students are admitted by admission applications instead of owled letters, where in order to get into the school one must pay. Muggleborns are given grants by the Ministry to ensure their educations. Scholarships are available for Halfbloods, and Purebloods get in purely through family money. Having high education standards, the school can't afford to just run on Ministry funds, and requires payments of the students.

The students also must enter at the age of 13 instead of eleven, and must attend a minimum of five years. Majors are chosen to help in finding their future careers, and students 4th year and above are treated more like university students rather than secondary school students. However, just because one joins such a prestigious school doesn't mean there isn't chaos, mischief, and mayhem. Troublesome students come into the school, along with the most 'interesting' of personalities. Not all are there for learning, while others are dedicated to their cause.

Emerillon is the wizarding town which students visit frequently, along with the residents of Emerillon running their shops or going about their daily lives as see fit. Many parents see their students go to Delesfee.

About Delesfee:
● Characters are allowed to create their own plots, however, there isn't a board-wide plot at the moment.
● Can register for a student or adult (staff or Emerillon resident)
● All positions open and accepting any type of character (within limits specified on the forum)
● Have more than just the Human species to choose from! Half-dryad, half-giant, half-vampire, half-veela, and more!
● Residents can make their own shops and businesses
● APC, stress-free environment
● No activity checks, no post limits, no word-count limits, and no weekly post requirements!
● Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced players are welcome
● Short, to-the-point application which makes registering your character quick and easy
● A lexicon for RP purposes only and to help you with the setting
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