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October 2009

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Love Is Eternal; A Vampire Diaries RPG
Topic Started: Dec 29 2009, 06:22 PM (297 Views)
LIE Admin

Posted Image

Welcome to Mystic Falls, Virginia….a town with a dark past. Where the existence of the supernatural is very real and creatures of the night exist. One of the founders of Mystic Falls was the family Salvatore but with them started a chain of events that would taint the quiet town forever. When what appeared to be a simple animal attack turned into something much more sinister.

Elena Gilbert is a young girl who has recently lost her parents in a car accident and is having difficulty coping. She writes all of her deepest thoughts into a diary which she considers her life force. Her daily teenage life consists of being a student, friend and sister. Whereas other girls are interested in boyfriends she is not….until she meets the mysterious Stefan Salvatore.

Stefan Salvatore has returned to Mystic Falls so that he may know the young girl who resembles his lost love. But this will be a difficult feat because he is no ordinary teenager but rather a vampire. He knows how dangerous it may be to reveal himself but cannot ignore what his heart wants. What he fails to realize is that his older brother and nemesis, Damon has also returned to keep his promise to make his life miserable. However where Stefan has a conscience and tries to keep a low profile, Damon is the complete opposite.

Now the attacks have begun once again and the city council is wondering if the vampires have returned. The attacks appear to be from an animal but they know the signs. Can they fight this vampiric presence that has threatened the peaceful Mystic Falls once again?

Two brothers, one girl…….

It would appear that history is once again repeating itself as Stefan and Damon both set their desires upon the same woman. And it is this behavior which also caused them to become creatures of the night and changed their lives forever in the past. Elena Gilbert is caught in the middle between two brothers who desire her affections and will determine her destiny. Which shall she choose? But she will find herself in a battle against good and evil that she could never have foreseen. A conflict that could save or doom her very soul. There shall be those in Mystic Falls who wish to help her and those who will delight in seeing her destroyed.

Come and join “Love Is Eternal” an rpg based on “The Vampire Diaries” by L.J. Smith. This rpg combines characters from the television series and novels as well as original characters. So, if you are a fan of “The Vampire Diaries” please come to our site and join us in the town of Mystic Falls for adventure, danger, excitement and romance.

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Character Application | Celebrity Face Claim |

Rating: PG-13
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