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October 2009

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Devils and Black Sheep; A Pirates of the Caribbean RP
Topic Started: Nov 1 2009, 12:32 PM (288 Views)

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It can be said that the downward spiral began when Jack sought the heart of Davy Jones; that unnatural treasure sent everyone on a mad sprint to the Isla Cruces, and all that followed was death and heartache. But what if witty Jack had discovered another way to avoid being called to join Jones’ crew? Devils and Black Sheep explores an untold version of the story, in which Jack Sparrow did indeed find those one-hundred souls for Davy Jones, and continued on his merry way.

Devils and Black Sheep is an alternate universe Pirates of the Caribbean role-play that occurs after the Curse of the Black Pearl and incorporates the spirit of Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End without following their actual storylines.

Jack Sparrow and his beloved Pearl are currently in route out of Tortuga. The scallywag of world renown has recently acquired a treasure map and is anxious to discover if the proverbial “X marks the spot” is accurate or not. He might reach the treasure alive....if the captive he's taken on and his returned crew mate don't kill him first.

To add to Jack Sparrow’s troubles, a newly resurrected Barbossa has recently returned to Tortuga, intent on acquiring a ship. Setting aside his desire for the Black Pearl for now (or has he?), his interest instead is in the Naval ship the HMS Integrity currently on its way from England to Port Royal. In order to “acquire” his prize he has fixed up an abandoned brigantine, the Maelstrom and is now underway, ready to set a Royal trap. And perhaps his desire for a woman could bring about the betrayal of the man he so despises and seeks to ruin....one Jack Sparrow.

The action continues with the landlubbers of Tortuga. A small town full of rustle and bustle, but without the protection of the military by their side, the citizens have learned to always keep a careful eye on the dark alleys once the sun sets. Tortuga is a fine place, a place where pirates call their home only second to the sea, a place where everything comes with a price.

Devils and Black Sheep is an AU Pirates of the Caribbean RPG featuring canons and original characters alike; we’re huge fans of both! The board features three pirate ships and the flagship of the Royal Navy. We are currently looking for more pirates to fill out our crews as well as able-bodied seamen to man the Royal Naval ship. Adventure is not limited to the high seas as the inhabitants of Tortuga can attest.

Devils and Black Sheep

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