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October 2009

Welcome to Caribbean Blue!

This forum is still relitively 'young'.
We need more members!

So go ahead and register
and set up your biography!

Don't forget to make your accounts with your initials first,
to avoid complications.
I'll change them to your character's name
when you've been accepted.
(Or re-accepted.)

Don't hesitate to contact me:
Dread Poppet
via e-mail, PM or even IM if you like!
I'll be more than happy to answer
any questions you may have,
or help you out in any way I can.

Biography Format; Copy & paste this
Topic Started: Sep 1 2009, 12:20 AM (581 Views)
Dread Poppet
Member Avatar
Copy & Paste this into your biography, deleting the green text and replacing it with your own. All fields without a tilde (~) in front of them are mandatory and must be included and filled out.

Fields with tildes that you don't want to fill out should be deleted instead of being left blank.

If there are any changes/additions made to the Format, please edit your biography accordingly. (This only applies if a change or addition is made to a mandatory field. But you can still change or add if you want.)

Out of Character

Your Name: What you'd like us to call you out of character. It doesn't have to be your real name if you're not comfortable with that.
Where You Found Us: Forum, affiliate, from a friend, etc.
Experience: How many years have you been RPing? What kinds of RPs are you/have you been a part of?

In Character

First Name: Your character's given name.
~Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Any different names your character might go by, or nicknames that others like to call them.

Last Name: Your character's surname.
~Prefix: Miss, Mrs., Lord, Dame, etc.
~Suffix: Esq., MD, II, IV, etc.

Gender: Male or female.

Age: How old your character is.

Appearance: What your character looks like. What your character likes to wear, etc. You may provide a picture if you wish. Please do not use other people's artwork [as in drawings from deviantART and such, for example] for your character unless you have their permission.
~Height: His/her height.
~Build: Your character's girth, stance, and the like.
~Skin Tone: Your character's skin tone.
~Hair Colour: The hue of your character's hair.
~Eye Colour: Your character's eye colour.
~Face Claim: The name of the person your character looks like. Check the thread on Face Claims for more details.
~Accent/Phonetics: Is there a certain way your character talks? What sort of accent does he or she have? Dos he or she have some sort of speech impediment?

History: Your character's background. Where they were born, where they grew up, what's happened to them up until now. Minimum: 1 paragraph.
~Family Member(s): Whom he/she is related to.
~Spouse/Fiancé(e): Your character's significant other.
~Love Interest: Your character's one true love, whose feelings may or may not be the same as theirs.
~Crush: The person your character is raptly infatuated with.
~Lover: Your character's adulterous or secret partner.
~Belle/Beau: Your character's girlfriend or boyfriend.

Personality: Details pertaining to your character's characteristics. Curb the Sue/Stu and include some faults please. Minimum: 1 paragraph.
~Quirks: Phobia, allergy, hate for the colour green, etc.
~Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, etc.

Profession: Butcher, blacksmith, sailor, privateer, unemployed, etc.
~Rank: Provide us, if applicable, with the current standing your character has in his or her career. Such as deck hand, footpad, general, etc.
~Weapons: Describe the type of weapon your character uses in his or her place of work, or in general, to protect his or herself.
~Talents: What makes your character employable or suitable for their chosen vocation?

~Other: Anything else about your character that you'd like to tell us?

Secret Words: One is found in the Rules, the other in 'Death to Mary Sue'. Your biography will not be accepted unless these are included.
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