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Coalition of Royal Allied Powers

CRAP Government


Chuck Normis

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Updated:Jul 11, 2014
Coalition of Royal Allied Powers News Reel

Welcome to Coalition of Royal Allied Powers!

Welcome Guests!

Don't forget about our Mentor Program! (I think we forgot)

All New members please sign in your correct Battalion

Please RECRUIT! We need more members!!!

If you have no idea what to send in order to recruit people, there are examples, in the Tips And Tricks and the Recruitment Office section of the forums. You can find some nation building tips in Tips And Tricks as well.

Vote for Kickastan for the Maroon Team Senate.

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CRAP Ministers

Minister of War/Defense

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Currently Vacant/Chuck Normis

Minister of Internal Affairs

Minister of Finances

Minister of Recruitment

Important Announcements: ~ Welcome our Newest Member(s): Gidran , cheto , Mydas, Sarah and Tiagoroth!! //// “I've been accused of vulgarity. I say that's bullshit.” ― Mel Brooks
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