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~Young and the Restless Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of October
Topic Started: Sep 30 2017, 08:10 AM (490 Views)
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Spoilers for the week of October 2nd

Monday October 2
A gun-toting Alice reunites Tessa and Crystal at Cassie’s grave
Lily and Cane tells the twins they’re getting a divorce

Tuesday October 3
Nick realizes who hacked his accounts.
Nick watches as Victor smiles and enjoys a champagne toast.
Paul assures Crystal she can trust him.
The police raid Alice’s house
Zach's irritability concerns Abby.
Jack and Nikki prepare to fight back.

Wednesday October 4
Nick's need for vengeance worries Chelsea.
Dina is challenged.
Billy tries to cover up what he's been doing.

Thursday October 5
Ashley is honored.
Victoria squares off with Hilary.
Juliet sets her sights on Cane.

Friday October 6
Jack reveals Billy's betrayal.
Tessa opens up to Noah.
Victoria and Phyllis argue heatedly about Billy.

Coming up...

Jack must regroup after the damage that's been done.
Ashley hears something stunning from Traci.
Nick fights back against Victor.
Billy must face the music.

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Graham Revealed As Ashley’s Brother!

John’s Not The Father!
Ashley (Eileen Davidson), Jack (Peter Bergman), and Dina (Marla Adams) have been hiding a paternity stunner for over two decades.

Unfortunately, this doozy won’t be under lock and key much longer because Ashley’s bio dad has a secret that’ll blow hers wide open!

Brent Has A Son!
As it turns out, Ashley isn’t Brent’s only love child. He had a son too and his little boy has grown up to become none other than Graham Bloodworth. Dina’s pet even grew up with the last name Davis and went to school with one of Traci’s childhood friends!

Sibling Rivalry
This family connection is an earth-shattering revelation that’ll alter the course of everyone’s lives.
They will soon find out Ashley was the product of an illicit affair, and the scandal is sure to rock her world.

While Jack will stand by her, there’s no telling what Traci (Beth Maitland) and Billy (Jason Thompson) will do. It’s one thing to find out Dina cheated on John, but it’s a whole other to find out Ashley knew all along and let their dad go to his grave without knowing the truth.

Revenge Of The Chosen One
At least this will finally bring out the truth about why Graham’s so intent on sticking close to Dina. He and his mother’s revenge plot will come to light and not a moment too soon. Dina’s been taken by a snake and will have to rush to change her will before it’s too late.

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Spoilers for the week of October 9th

Monday October 9
Mariah tells Tessa she doesn't want her to go.
Sharon informs Nick that Alice was in a car accident and then disappeared.

Tuesday October 10
Chelsea warns Nick about seeking revenge.
Hilary can't wait to hear what Nick has to tell her.
Traci sees a photo of Graham Davis in her old yearbook.
Hilary lets her guard down.

Wednesday October 11
Jack takes a shot at Billy.
Graham has to backpedal.
Nick turns things around on Victor.

Thursday October 12
Ashley's award celebration goes awry.
Hilary and Nikki square off.
Nick's family is stunned by his news.

Friday October 13
Everything changes for the Abbott family.

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Spoilers for the week of October 16

Monday October 16
Ashley wants to hear from Dina.
Mariah's behavior confuses Tessa.
The Abbotts worry Ashley will have another breakdown.
Scott offers comfort to Abby.

Tuesday October 17
Victor wants Nikki to move back to the ranch.
Ashley attacks Graham.
Noah disagrees with Nick's decision.
Sharon argues with Nick.

Wednesday October 18
Lily clarifies things with Jordan.
Cane catches a break.
Jack must devise a plan to rescue Dina.

Thursday October 19
Victor turns to someone unexpected for aid.
Phyllis wants Billy to spill the truth.
Hilary plays nice with a foe.

Friday October 20
Jack must decide what to do next.
Cane asks Juliet to move in.
Victoria goes out of control.
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The past week was eventful, this week should be pretty good. Won't spoil it for you.
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Spoilers for the Week of October 23, 2017

Monday October 23
Lily discovers Juliet has moved in with Cane.
Paul updates Sharon and Scott on Alice.
Phyllis tells Jack they have to put their plan into action now.

Tuesday October 24
Jack is comforted by Nikki.
Nikki suggests Jack stop looking for Dina.
Lily wants revenge sex with a hot guy like Nick.
Billy scrambles to salvage things with Phyllis.
Phyllis throws Billy out of the apartment when he takes a call from Victoria.

Wednesday October 25
Victoria's plan to fix things goes awry.
Phyllis remains firm.
Scott gets a rude awakening.

Thursday October 26
Ashley and Jack learn something shocking regarding Dina.
Victoria comes to a startling realization.
Victor gets a request for help.

Friday October 27
Scott gets a warning from Victor.
Billy accuses Gloria.
Lauren snarks at Sharon.
Zach and Abby's relationship goes an unexpected direction.


Phyllis sets up Billy to read a text from Jack on her phone, then reveals she knows he used her computer to access Jabot's server.
Victoria has a medical issue while live on The Hilary Hour.

Coming up...
Graham receives a threat from Jack.
Sharon wants to know about Zach and Tessa's connection.
Gloria is haunted by her past.
Devon gets tough.
Victor bests Nick.
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Oct 26 2017, 05:10 PM
I wish Graham had been Ashleys brother instead of this roundabout relation nonsense.

Agree the sex story is terrible.
Me too, i think it would have made for a better story.

I think it will be over very soon!!!
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Spoilers for the Week of October 30th

Monday October 30
Mattie and Charlie confront Cane about living with Juliet.
Jack lets Graham know he doesn't have say over Dina in Florida.
Scott confronts Zach.

Tuesday October 31
Jack denies tampering with Billy's product.
Sharon confronts Tessa about her connection to Zach.
Ashley threatens to call the police on Gloria.
Victor suggests a solution.

Wednesday November 1
Tension peaks between Nick and his father.
Cane makes amends by hosting a party.
Mattie, Charlie, and Reed find themselves in peril.

Thursday November 2
Mariah opens up to Sharon about Tessa.
Lives are at stake.
Billy acts as a hero.

Friday November 3
Rivals work together to save a life.


Billy's in for a huge surprise after confronting Jack about the tainted face masks.
Nick lights matches to cool down after a run-in with Victor, and watching him treat Scott like a son.
After Nick exits The Underground, a fire breaks out with Mattie, Charlie, and Reed hiding in the office.

Coming up...
Hilary digs into Jordan's past.
Nick makes a decision regarding the future.
Billy's in trouble.
Victor causes a shake-up at the company.
Abby's world is turned upside-down.
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Kristoff St. John Hospitalized

'Young and The Restless' star Kristoff St. John was hospitalized and placed under psychiatric evaluation after allegedly threatening to kill himself with a gun.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Kristoff's ex-wife, Mia, called cops Thursday evening and told them Kristoff had been sending her photos showing the soap star holding a gun to his head.
When cops arrived, they confiscated 2 guns and placed Kristoff under a 72-hour hold for mental evaluation. Sources close to Kristoff tell us the 2-year anniversary of his son Julian's suicide is fast approaching -- November 23 -- and that had him very, very upset.
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