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~General Hospital Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of August
Topic Started: Jul 29 2017, 08:43 AM (235 Views)
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Spoilers for the week of July 31st

Monday July 31:
Sonny begins to lose hope.
Nina is on the defense.
Nathan delivers a strong warning.

Tuesday August 1:
Carly lashes out at Jordan.
Avery is inconsolable.
Ava takes pains to hide her appearance.

Wednesday August 2:
Griffin is cautiously optimistic.
Oscar offers his support.
Nelle scrutinizes a gift.

Thursday August 3:
Valentin deals with an intruder.
Julian tries to raise Ava’s spirits.
Carly seeks out Michael.

Friday August 4:
Dante helps Carly.
Sam struggles with reality.
Ava gets a proposal that could change her fate.

Knowing the situation is grim, Jason holds vigil for his wife. Griffin is cautiously optimistic but warns Jason that the disease could leave an permanent effect on Sam. Jason grills for answers and struggles to get the truth. Sam’s reality continues to break. Left in a dangerous predicament, Sonny begins to lose hope that he’ll be rescued. Sonny has a choice to make that will impact his future. Meanwhile, Carly is forced to wait for answers. Desperate to have Sonny found, she puts Jordan on blast for not doing more. Carly looks to Michael for guidance. Dante does his best to help Carly. Will Sonny be found in time?

Finn surprises Hayden with a romantic gesture. It looks like the couple is heading towards a happily ever after but things are about to get complicated for them thanks to Liesl’s scheming. Hayden’s past is about to come back to bit her. Her guilty conscience could be her undoing.

Nina is on the defense regarding Valentin and Nathan delivers a strong warning. Will she continue to put her trust in Valentin or will she take her brother’s words to heart? Back at Windemere, Valentin deals with an unlikely intruder. Laura is put on notice. What is she planning?

Ava goes to lengths to hide her appearance. Can Julian raise her spirits? Ava gets a proposition that could shift what the future holds for her.
Avery is inconsolable.
Oscar offers his support.
Nelle scrutinizes a gift.

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Emmy-winning fan fave Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas, GH) has joined the cast of DAYS and will first air around the New Year. The actor, who is already filming in Salem, tells Digest exclusively, “After only a week on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, everyone has gone above and beyond in making me feel as if I’ve been a long-time part of their iconic family. It was such an honor to play Nikolas Cassadine for 20 years on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble Salem has in store for me.” This isn’t the first time the actor has been on the soap: In 2001, he played Signore Christofero during an all-star stunt casting of daytime vets who attended Greta’s coronation.
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Spoilers for the week of August 7th

Monday August 7:
Jason questions Griffin.
Kiki steps-up.
Hayden looks to a kindred-spirit for advice.

Tuesday August 8:
Monica gives Finn her blessing.
Carly swallows her pride.
Olivia runs afoul.

Wednesday August 9:
Kiki makes an impression.
Felicia feels like a teenager again.
Valerie is happy for Dillon.

Thursday August 10:
Finn feels deceived.
Scott has his doubts.
Ava is a mess.

Friday August 11:
Finn suspects he isn’t getting the whole story.
Scotty pushes his luck.
Dante looks for a resolution.

Sam’s fate continues to hang in the balance. Jason questions Griffin about the seriousness of his wife’s condition. He begins to put two and two together regarding what happened with Sonny. Will Jason be able to intervene before Sam is exposed? Meanwhile, Carly leans on Epiphany for help with Sonny and swallows her pride. Carly is left to wonder if there is more to story.

With her past catching up to her, Hayden looks for some advice from a kindred-spirit. Will she find a way out of her tough predicament? Look for some sisterly bonding between Hayden and Liz. Meanwhile, Monica gives Finn her blessing. Things won’t be looking up for him for too much longer though. Finn feels deceived, suspecting he isn’t getting the whole truth.

Kiki steps things up and makes quite an impression at work. Ava begins her therapy with much reluctance. Ava becomes more of a wreck as she learns to cope. Valerie is glad things are going well for Dillon. Scott has his doubts and later pushes his luck. Alexis gets advice from her daughters about what her next steps should be. Alexis lets her thoughts be known.

Olivia runs afoul.
Curtis offers his congratulations.
Nathan receives a welcome surprise.
Felicia feels like a teenager again.
Dante looks for a resolution.

Julian feels positive about the situation.
Griffin surprises Ava.
Finn gets horrible news.
Liz puts her life on hold.
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Spoilers for the week of August 14th

Monday August 14
Julian feels positive about the situation
Finn gets horrible news
Monica's day goes from bad to worse.
Dante senses he's been duped

Tuesday August 15
Dante questions Nelle.
Jason takes matters into his own hands.
Griffin surprises Ava.
Josslyn has a date with Oscar.

Wednesday August 16
Ava fantasizes about a life without scars
Elizabeth puts her life on hold.
Obrecht's curiosity consumes her.
Kristina reminisces.
Finn appreciates Curtis.

Thursday August 17
Finn gets the help he needs.
Obrecht's gloating backfires.
Nathan catches Amy up on all things "Man Landers"
Felicia's curiosity is piqued.
Anna gets a surprise.

Friday August 18
Anna has a favor to ask.
Ava gets lost in her fantasy world.
Elizabeth encourages Griffin
Kiki offers her advice
Nina has a list of demands.

The honeymoon is over before it even began when Finn finds himself on the receiving end of some unpleasant news. He appreciates the support from Curtis. Will Finn get the help he needs? Liesl’s curiosity could get the best her. If she is not careful, her delight in others’ misery could backfire. While dealing with Hayden’s bizarre exit, Liz gets a welcomed surprised. She takes a moment for romance when Franco returns to Port Charles. Later, Kiki offers Franco some advice.

Griffin surprises Ava. The saint and the sinner will continue to bond. Ava contemplates what her life would be without scars. Will she get lost in her fantasy world? Liz encourages Griffin to move forward. While continuing his recovery, Sonny is preoccupied. Jason decides to take matters into his own hands. Look for Carly to get suspicious. On top of Sonny’s near death, she has to deal with her teenage daughter going on her first date. Dante senses he’s been duped and looks to Nelle for answers.

Anna is caught off guard. She has a favor to ask of a Port Charles’ resident
Nathan catches Amy up on the sticky Man Landers situation. Meanwhile, Felicia’s interest is peaked.
Monica’s day goes from bad to worse.
Julian feels positive about the situation.
Joss has a date with Oscar.
Kristina reminisces.
Nina has a list of demands.
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Spoilers for the week of August 21st

Monday August 21:
The soap is pre-empted today. Instead, an encore of the July 25, 2017 episode will air.

Tuesday August 22:
Sam makes a decision.
Alexis and Carly find common ground.
Franco asks Ava for a favor.

Wednesday August 23:
Carly gets shocking news.
Liz is intrigued by Franco’s painting.
Ned puts pressure on Alexis.

Thursday August 24:
Anna seeks Finn’s help.
Scott clashes with Julian.
Nina is moved by Charlotte’s story.

Friday August 25:
Griffin jumps to Ava’s defense.
Ned makes a deal with Michael.
The judge reaches a verdict in Julian’s trial.

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Spoilers for the week of August 28th

Monday August 28:
Valerie helps Kristina with her love life.
Alexis confronts Sonny and Carly.
Ava fantasizes about Griffin.

Tuesday August 29:
Sam opens up to Jason.
Ned makes a bold move.
Felicia learns a secret about Nelle’s past.

Wednesday August 30:
Sam and Sonny try to help Jason.
Maxie is confused about Nathan and Amy.
Valentin surprises Nina.

Thursday August 31:
Ava helps Griffin with a difficult task.
Dante questions Sonny.
Nelle falls under suspicion.

Friday September 1:
Michael reassures Nelle.
Alexis admits her true feelings.
Anna and Finn seek answers from Raymond.

Getting out of the mob business may prove to be a bit complicated for the “Teflon Don”. Sonny confides his plans to Jason. Later, Alexis confronts Sonny and Carly regarding their behavior. Sam opens up to Jason about her concerns while Sonny calls an important meeting. When things don’t go as planned, will Sam and Sonny be able to help Jason? Dante has questions for Sonny. Carly refuses to jump to conclusions. Meanwhile, Franco’s artwork peaks Jake’s curiosity. Is the painting a key to unlocking a major secret from the past? Sam and Liz find common ground but Sam becomes upset when Franco arrives. Felicia learns something about Nelle’s past that the young lady would rather keep hidden. Nelle finds herself tempted during a photo shoot. When she falls under suspicion will she have Michael’s support?

Will Nathan and Amy be able to keep up the Man Landers charade? It’s a close call when their secret is almost exposed. Maxie leaps to the wrong conclusion about Nathan and Amy when she spies them together at the Metro Court.

Valentin has a surprise for Nina. Will he be able to win back his lady love? Nina defends Valentin’s actions.

Ava continues her forbidden fantasies about Griffin. Is her new interest in him purely superficial or is she starting to have genuine feelings for the doctor priest? When Griffin is challenged with a difficult task, Ava lends him a hand.
•Valerie helps Kristina with her love life.
•Anna and Finn seek answers from Raymond.
•Ned makes a bold move.
•Carly tests the waters with Josslyn.
•Alexis admits her true feelings.
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