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~General Hospital Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of June
Topic Started: Jun 3 2017, 09:10 AM (265 Views)
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Spoilers for the week of June 5th

Monday June 5
Carly seeks out Jason.
Sonny is confident things will work themselves out.
Valentin introduces a new game.

Tuesday June 6
Laura gets a surprise visit.
Julian makes a fateful decision.
Jason and Sonny commiserate over a bottle of scotch.

Wednesday June 7
Valentin’s past catches up with him.
Finn has another setback.
Curtis gets a surprise visit.

Thursday June 8
Carly enlists the help of an unlikely ally.
Anna gets unsettling news.
Kiki lashes out at Dillon.

Friday June 9
Monica prepares Kiki for the worst.
Hayden is at a loss.
Dante looks for answers.

Sonny and Carly lean on Jason.
Kiki is prepared for the worst;
Anna receives some unsettling intel
Laura gets a surprise visitor.

After the disastrous events following the Nurses Ball, Carly seeks support from her best friend, Jason. Sonny is convinced things will work themselves out in his favor but is he being over-confident? Jason and Sonny find consolation with a shared bottle of scotch. Is Jason about to be pulled back into CarSon’s world? Carly enlists the help for a rather unlikely source. Despite everything, Carly and Sonny feel hopeful and are drawn closer to each other. Meanwhile, Ava’s in rough condition after her confrontation with Carly and Sonny. Is her future as dismal as it appears? Griffith and her share a moment. Will the two find a connection regardless of their opposing houses? As the truth continues to sink in, Kiki takes out her anger on Dillon. Monica prepares the young nurse’s aid for the worst regarding her mother’s condition. Dante continues to look for the truth.

Valentin sets his new game plan underway. Anna attempts to reason with Valentin but will she be able to get through to him? It looks like his past is about to catch up with him. Will Nina still stand by her man or has she had enough? Anna receives news that leaves her unnerved.

Finn has another setback as he struggles to keep clean. Meanwhile, Hayden finds herself in over her head. Hayden isn’t sure what to think.

Curtis runs into a former flame. Will the lady cause problems for his newly consummated relationship with Jordan? Jordan continues to work on her relationship with TJ. She finds herself getting quite an earful.
•Laura gets a surprise visit.
•Julian makes a fateful decision.
•Sam takes time for herself.
•Nelle and Michael grow closer.
•Elizabeth ponders what may have set recent events in motion.
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Spoilers for the week of June 12

Monday June 12:
Scotty worries about his fate.
Sonny confides in Laura.
Jordan asks a favor of TJ.

Tuesday June 13:
Sam is on the edge.
Anna stops by Lulu’s.
Amy has a favor to ask.

Wednesday June 14:
Jason gets ahead of an enemy.
Liz takes pains to keep Jake safe.
Nathan gains a little perspective.

Thursday June 15:
Jason learns the truth.
Lulu and Dante are in over their heads.
Kevin whisks Laura away.

Friday June 16:
Ned and Olivia make a decision.
Griffin pays Sonny a visit.
Ava is devastated by what she sees.

Jason sets out find out who’s been doing Helena’s bidding and the potentially dangerous undertaking has Sam on edge. She becomes increasingly worried about her husband’s safety. Does she have cause for concern or is it all in her head? Will Jason be able to stay one step ahead and learn the truth behind who sent the chimera to Jake? Jason finds himself taken aback. Liz takes pains to keep Jake safe when a dangerous situation arises. Later, Liz runs into Hayden who tells her the good news. Sam isn’t thrilled when she sees Alexis. Look for things to get a little weird when Sam has a premonition.

Feeling justice has been served, Carly and Sonny share a close moment. The exchange leads to Carly second guessing her actions. Carly wants what’s best for everyone that she cares about. Sonny finds a confidant in Laura. Later, Griffin pays Sonny a visit. What is the subject of their conversation? Ava is left wrecked by what she sees.

Also this week:

Amy has a favor to ask. Will she be lucky enough to get Nathan to play along? Nathan gains some perspective on the situation.
Olivia gets unexpected news. Ned and Olivia make a decision about their future together.
Anna stops by to pay Lulu a visit. Lulu and Dante find themselves in over their heads. Are things with Charlotte not going as hoped?
Kiki offers her support.
Scotty worries about his fate.
Jordan asks a favor of TJ.
Kevin whisks Laura away.
Michael has something important to discuss with Nelle.
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Spoilers for the week of June 19th

Monday, June 19
Ned and Olivia make a decision
Michael has something to discuss with Nelle
Griffin pays Sonny a visit
Ava is devastated.

Tuesday, June 20
Nina comes to Nelle's rescue
Josslyn rebels
Julian gets an offer.

Wednesday, June 21
Sam gets news that seems promising
Nelle's luck takes a turn
Nathan draws the line.

Thursday, June 22
A friendly game leads to painful memories
Laura clears up any confusion
T.J.'s secret is revealed.

Friday, June 23
Jason has perfect timing
T.J.does damage control
Josslyn gets in over her head.

Needing to settle some business matters, Carly and Sonny take a trip to his island and find themselves reminiscing about their past. Sonny lets his guard down while Carly pulls back. Will they give into each other? Unbeknownst to them, danger lurks on the island. Jason becomes aware of the threat and decides to go to the island to warn them much to his wife’s protest. Sam is worried about Jason’s safety but is there more going on? What’s the cause to her distress? Jason finds himself taken aback. When Sam gets some promising news, she questions whether her reaction was justified. Meanwhile, Jason’s timing couldn’t be better.

After learning of Amy’s family woes, Nathan decides to offer his support. Will they be able to fool the publisher and get the book deal? Nathan draws the line.

Michael has something of significance to discuss with Nelle. Later, Nina comes to her former employee’s rescue. Are things starting to look up for Nelle? Look for Michael and Nelle to spend quality time together. Meanwhile, Michael’s little sister is going through a teenage rebellion. Josslyn finds herself in an overwhelming predicament.

Griffin stops by to see Sonny. Does the visit have anything to do with a certain blond femme fatale? Ava is devastated by what she sees.

Jordan may want to head for cover when TJ’s secret is revealed. How will Auntie Stella take the shocking news? TJ does his best to defuse things.
Ned and Olivia make a decision.
Julian gets an offer.
Lulu surprises Dante.
A friendly game leads to painful memories.
Nina is comforted.
Laura clears up any confusion.
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Spoilers for the week of June 26th

Monday June 26:
Carly remains skeptical.
Josslyn lies to Bobbie.
Kiki comforts Ava.

Tuesday June 27:
Monica keeps vigil.
Sonny has a tough road ahead of him.
Finn holds his tongue.

Wednesday June 28:
Josslyn panics.
Julian makes his case.
Spencer wants what’s his.

Thursday June 29:
Sonny imparts his wisdom.
Ava stonewalls Dante.
Nina resorts to blackmail.

Friday June 30:
Nina hesitates
Ned has a serious talk with Dillon.
Anna updates Jordan.

Will a dangerous situation put things in perspective for Carly and Sonny? Carly has her doubts but all hope is not lost. Don’t expect things to be easy for Sonny – especially when trying to win over Josslyn. Carly’s daughter has began to act out. After lying to Bobbie, Josslyn finds herself in a panic. She continues to verbalize her anger. Will some wise words from Sonny ease the situation?

Nelle begins to find some happiness. Look for her new positive outlook to catch on with others. Meanwhile, her employer resorts to blackmail as a means to an end. Nina is hesitate to move forward. Spencer continues his pursuit to take back the Cassadine fortune.

Kiki comforts her mother during the difficult time. When questioned about Morgan and what happened with the fire by Dante, Ava remains evasive. Scotty is dismissed from his duties.

Hayden calls upon Curtis for help. Meanwhile, Finn keeps quiet and looks for a final resolution.
Monica keeps vigil.
Sam has a change of heart.
Kristina offers an apology.
Julian makes his case.
Charlotte misses Valentin.
Ned has a serious talk with Dillon.
Anna updates Jordan.
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Rebecca Budig, who signed a four-year contract with GH last summer, has been let go from the role of Hayden Barnes. She was informed of the show’s decision last month and will tape her final scenes this week, before the show begins a three-week summer hiatus. A GH source tells Digest that the ouster was viewed as a storyline necessity
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Steve Burton, who played GH’s Jason from 1990-2012, and most recently did a four-year stint as Y&R’s Dylan, is heading back to Port Charles, confirms the show in an on air promo that you can see here. When the super-popular star spoke to Digest in January after leaving Genoa City, he didn’t rule out a daytime comeback. “On Twitter, everyone was like, ‘Oh, you’re done. You’re done. You’re retiring,’ ” he chuckled. “It was like I was at a funeral. I was like, ‘Guys, it’s not over.’ I don’t know what’s going to happen…. I love to act. I want to act. There’s always a chance to return.”
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Jun 29 2017, 01:51 AM
Sad to see Budig go. I actually kind of like Hayden and there was a ton of story potential there.

They better be very clever with how they bring SB back. He has to be Jason, they better not try to make him a different character. Guessing it will probably be something stupid like Helena programmed Jasons memories into BMs character and Jason has been held captive all this time. I'd prefer if it was all a Dallas-style dream lol. I am happy hes coming back though.
I'm sad to see her go too, it was a good character turn around and she was just getting comfortable with having a sister, nephews .... Until the whole withdrawal episode I really liked her and Finn together too. I can only assume why they decided not to honor her contract. $$$

I can't even begin to imagine why they are bringing SB back, but it has to be to play Jason and I'm a little frustrated for BM and how this whole thing will leave him.
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