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~The Young & the Restless Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of May
Topic Started: Apr 22 2017, 09:15 AM (549 Views)
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May Sweeps

Victor will do whatever it takes to prove himself to his family.

Nick is caught in a dilemma - help Chelsea locate Chloe or remain loyal to his family who are trying to keep the secret of Victor's involvement.

Victoria plans to fight for Billy.

Hilary becomes jealous of Devon's comfortable relationship with Mariah.

Abby wants to prove herself to Victor at any cost.

Ashley and Jack's relationship as siblings will be tested by a surprise from the past.

Lauren has an interesting reaction to Scott dating Sharon.

Cane's discomfort with Juliet grows and as a result he makes matters worse for himself.
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Spoilers for week of May 1st

Monday May 1
Hilary warns Lily to keep her hands off Jordan.
Ashley finds out about Jack and Gloria.
Victor can't understand Nikki turning her back on him.
Cane plots against Billy.

Tuesday May 2
Victor covers his tracks.
Victor enters a room and glowers menacingly at Chloe.
Kevin tells Gloria he's Bella's father.
Phyllis refuses to be Billy's 'other woman' and pushes him away.
Victoria finds out about Phyllis and Billy.

Wednesday May 3
Neil and Devon take advantage of an opportunity.
Ashley recalls her painful past.
Dina Mergeron returns to Genoa City.

Thursday May 4
Jack conspires with a new ally.
Abby asks Ashley about her mother.
Gloria worries about her future at Jabot.

Friday May 5
Chelsea reunites with someone from her past.
Devon and Mariah turn up the heat.

Cane is pleased to have something to hold over Billy. After he notices Phyllis watching Billy with Victoria, he suggests Billy give a toast to his ex-wife and boss, and enjoys his discomfort.
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Daytime Emmy Award Winners (2017)

Gina Tognoni
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series · The Young and the Restless

Steve Burton
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series · The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless
Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team · Lloyd Gold, Charles Pratt Jr., Michael Conforti, ...
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I really wanted John Aniston to win this year, he does great work. But in all honesty, i was totally shocked at the acting of Steve Burton in the last months he was on the show. If you get a chance watch his reel.
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In a lengthy Instagram post, Greg Rikaart addressed the reports that he would be leaving the role of Y&R’s Kevin this summer. “Fourteen years ago, I booked a two-week long gig on The Young and the Restless,” he begins. “In my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined what it would turn into: a career-defining experience that has brought me so much happiness and fulfillment. Playing Kevin and watching him evolve over the years has mirrored my real life in so many ways. We both found love, both became dads and we both have more gray hair now than we did in 2003. I have such love and fondness for the cast and crew of Y&R that when I watch Kevin enjoying himself in scenes, it’s hard to know where he ends and Greg begins. At the moment it is unclear what lies ahead for Kevin and I, as we will be saying goodbye to Genoa City for a while. I am sad to leave a place I hold so dear but also really excited about what the future holds. I cannot overstate how much gratitude I have to all of you who have been such loud cheerleaders for me. You’ve all enriched my life. So stick around. The journey is just beginning.

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Spoilers for week of May 8th

Monday May 8:
Scott scraps with Abby and gets a job offer
Abby rants at a chuckling Scott.
Neil tells Ashley they're after Mergeron Enterprises.
Mariah lets Hilary know that Devon blew her mind.
Victor has information for Nikki.

Tuesday May 9:
Kevin speaks up on Chloe's behalf.
Hilary yells at Devon for letting Mariah wear her clothes.
Chelsea needs something from Jordan.

Wednesday May 10:
Cane takes advantage of an opportunity to get ahead.

Thursday May 11:
Sharon takes a chance with Scott.

Friday May 12:
Nikki has a secret.

After sex with Devon, Mariah arrives at work in a dress Hilary left at the penthouse.
Hilary rips the dress off Mariah in an on-air catfight.

Coming up...

Hilary meets her idol, The Talk's Julie Chen.
Abby starts a new business venture.
Jack opens up to Nikki.
Gloria questions Jack about their relationship.
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Spoilers for week of May 15th

Mon 5/15
The Brash & Sassy team arrives in Los Angeles
Lily finds herself thrust into the spotlight
Victoria sets her sights on Billy.

Tue 5/16
Ashley has a tense reunion with Dina
Gloria has a rude awakening
Phyllis travels to Los Angeles to surprise Billy.

Wed 5/17
Hilary meets her idol, Julie Chen
Neil and Devon seal a game changing deal
Cane looks out for his best interests.

Thu 5/18
Chelsea grills Victor about Chloe
Abby meets a handsome stranger
The Ashby twins appear grown up.

Fri 5/19
Nick worries about his future with Chelsea
Nikki feels the temptation to open up to Jack Billy scrambles to defend himself.
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Spoilers for week of May 22nd

Monday May 22
Jack’s meeting with Dina leaves Ashley fuming
Victor has a new special project for Scott.
Chelsea pretends to be Chloe's concerned sister.
Tessa thinks Nikki wants her to stop seeing Noah.

Tuesday May 23
Jack calls Phyllis' bluff.
Cane tells Juliet not to blame herself, it's all Billy's fault.
Hilary worries about blow back from the clip.
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Spoilers for week of May 29

Monday May 29
Hilary offers to buy Juliet drinks and lend an ear
Dr. Harris comforts Chloe.
Nick and Chelsea decide to try again.
Victor has a plan.
Someone is in danger of losing their job at Brash & Sassy.

Tuesday May 30
Jack's needling gets to Phyllis.
Chloe reappears.
Chelsea's world is rocked.

Wednesday May 31
Victor is at risk of exposure by his son.
Ashley holds a dinner for Dina.
Cane upsets Juliet further.

Thursday June 1
Something unexpected happens to Neil.
Devon and Hilary revisit their feelings for one another.
Kevin opens up to Gloria.

Friday June 2
Abby makes an admission to her father.
Nick receives a surprise courtesy of Sharon.
Ashley learns more about Dina's relationship with Graham

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