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~General Hospital Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of May
Topic Started: Apr 22 2017, 08:43 AM (425 Views)
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May Sweeps

Nathan's discovery during a case becomes very personal.

Ned’s decision about his place in the Quartermaine family could affect his life with Olivia.

New information regarding Morgan’s death brings Sonny and Carly together as a team.

As Jason, Sam, Liz and Franco work to uncover what happened to Jake on Cassadine Island, an incident from the past has huge implications for all involved, as well as other Port Charles residents.

Nina begins to learn more about Valentin’s past and is forced to make a decision on whether or not to stand by him.

Griffin becomes concerned by Anna’s unusual behavior.

When Julian faces life in prison, Alexis must face her true feelings.

Dante and Lulu pull together when it looks as though Charlotte could be taken away from her for good.

Laura realizes Kevin is very important to her.

The secret surrounding Ava’s connection to Morgan’s meds could finally be revealed.

A fateful circumstance might help Michael forgive Nelle.

Jordan’s big decision affects both the men in her life.

Kiki is torn between career aspirations and her relationship with Dillon.

The Nurses’ Ball is filled with music, fun surprises and, of course, danger!
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Spoilers for the week of May 1st

Monday May 1
Jason gets his hands on a piece of the puzzle.
Liz and Franco grow concerned.
Tracy knows what she must do.

Tuesday May 2
Carly throws herself into her work.
Sonny drowns his troubles at the Haunted Star.
Ava finds herself at the right place, at the right time.

Wednesday May 3
Lucy enlists Dante’s help.
Sonny entertains an enemy.
Carly has a momentary lapse in judgment.

Thursday May 4
Nathan steps up.
Carly senses something is amiss.
Amy enlists help with the Nurses' Ball.
Luke Spencer reappears.

Friday May 5
Brad plants seeds of doubt.
Ava puts two and two together.
Sonny has a renewed sense of confidence.

Don’t expect the dissolution of Carly and Sonny’s marriage to be civil. Carly occupies herself with her career. Look for a momentary lapse in judgement to cause her some drama. Will she sense that something is amiss? Meanwhile, Sonny drowns his sorrows at the Haunted Star. After entertaining an enemy, he is caught off guard. What happens to renew Sonny’s sense of confidence?

Jason is determined to solve the mystery of what happened on Cassadine Island. With Sam’s help, he gets his hands on an important piece of the puzzle. Liz and Franco’s concern for Jake intensifies when Sam and Jason share what they’ve learned. Jason sets aside his personal misgivings for the sake of his son. He decides to take another trip to Greece.

After some self-discovery, Tracy knows what action to take. Meanwhile, Ned makes an important announcement. Tracy and Monica form a stronger bond together.

Nathan gets disappointing news when he learns that Maxie’s stay in Portland will be longer than expected. Dante attempts to cheer up his friend. Lucy enlists Dante’s help and Nathan steps up.

Are the odds swinging in Ava’s favor? She finds herself at the right place, at the right time. Later, Ava draws an important conclusion.

•Anna looks for sympathy and owns up to past mistakes.
•Amy enlists help with the Nurses Ball.
•The truth is revealed.
•Michael delivers a warning.
•Griffin has bad news.
•Brad plants seeds of doubt.
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According to a report by Daytime Confidential, Roger Howarth (Franco, GH) and the show are having trouble working out a deal for him to remain in Port Charles. A rep for GH had no comment, reminding Digest that ABC does not comment on actor contracts.
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Daytime Emmy Award Winners (2017)

General Hospital
Outstanding Daytime Drama Series · Frank Valentini, Mercer Barrows, M.K. Weir, ...

Bryan Craig
Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series · General Hospital

Lexi Ainsworth
Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series · General Hospital

General Hospital
Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team · Frank Valentini, Phideaux Xavier, Paul Glass, ...

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Agree, GH needs Todd Manning! And look how many times they reincarnated Michael Easton...
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Spoilers for the week of May 8th

Monday May 8:
Nelle is pleasantly surprised.
Franco skips out on his date with Liz.
Ava makes her wishes known.

Tuesday May 9:
Jason comes to a realization.
Nathan questions his future.
Carly misplaces her trust.

Wednesday May 10:
Nina challenges Valentin’s motives.
Franco takes drastic action.
Liz confides in Kiki.

Thursday May 11:
Sonny gets bad news.
Nina looks to drown her sorrows.
Curtis makes a discovery.

Friday May 12:
Carly demands an explanation.
Jordan looks to Anna for advice.
Griffin takes Hayden by surprise.

The lack of trust in Nina and Valentin’s marriage could spell the end of their whirlwind romance. Nina is unhappy after discovering her husband has been continuing to interact with Anna behind her back. Nina tears into Valentin, questioning his motives. Will he be able to charm her once again? Nina looks to drink her troubles away but ends up with an unexpected surprise.

Franco does the unlikely when he skips out on his date with Liz. Later, Franco makes his presence known. In a desperate attempt to help Jake, he makes a surprising move. Will Franco and Jason be able to work together? Liz finds a confidant in Kiki while Sam worries for Jason. Look for Jason to come to an important realization.

Andre is perplexed by the lab results for Morgan’s pills. He notices a discrepancy, setting him on a quest for the truth. Could this mean more trouble for Ava? Meanwhile, Ava makes her wishes crystal clear. An unsuspecting Carly may have misplaced her trust. Carly’s suspicions grow leading her to demand an explanation. Don’t look for it to go well for Sonny as things heat up.

Curtis and Jordan recently decided to stop fighting their attraction but has their relationship already hit a snag? When Curtis makes a discovery, he comes clean with the new information. In the interim, Jordan looks to Anna for some good advice.

Griffin takes Hayden by surprise.
Andre questions Anna’s tactics.
Nelle is pleasantly surprised.
Michael is disappointed yet again.
Nathan questions his future.
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GH revealed that Constance Towers’s Helena Cassadine, who took her last breath (possibly with a murderous assist from grandson Nikolas) in November 2015, will be making another appearance. In the teaser, Towers intones, “Port Charles is a very mysterious place. You never know who’s gonna come around.
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Roger Howarth contract settled

Roger Howarth (Franco) has inked a new deal to remain at GH, Digest has learned exclusively. The popular actor, who moved to GH as Todd in 2012 after the cancellation of ONE LIFE TO LIVE, where he originally played the role, then began playing Franco in 2013, had reportedly been in protracted talks to work out a new deal.
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Spoilers for the week of May 15th

Monday May 15:
Valentin rises to the challenge.
Franco returns.
Julian gets a break.

Tuesday May 16:
Michael makes a startling discovery.
Anna gains an ally.
Liz is hopeful.

Wednesday May 17:
Anna turns the tables.
Nina confides in Andre.
Bobbie wants what’s best for Carly.

Thursday May 18:
Robin senses something is amiss.
Nelle feels alone.
Hayden lays a trap.

Friday May 19:
Nathan comes to Anna’s rescue.
Lucy is won over.
Finn slings accusations.

When Franco returns to Port Charles, Liz is unhappy after learning what went down on Cassadine Island. Will everyone be able to put their differences aside in order to help Jake? Concerned about what he remembered, Jason has a heart-to-heart with Jake. Liz is hopeful for her family’s future. Meanwhile, Jake has a new hobby which may or may not be a good thing.

There is a reason Anna has seemed herself lately. Look for the truth to finally come out! Will Valentin rise to the challenge once the betrayal is exposed? Anna gains a partner in crime and is able to turn the tables in her favor. Robin senses things are not as they seem. Nathan will come to Anna’s aid. Meanwhile, Lulu continues to gain favor with Charlotte and spends time with her family.

Michael is startled by a discovery. What does he find? Michael gets turned down and later runs into Kiki. Nelle’s loneliness weighs on her. With Carly continue to go after Sonny’s assets? Bobbie wants what’s best for her daughter. Later, Carly has an interesting run-in with Ava.

Desperate to prove Finn’s innocence, Hayden lays a trap. Will she get to the truth? When Finn slings accusations, she’s not sure what to believe.

Alexis makes progress.
Julian gets a break.
Nina confides in Andre.
Martina makes a house call.
Lucy is won over.
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Spoilers for the week of May 22nd

Monday May 22
Ava has the best of intentions.
Anna looks for answers.
Nathan shares what he can.

Tuesday May 23
Scott begs Ava not to tempt fate.
Nathan’s evening takes a positive turn.
Bobbie tells a white lie.

Wednesday May 24
Sonny confides in Dante.
Valentin rebuffs Anna.
Charlotte is put in harm’s way.

Thursday May 25
Andre makes a major discovery.
Carly zeroes in on her enemy.
Curtis oversteps.

Friday May 26
Liz hesitates.
Jason has a flashback.
Ava is her own worst enemy.

The Nurses Ball begins! The dazzling event will feature cast performances of songs from David Bowie, George Michael and Billy Joel. Kiki and Dillon show off their moves. Eddie Maine shares a duet with his lovely bride-to-be. Valentin makes a romantic gesture in hopes of winning back Nina. As with every year, don’t expect everything to go as plan. The chimera may finally bear its claws and someone may find themselves in harm’s way.

After catching Sonny and Martina in the act, Carly calls her estranged husband out on his behavior. Michael pays Sonny a visit. Will he be able to talk some sense into his father? Sonny tells all to Dante. Carly puts her focus on an enemy while Sonny centers his attention on her.

Ava’s best of intentions may not have the best results. Can Scott convince her not to tempt fate? Ava is hit hard. Will she realize that she is her own worst enemy?

Anna’s back in Port Charles and looking for answers. Will Valentin help Anna or turn his back on her? Will knowing that they’ve both been played change things between them?

Nathan shares what he’s able to. His evening may take a positive turn despite Maxie’s absence at the Nurses Ball. Nathan has a not so secret admirer in Amy.

Jason senses something is awry. Griffin brings Jason up to speed on Anna and Valentin. Will they realize the connection? Jason has another flashback that could be the missing piece to the puzzle. Jake has a meltdown and it doesn’t have to anything to do with stage fright. Liz is hesitate on what choice to make.

Andre makes a major discovery.
Curtis oversteps.
Nina has a change of heart.

Sneak Peek

Nathan calls Amy out. Sonny wonders if he should have done things differently. Alexis receives good news. Kiki looks for answers.

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Spoilers for the week of May 29th

Monday May 29
ABC will air an encore of General Hospital’s Thursday May 4 farewell episode, Jane Elliot's last day as Tracy Quartermaine.

Tuesday May 30
Jake chooses sides.
Anna questions Valentin’s motives.
Dante arrives in the nick of time.

Wednesday May 31
Sonny wonders if he should have done things differently.
Nina is shaken.
Curtis takes the high road.

Thursday June 1
Kiki doesn’t know how to feel.
Michael is hopeful.
Finn looks to get back on track.

Friday June 2
Kiki looks for answers.
Lulu is duped.
Amy wrestles past demons.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) still can’t get over the news that Ava (Maura West) is the one who set the wheels in motion that eventually killed Morgan (Bryan Craig).

As they deal with the news, Sonny wonders if he should have done things differently and refuses to give up hope that his family can be whole again. Of course, there’s a little matter of a fire to attend to.

Carly ends up apologizing to Andre (Anthony Montgomery) for blaming him for Morgan’s final meltdown, and Kiki (Hayley Erin) looks for answers as she realizes what her mother did.

The Chimera story seems to reach its climax with Jake’s (Hudson West) dangerous magic show.

None of the kids know they’re literally playing with poison and spoilers reveal that Dante arrives just in the nick of time.

The fallout is even more upsetting as Jake chooses sides, a shaken Nina (Michelle Stafford) makes a plea, and Anna (Finola Hughes) questions Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) motives.

Spoilers reveal that Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) is later skeptical about something while Lulu (Emme Rylan) is duped. We have a feeling…these two things are related.

Odds And Ends
In other Port Charles news, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) gets good news she’s unsure about, Michael (Chad Duell) is hopeful, Curtis (Donnell Turner) takes the high road, and Finn (Michael Easton) looks to get back on track. Even Amy (Risa Dorkin) has something to reveal about her past.

Will Jake do Helena’s bidding and make Port Charles disappear? Or will his parents be able to break through the Cassadine matriarch’s hold and protect him? What side will the young boy choose? Meanwhile, Anna isn’t sure she can trust Valentin in regards to the chimera. They both may have to put their feelings about each other aside for the greater good. Nina makes a plea and is left shaken.

Things heated up after Sonny and Carly discovered the truth about Morgan’s pills. Will Dante arrive in the nick of time? The cop remains suspicious that he doesn’t have the whole truth. Sonny ponders what more he could have done. He doesn’t want to give up on his family. Carly gets called away and later offers a sincere apology to Andre. Kiki doesn’t know how to process her feelings. Will she find the answer she seeks?

Also this week:
Alexis gets good news. Despite the fact that things are finally looking up for her, she’s faced with uncertainty. Will she be able to move forward and get her life back on track?
•Curtis takes the high road.
•Michael is hopeful.
•Finn looks to get back on track.
•Lulu is duped.
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