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~The Young & the Restless Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of April
Topic Started: Mar 31 2017, 08:00 PM (481 Views)
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Spoilers for week of April 3rd

Monday April 3:
Paul wants to know who Nick thinks killed Adam.
Chelsea questions Chloe about her rush to get married.
Juliet slips up when talking to Lily.
Nick's actions alienate Chelsea.
Michael presses Kevin for answers
Cane's plan for damage control backfires.

Tuesday April 4:
Sharon's loyalty is put to the test.
Gloria plots to get Chloe out of Kevin's life.
Phyllis offers someone a helping hand

Wednesday April 5:
Scott does some digging for Victor's book.
Ashley has a proposition for Ravi
Billy returns home to Victoria

Thursday April 6:
Chelsea's world is rocked.
Michael warns Gloria.
Kevin and Chloe's wedding day arrives
Chelsea's life changes forever.

Friday April 7:
Cane is willing to do whatever is necessary to keep his secret.
Nick makes a discovery about Victor.

Nikki takes control of a situation.
Nick's world is turned upside-down.
Hilary wants to start over.
Lauren plays cupid.
Chloe makes a bold move.
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No i don't think they have plans right now to recast Adam, but i can't wait for Chloe to finally get hers!!
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This week reminded me of what soap operas used to be...drama, good nail biting drama. Kudos to Y&R for a well written story, been a while.
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Spoilers for the week of April 10th

Mon 4/10
Nick uncovers Victor's shocking secret
Chelsea makes a desperate plea
Chloe's life changes forever.
Hilary thinks Mariah and Devon are keeping something from her.
Nick eavesdrops on Chloe and Victor's conversation.

Tue 4/11
Victor comes clean
Reed has a secret admirer
Jack warns Ashley about crossing the line with Ravi.

Wed 4/12
The Newman family makes a dangerous pact;
Lauren plays matchmaker for Phyllis
Gloria worries about Kevin.
Nick and Victoria are concerned by Nikki's plea.

Thu 4/13
Nick loses control
Jordan questions Hilary about their relationship
sparks fly between Phyllis and Scott.
Hilary takes control at work.

Fri 4/14
Victor refuses to give up;
Jack tries to create a secret alliance.
Vikki's behavior pushes Billy beyond his limit.

Billy makes an admission.
Phyllis faces reality.
Cane has concerns about Juliet.
Ashley visits Traci.

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Spoilers for the week of April 17th

Mon 4/17
Nikki reaches her breaking point with Victor
Reed challenges Victoria
Ashley sees Ravi in a new light.
Hochman asks Ashley to dinner.

Tue 4/18
Abby relishes her new role at Newman Enterprises
Sharon gets a surprise courtesy of Nick.
Phyllis and Billy reunite.
Ashley spends time with Traci in New York.
Scott asks Sharon out.
Reed asks Billy what's wrong with his mother.
Victoria goes to confront Victor and finds Abby in his place.

Wed 4/19
Victoria follows her heart
Mariah busts Tessa
Devon and Neil make a pact.

Thu 4/20
Ashley mixes business with pleasure
Cane pushes Billy's buttons
Nikki pulls strings to protect her family.

Fri 4/21
Billy is on a collision course with Jack
Scott receives a surprise visitor
Paul has information on Chloe for Chelsea.

Coming up...
Nick romances Chelsea.
Victor makes a startling discovery.
Kevin and Billy open old wounds.
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I agree, it's been better. I can't believe they are going to make the twins teenagers, just to give Lily/Cane a storyline... I like Reed with Billy, but agree on the music, think the whole point of this is to get Noah together with Tessa. I can't help but wonder where they are going with the whole "Victor is now the most awful person", when he has been the same thru the years and they have all turned the other cheek. Why now??
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Spoilers for the week of April 24th

Mon 4/24
Nick and Paul question the evidence against Chloe
Ashley worries about Abby
Jack charms realtor Farrah Dubose.
Jack tells Ashley he's learned some intriguing information.

Tue 4/25
Kevin and Billy learn the truth about Bella's paternity
Scott busts Lauren on her matchmaking
Sharon dishes about her past with Tessa.

Wed 4/26
Phyllis makes a confession to Jack
Devon and Hilary face the end of their marriage
Mariah stands her ground.
Paul has the paternity results for Billy and Kevin.

Thu 4/27
Victor surprises Nikki with a grand gesture
Cane remembers his night with Juliet
Nick is tempted to reveal the Newman's secret.

Fri 4/28
Jack and Nikki share a close moment
Devon and Mariah's growing relationship troubles Hilary
Victoria wants to reunite with Billy.

Coming up...

Victoria unleashes her anger.

Ashley and Jack discuss their mother.

Neil and Devon go after a deal.

Cane inadvertently finds damaging information about Billy.

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