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~The Young & the Restless Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of March
Topic Started: Mar 4 2017, 12:16 PM (563 Views)
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Spoilers for the week of March 6th

3/6 Lauren fears the worst
Colin makes a confession

3/7 Ashley tells Ravi where they stand
Jill receives a special delivery

3/8 Cane spreads his wings

3/9 Devon gives Hilary a shock
Victoria stands up for Reed

3/10 Kevin surprises Chloe
Victor makes a promise to Nick

Monday March 6:

Sharon learns from Faith that Nick had a date.
Colin protests as Jill threatens to tear up his check.
Scott Grainger appears in a video chat with Victor.
The situation with Scott worsens.

Tuesday March 7:
Ashley draws the line with Ravi.
Jill receives a special delivery.

Wednesday March 8:
Cane spreads his wings.

Thursday March 9:
Devon shocks Hilary.
Victoria defends Reed.

Friday March 10:
Victor makes a promise to Nick.

Coming up...

Lily has a secret admirer.
Cane makes a shocking discovery.
Ravi rescues Ashley.
Lauren confides in Victor.

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Spoilers for the week of March 13th

Monday March 13:
Devon gets a call from Michael.
Lily is surprised to hear Cane finished his meetings a while ago.
Cane hangs out with Juliet in Japan.
Billy surprises Victoria.
Devon has doubts about his divorce.
Cane thinks victory is within his grasp

Tuesday March 14:
Lauren asks for Phyllis's help.
Ravi steps up for Ashley.

Wednesday March 15:
Jack sets ground rules in his relationship with Gloria.
Victoria and Reed struggle for control.
Jill opens up to Nikki.

Thursday March 16:
Y&R is pre-empted for CBS March Madness NCAA Basketball coverage.

Friday March 17:
Y&R is pre-empted for CBS March Madness NCAA Basketball coverage.

More on Y&R...

Cast-news: Marla Adams returns as Y&R’s Dina Mergeron

Scott begins to relax when Phyllis talks with him at Lauren's request.
Lily is followed into a suite by an obsessed fan and has to be rescued.
The morning after celebratory drinks with Juliet in Japan, Cane awakens not remembering what happened between them.
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Mar 12 2017, 05:27 AM
I think I might be a fan of NuScott. We haven't seen much of him but so far so good. He's almost a dead ringer for Peter Barton. Good casting! Just please for the love of all things holy keep Sharon far far away.

Oh yeah and can goofy Cane get lost in Japan and never come back. He is grating on my last nerve.
I agree about Peter Barton, that was well done! Not worried about him and Sharon, more like him and Phyllis, but wouldn't that make Lauren really old.....
I have to fast forward thru Cane, his character has changed so much I honestly think they are writing him into a wall.
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Does anyone know what happened to Hunter King? I feel like we haven't seen Summer in eons. They sent her off on that vacation and she hasn't been heard from since.

She has several night time gigs, Life in Pieces, is one of them. I read somewhere that she would be MIA from Y&R, but still on recurring.
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Spoilers for the week of March 20th

Jill makes an important decision
Cane's trip takes an unexpected turn
Mariah makes a bold move
Gloria covers her tracks
Neil receives a interesting offer

Monday March 20:
Neil talks to Ashley about taking over Jabot behind Jack's back.
Hilary wants Mariah to help convince Devon to give her GC Buzz.
Colin holds Katherine's letter and asks Jill, "Is this for real? Forgive Colin?"
Billy stirs up old feelings for Victoria
Jack encourages Hilary to fight dirty

Tuesday March 21:
Lily's concerned about Hilary and Jordan.
Chelsea and Nick's relationship stalls.

Wednesday March 22:
Victoria begins a battle.

Thursday March 23:
Victoria and Billy tie up loose ends.
Sharon opens up to Scott.

Friday March 24:
Nick wants the truth from Chelsea.
Devon gains his freedom from Hilary.


Lily and Jordan work together again.
Kevin plans a surprise proposal for Chloe.
After Victoria sees Mariah's computer file about Gloria's 'anonymous' sexual harassment story, she and Billy figure out it involves Gloria and Jack and are thrilled to have the information for future use.
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Spoilers for the week of March 27th

Monday March 27:
Victor wants Scott to help write his memoir.
Jack confronts Ashley about her date with Ravi.
Nick invites Chloe to explain how the tracking device got in Connor's stuffed animal.
Abby is sabotaged at work.

Tuesday March 28:
Devon has someone in his sights.

Wednesday March 29:

Thursday March 30:
Cane keeps questioning Juliet about what happened in Tokyo.

Friday March 31:
Kevin is taken off guard.
Jordan kisses Hilary.

Down the road...
Nick takes action without Chelsea's knowledge.
Phyllis lends Ravi an ear.
Cane's plan doesn't go as hoped.
Mariah gets a stunning offer.
Sharon confides in Scott
Victor looks to the future
Devon confronts Jordan about his intentions toward Hilary
Neil makes a power move
Cane receives shocking news
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