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~Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of March
Topic Started: Mar 1 2017, 02:40 PM (215 Views)
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In the new issue of Digest, on sale Friday, Arianne Zucker (Nicole) exclusively reveals that she will be leaving Salem when her contract is up in late April. “Two years ago, I was contemplating making the shift,” the actress shares. “I know there are a thousand girls who would take my job in a second, for me, it is my time to go.”
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Her acting has been so good with the whole baby storyline... I like AZ but her character has been thru more misery than anyone else on the show. She needs a break!
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Spoilers for the week of March 6th

Monday March 6:
Nicole fears for her life as she hides out with Holly.
Eric tells Jennifer that he will not accept a job at the Horton Center.
Ciara confides in Hope about her feelings for Theo.

Tuesday March 7:
Adrienne and Justin share a tender moment.
Brady searches for Nicole, who runs into some serious trouble.
Steve receives a mysterious phone call.

Wednesday March 8:
Steve learns a shocking truth about his past.
Kayla's life is unexpectedly put in danger.
As they work on a project together, Dario falls hard for Abigail.

Thursday March 9:
Sonny and Paul try to find out what they can about Deimos’s connection to the stolen antiquities.
Eli forces Valerie to tell Julie the truth about his father.
Chad makes a move to dismantle Deimos and his empire

Friday March 10:
Kate continues to rebuff Eduardo's affections.
Chloe gains an unexpected ally.
Steve relays his shocking discovery to Kayla and Joey.
Brady offers Nicole his help.
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Is Carlivati writing this now? Is that why there are mob wars now in Salem???
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Spoilers for the week of March 13th

Monday March 13:
Dario continues his dancing lessons ruse and finds himself further drawn to Abigail.
Eric plans his return to Salem.

Tuesday March 14 March 14:
With help from Kate, Justin and Lucas treat Adrienne to some pampering.
Sonny tells Paul he needs incriminating evidence against Deimos.

Wednesday March 15
Julie organizes a Horton gathering to welcome Eli to the family.
Abigail and Chad hold a press conference to publicize tonight’s Salem High charity event.

Thursday March 16:
Steve and Kayla get new information on Ava's son.
Lucas Adams will play Tripp, Steve and Ava's son.

Friday March 17:
Brady is ready to take Nicole and Holly off to Canada.
Kate sees Chloe and Eduardo together and lays into them.
Jennifer and Eric share a kiss.
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Spoilers for the Week of March 20th

Monday, March 20, 2017
Eric pushes Jennifer away.
Claire lashes out at Ciara and later makes a devious move.
Chad makes a confession to Abigail about Gabi.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Brady gets Nicole settled into her new home.
Chloe kisses someone surprising.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Abe asks Lani for a favor regarding Eli.
Chad and Dario panic when they realize Abigail is missing.

Thursday, March 23, 2017
Chad is forced to make an agonizing choice between Abigail and Gabi.
Steve and Kayla trace his son with Ava to a diner in Arizona.

Friday, March 24, 2017
Hope has to pull Rafe back from attacking Deimos.
Brady and Eric share a warm reunion.
Adrienne's loved ones gather to support her as she prepares to have her double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery.
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Spoilers for the Week of March 27th

Monday March 27:
Steve and Tripp have a paternity test to see if Steve is indeed his father.
Jade's manipulation of Joey takes a bad turn

Tuesday March 28:
Abe tries to talk to Eli on Valerie's behalf.
Chad gives Deimos a taste of his own medicine.

Wednesday March 29:
Adrienne finally chooses between Lucas and Justin.
Tripp makes a mysterious call to uncover more information on his mother.

Thursday March 30:
Nicole is stunned when Brady returns to Canada and confesses his love for her.
Kate spies a kiss between Eduardo and Chloe!

Friday March 31:
Abigail asks Chad hard questions about Deimos’s beating.
Eric and Jennifer eagerly anticipate their date... but things don't go quite as planned.
Nicole fears her and Brady's neighbor may pose a threat to their happiness.
Deimos is furious when he learns from Victor that Brady is on the run with Nicole.
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A Martinez Bids Farewell To Salem

Late last summer, Soap Hub reported that Days of Our Lives (DOOL) star A Martinez was dropping his contract and moving to recurring status. Now, it looks like his time in Salem has come to an end–for now.

The actor waxed nostalgic over his time on DAYS and his love for the soap and the character in a Facebook post this morning.

Remembering The Hernandez Patriarch
“As Eduardo is taken “off the canvas” on Days, I want to express my gratitude to all who’ve supported him – and me – over the course of these last eighteen months.

It’s been an honor to come to Salem on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of a show I have followed and esteemed for more than thirty years.

The work itself has been a consistent pleasure, partly because of the deliciously wounded guy I‘ve been playing, but mostly because of the multitude of excellent people who pass their days in the ongoing labor of love that is the making of this beloved show.

My pleasure in this process has grown steadily over the time I’ve been at it – and it’s about to come to a memorably emotional peak in the climactic beats of my pivot away.

The scenes of failed atonement with Galen, Jordi, Camila – and Lauren – were among the most wrenching of my life, in the most wonderful way possible.

Two final thoughts: For the record – Eduardo is not dead. If you care about him, you may choose to remember him.

And further, for those who’ve felt disappointed that he hasn’t conformed to their expectations as a “villain” – I’ll just say that it has never once occurred to me to approach him that way.

What I most clearly carry in him is the knowledge that he was deeply broken as a boy, and that he has done his level best to recover – ever since. That he has fallen short is regrettable, but not a negation of his humanity. I kinda admire the guy, actually.

Meanwhile, much love to everyone in the Days community, going forward. May we all continue to prosper as best we can, and seek to deal in kindness along the way.”

Martinez has been a soap opera staple since 1984 when he created the role of Cruz Castillo on Santa Barbara, becoming one half of the legendary supercouple Cruz and Eden.
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