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~Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of February
Topic Started: Jan 27 2017, 05:36 PM (349 Views)
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February Sweeps!

Anne gets a new job working at The Spectator with Jennifer as her editor.

Chloe and Nicole go at it in a heavy custody case for Holly as Brady attempts to promote peace.

Jennifer and Shane Donovan's twin brother Drew team up to end the violence between the DiMera, Kiriakis and Hernandez families, calling on Anne and Adrienne to join in.

Deimos gets desperate and kidnaps Chad and Gabi. Abby and Dario try searching for them.

Deimos shady dealings cause a rift between him and Nicole, jeopardizing their relationship.

The search for Stefano finally comes to a shocking end with Marlena putting herself up as bait and catching Stefano and putting him in jail.

Eric tries to figure out if he should return to Salem.

Hope risks her safety to help Hattie as Rafe continues trying to exonerate her for Stefano's murder.

Steve and Kayla marry on Valentine's Day.

Valerie's son Eli comes to Salem and has a surprising connection in the town.

Sparks fly between Lani and JJ when they work together.
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Spoilers for the week of February 6th

Monday February 6:
Rafe, Marlena, Steve and Kayla go over strategy for capturing Stefano at the masquerade ball.
Hope pleads with Eric to contact Hattie

Tuesday February 7:
As Brady bolsters Nicole, Deimos arrives to witness their growing closeness.
Deimos looks to prove to Nicole that he is the only man who can give her what she wants.

Wednesday February 8:
Abigail is frantic over Chad and Gabi being kidnapped.
Marlena momentarily disappears and everyone fears that Stefano has her.

Thursday February 9:
Steve and Kayla invite Carrie and Austin to their Valentine’s Day wedding.
Paul and Sonny slip away for a moment alone together.
Brady warns Nicole that Chloe’s digging in her heels.

Friday February 10:
Gabi tends to Chad's wounds as they find themselves trapped.
Rafe is worried for Hope, but Steve believes everything will work out in her favor
Dario “checks” himself out of the hospital against Abigail’s wishes

Paul is shocked to find Sonny at his door.
Raines comes in to question Hattie, but almost catches Hope.
Andre offers an olive branch to Eduardo, and the two reach a temporary truce.
Raines vows to keep searching for Hope until all charges are dropped.
Rafe, Marlena, Steve, Kayla, Paul, and Sonny arrive at the Masquerade in hopes that Stefano will show.
Andre, Kate, and Eduardo work together to figure our where Deimos has taken both Chad and Gabi.

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Spoilers for the week of February 13TH

Monday February 13:
Hope questions Eric about his feelings for Jennifer.
Shane and Steve make a surprising discovery.
Jennifer calls Adrienne for help.

Tuesday February 14:
Victor learns of Deimos’s actions and tells him he needs to clean it all up quickly.
Adrienne, Jennifer, and Anne work together to destroy the Orwell device.

Wednesday February 15:
Stephanie arrives home to join in the wedding festivities.
It’s Valentine’s Day, and Steve and Kayla’s wedding day!
Hope receives news about her fate.
Austin and Carrie reunite with Kate.

Thursday February 16:
Steve and Kayla remarry in front of family and friends.
Julie receives devastating news.
Valerie informs a disappointed Abe that she is leaving town.
Anna confronts Andre.

Friday February 17:
Adrienne finds Paul unconscious in the alley and learns startling news about Sonny.
Chloe and Nicole’s custody hearing for Holly begins.
Belle drops a bomb that stuns Nicole.
When Deimos continues to stonewall, mother-bear Adrienne attacks him.

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Spoilers for the week of February 20th

Monday February 20:
Chloe and Nicole learn who gets custody of Holly.

Tuesday February 21:
As Chad and Gabi cling to life and each other, Sonny tries to escape from his captor and catches a brutal beating.

Wednesday February 22:
Hattie finally confronts Andre.
Marlena reunites with Eric at the farm.

Thursday February 23:
Lani and Theo encourage Abe not to give up on Valerie, who is visited by a surprise guest. Valerie's son Eli comes to Salem and has a surprising connection in the town.

Friday February 24:
Brady is thrown by Chloe's news.
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DAYS OF OUR LIVES Comings and Goings — Vincent Irizarry Leaving!

Daytime veteran Vincent Irizarry is leaving DAYS OF OUR LIVES, where he has played Deimos since January of 2016!

Although the soap does not comment on contracts or casting, SoapCentral.com broke the story and Soaps In Depth hears that Irizarry's contract had come to an end.
Irizarry arrived at Victor Kiriakis’ brother, Deimos, at the beginning of 2016, and has been wreaking havoc in Salem ever since. When a DAYS fan site awarded him Favorite Newcomer of 2016, Irizarry tweeted, “Thanks to all our wonderful DAYS fans for this special honor! It’s been an incredible year since arriving in Salem as Deimos. Forever grateful!”

Thankfully for fans, because DAYS tapes episodes so far ahead, Irizarry should continue airing well into the summer!

Irizarry got his start in daytime as the popular Lujack on GUIDING LIGHT, and is better known by ABC fans for playing David Hayward on ALL MY CHILDREN. He has also had roles on SANTA BARBARA and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS.

With the recent ruling that returned the rights to the AMC and ONE LIFE TO LIVE characters to ABC, some fans wouldn’t mind seeing Irizarry appear on GENERAL HOSPITAL as David, reuniting with his former AMC love interest, Anna, played by Finola Hughes! Unfortunately, so far the only crossover character who has been announced so far is Hillary B. Smith’s Nora.
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More Spoilers for week of 2/20

Monday, February 20, 2017
A furious Nicole breaks up with Deimos.
Abigail and JJ work together to find Chad and Gabi, whose lives hang in the balance.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Drew reaches out to Shane for help.
Rafe is taken aback when he overhears a conversation between Chad and Gabi.
Deimos, Eduardo, and Andre negotiate their loved ones’ release.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Hope is still fearful Andre will pull something at the last minute to destroy her future.

Thursday, February 23, 2016
Chad tells Abigail the truth about what happened while he was kidnapped.
Dario finds Abigail in distress and comforts her.
Kate blasts Eduardo for his actions in the Orwell debacle.

Friday, February 24, 2017
Valerie tries to keep Eli’s identity a secret during a high-stress situation.
JJ asks Lani out.
Chad vows to do what’s right regarding his feelings for both Abigail and Gabi.

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Spoilers for the week of February 27th

Monday February 27:
Deimos accuses Brady of being in love with Nicole.
Jennifer and Eric share a tender moment.
JJ and Lani agree to a date and Gabi overhears.

Tuesday February 28:
Sonny makes a pitch to Victor to make him the successor to Deimos.
Kayla delivers unexpected news to Joey and Jade.

Wednesday March 1:
Deimos puts plans in motion to kidnap Holly.
Nicole is furious when Brady gives her an update about Eric.
Chad offers Abigail a job.

Thursday March 2:
Tension arises between Sonny and Paul.
Sonny informs Brady of his plans to take on Deimos.

Friday March 3:
Hope and Rafe learn about big changes at the Salem PD.
Eduardo vows not to give up on Kate.

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More Tales From Salem Are Ahead as Venerable Daytime Series Continues to Deliver for Its Loyal Audience

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — Feb. 21, 2017 — “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”

Those words, which have drawn millions of eager viewers to their television sets for six decades, will remain a high point of the broadcast day for a record 52nd season with the announcement today of NBC’s latest renewal of the acclaimed drama “Days of our Lives.”

“We feel so privileged to be able to continue the remarkable legacy of ‘Days of our Lives,’” said Jennifer Salke, President, NBC Entertainment.” “We thank Ken Corday and his team for their incredible accomplishments and look forward to all the stories from Salem that will continue to unfold.”

Said Ken Corday, executive producer: “It’s a great day in Salem! We’re pleased to announce that after more than 51 years in the hearts and homes of our amazing fans, ‘Days of our Lives’ will continue to be part of the NBC family. We are grateful to our incredible network and longstanding partner Sony for their continued support, and we look forward to what the future will bring under the new creative direction of the show. I’m especially proud to be able to shepherd ‘Days’ into the new season, continuing my parents dream and the show’s legacy.”

Steve Kent, Senior Executive Vice President, Programming, Sony Pictures Television, added: “‘Days of our Lives’ has a legacy of rich storytelling that has traveled across generations. Ken Corday and the cast and crew continue to deliver dynamic storylines and unforgettable performances, and we are proud to continue to bring this award-winning series to audiences both in the U.S. and around the world."

In January, Emmy Award winner Ron Carlivati was named new head writer with Sheri Anderson Thomas and Ryan Quan on board as creative consultants.

“Days of our Lives,” which aired its 13,000th episode in January, remains a television institution. The show first premiered as a half-hour drama in 1965 and expanded to an hour 10 years later.

The show is currently in its 51st season and remains a favorite among critics and fans alike. “Days of our Lives” airs nationally on NBC in the United States and in more than 25 countries internationally. The show has garnered 46 Emmy Awards, including most recently 2013 and 2015’s Outstanding Daytime Drama, and 276 nominations, as well as multiple People's Choice Awards, GLAAD Media Awards and Prism Awards.

“Days of our Lives” is set in the fictitious Midwestern town of Salem. The core families are the Bradys, Hortons and DiMeras, and the multi-layered storylines involve elements of romance, adventure, mystery, comedy and drama.

“Days of our Lives” is produced by Corday Productions Inc. in association with Sony Pictures Television. Ken Corday is the executive producer with co-executive producers Greg Meng and Albert Alarr. Ron Carlivati is the head writer.

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Spoilers for the week of February 27th

A desperate Nicole takes action to reclaim her daughter. Also: Tension is abound between Sonny and Paul; Chad and Abby grow closer. How will Gabi react when she sees her ex out with Abby?

It’s a busy week for Nicole, who has a lot on her plate with Deimos, the fight for her daughter and the return of the man who she holds responsible for her love’s death. Fed up with Deimos’ sinister actions, Nicole breaks things off and makes it clear they’re done for good. Later, she tries appealing to Chloe one more time regarding returning Holly. Unfortunately, her plea falls on deaf ears, leading Nicole to take desperate action.

Kayla delivers unexpected news to Joey and Jade.
Dario confesses to Gabi.
After offering Abigail a job, Chad and his ex-wife continue to grow closer. Later, the pair has an uncomfortable run-in with Gabi.
Sonny makes a move involving his own future, asking Victor to name him successor to Deimos. How will Brady react to his plan to take down their murderous uncle?
Hope and Rafe learn of the changes at the Salem PD.
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