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~The Young & the Restless Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of February
Topic Started: Jan 27 2017, 05:13 PM (574 Views)
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February Sweeps preview from Soap Opera Digest

One of Victor's children steps up to helm Newman Enterprises.

As Jabot and Fenmore's merge, Jack has trouble letting Lauren run things, Ashley and Phyllis butt heads, and Gloria inserts herself into the situation.

Reed proves to be a bigger handful for Victoria than Billy ever was.

Hilary resorts to extreme measures to keep Devon in her life.

Cane and Lily face a test to their relationship as she returns to the modeling world.

The dynamics of Nick and Chelsea's relationship begin to change.

Sharon faces the future carrying the secret of what happened to Dylan.

Ravi tries to grow closer to Ashley.
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Spoilers for the week of February 6th

Mon 2/6
Billy helps Phyllis; Devon puts Hilary to the test; Gloria seeks revenge.

Tue 2/7
Jack sets out on a mission; Lily reconsiders her career choice; Nick evades questions about his relationship with Chelsea.

Wed 2/8
Victoria makes a big move; Lauren and Jack battle for the spotlight; Ashley and Gloria revisit the past.

Thu 2/9
Nikki pushes Sharon too far; Abby surprises Victor; Nick and Chelsea try something new.

Fri 2/10
Victor gets an unexpected request; Victoria gets a reality check from Billy; Lily gets together with an old friend.

Jack is in hot water
Victoria makes a power move
Sharon turns to Victor for help
Lily is visited by an old friend

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Spoilers for the week of February 6th

Phyllis winds up in a sticky situation and Billy comes to her rescue

Gloria retaliates

Gloria feels she has been betrayed so often that now she has nothing to lose

Jack is aghast when Gloria turns on GC Buzz with her interview

Jack finds himself in very hot water

Lily begins to second-guess her decisions

Lily reconnects with an old friend

Victoria confronts Reed about a credit card bill

Reed mixes with the wrong friends at school

Victoria is overwhelmed and finds Reed is more of a handful than Billy ever was

Jill's focus is on settling the score on someone who crosses her

Jill decides to sell Brash & Sassy to Victoria, Billy and Cane to secure funds to buy Jack's stake in Fenmore's

Victor presents Victoria with a challenge prompting her to make a power move

Victoria proves she is Victor's daughter when her tactics affect Brash & Sassy's struggle

Victoria proves she is Victor's daughter and makes a power play

Victoria is determined to take back what is hers and becomes territorial since Brash & Sassy was her creation

Cane becomes Victoria's adversary

Nikki pushes Sharon too far

Sharon asks Victor to help her

Sharon's life has been shattered after losing Dylan

Sharon packs Dylan's things hoping to send them to him

Paul advises Dylan's safety requires no contact

Sharon feels she has been erased from Dylan's life

Sharon blasts Paul for ripping her life apart

Sharon attacks the future with a new resolve and keeps the real reason why Dylan left Genoa City a secret

Nick and Chelsea's decide whether to take the next step or remain friends.

Nick and Chelsea's new dynamics generates an interesting reaction from someone in Nick's family

Hilary takes extreme measures to keep Devon in her life

Devon doubts Hilary's sincerity about walking away from their marriage without a dime

Devon is skeptical when Hilary's gives him divorce papers

Hilary wants to prove she is not after Devon's money

Devon believes Hilary is up to something because her actions are uncharacteristic

Hilary hopes Devon will reconsider divorcing her

Hilary is afraid she will lose the love of her life if Devon signs the divorce papers

Devon tests Hilary's motives and offers her a check for $250 million dollars if she accepts the divorce
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Spoilers for the week of February 13th

2/13, Billy and Victoria celebrate the future; Cane wants to go it alone; Lauren receives a mysterious message from her son.

2/14, Chelsea surprises Nick; Colin romances Jill; Lily and Cane's celebration takes a shocking turn.

2/15, Jack focuses on revenge; Ravi offers Ashley comfort; Phyllis confronts Victoria.

2/16, Victor keeps Nikki in suspense; Lily opens up to Jordan; Billy takes a stand.

2/17, Jill gets life-altering news; Chelsea encounters a painful reminder; Nikki makes peace.
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Spoilers for the week of February 20th

2/20 - Lauren receives shocking news, Nick & Sharon have a long overdue talk about their history
Billy leans on Victoria

2/21 - Jill is forced to accept her life has changed forever, Ashley makes it clear to Phyllis who's boss
Esther sends Colin packing

2/22 - Devon does everything in his power to avoid something he knows he should stay far far away from
Hilary questions Lily about her past with Jordan; Cane takes charge.

2/23 - Nikki & Sharon call a truce.
Reed is thrown into the spotlight

2/24 - Lauren desperately tries to contact one of her children, Michael finds Gloria in a compromising position with Jack
Michael catches Jack and Gloria in a compromising position; Lauren desperately wants to reach Scott; Sharon makes a confession.

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Spoilers for the week of February 27th

Mon 2/27
Nikki discovers a shocking secret.
Michael confronts Jack and Gloria.
Phyllis bonds with Ravi.

Tue 2/28
Lauren resorts to desperate measures.
Colin's luck turns around.
Cane receives a proposition.

Wed 3/1
Victor plays hardball.
Jill struggles with her new lifestyle.
Kevin accepts a dangerous assignment.

Thu 3/2
Jill gets a reminder of her colorful past.
Faith is up to her old tricks.
Chloe reminisces with Billy.

Fri 3/3
Victor delivers somber news.
Ashley surprises Jack.
Nick and Chelsea make up for lost time.
Nikki gets a surprise

Colin makes a startling discovery
A secret falls into the wrong hands
Victor plays hero
Cane spreads his wings
Jill receives a message from her past.

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And wait till Jill finds out what Colin did this time.....
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