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~The Young & The Restless Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of October
Topic Started: Oct 1 2016, 08:31 AM (628 Views)
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Spoilers for the week of October 3rd

Phyllis is shocked to learn that she didn't get her job back - she's now a clerk in a windowless cubicle
Jack hopes that Phyllis will quit; Phyllis refuses and accepts her new position
Phyllis hopes for reconciliation... and to help Jack achieve revenge

Monday 10/3
Ashley runs into someone she used to know
Sharon gets caught between a rock and a hard place

Tuesday 10/4
Chelsea supports Nick
Mariah pulls out all the stops to support her mother

Wednesday 10/5
Jack lines up his plan for vengeance

Thursday 10/6
Victoria is upset by the truth about Travis, Dylan promises to defend his family

Friday 10/7
Billy gets in hot water w/ the authorities

Ashley remembers a secret about Travis; turns out she met him in NYC
Travis starts evading Ashley
Ashley concludes he's hiding something
Sharon gets a call from Patty
Patty asked if Faith enjoyed the present she sent: a baby doll
Sharon realizes that Patty is coherent and thinking clearly
Meanwhile Dylan fusses about all the hang up calls
Sharon realizes that push has come to shove and she's got to fess up before Patty blows her out of the water
Sharon turns the phone off and makes plans to visit Patty
Dylan investigates the prank calls
Billy and Travis play pool
Chelsea and Nick take Connor to the park

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Steve Burton Leaves The Young and the Restless

After joining The Young and the Restless in 2013, Steve Burton took to social media tonight to announce his departure from the soap.

Burton created the role of Dylan McAvoy after spending more than two decades as Jason (Quartermaine) Morgan on General Hospital. Burton left the iconic role in 2012 when the character was presumed dead.

He soon made his Genoa City debut as the long-lost son of Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott).

He’s been involved in an intense baby-switching plot over the last year that looks like it might finally come to an end soon. (November sweeps, anyone?)

The actor plans to depart the role in December, according to his tweets.
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I agree, about Jason, and Billy Miller. I am curious if Chelsea will tell Nick the truth about Christian's real father??

I just remembered that SB and JFP were good friends, now with her gone...
Edited by 2buddy4u, Oct 7 2016, 05:57 AM.
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I love JT and he really has done a good job moving into the character, but lately he's on overkill and making "Billy" unlikeable. He doesn't show Billy's loveable side at all. So I miss BM in that roll cause he did it perfectly.
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Spoilers for the week of October 10th

10/10 Jill has to clean up Billy's new mess
Phyllis spies on Jack's computer determined to help him

10/11 Victor wraps Adam's unfinished business;
Billy meets Bella

10/12 Sharon is under Nick's watchful eye
Mariah and Sharon try to come up with a plan to keep Patty institutionalized so no one would believe her

10/13 Can Mariah save the day?

10/14 Phyllis winds up in big trouble after Ashley busts her

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Spoilers for the week of October 17th

Mon 10/17
Jack announces his revenge plan; Jill insists Bill and Victoria play nice; Nick and Sharon get back into old habits.

Tue 10/18
Billy needles Phyllis; Patty's antics concern Paul; Kevin comes to Mariah's aid.

Wed 10/19
Chloe implicates herself; Chelsea encounters a painful reminder of Adam; Ashley must make a difficult decision.

Thu 10/20
Jack takes a stand at Jabot; Billy encounters trouble; Hilary goes too far at GC Buzz.

Fri 10/21
Victor faces down a new rival; Abby considers her marriage; Sharon avoids the truth.

Jack sabotages Brash & Sassy. Billy confronts Jack
Chloe and Kevin rekindle their romance
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Spoilers for the week of October 24th

Monday, October 24
Victor battles with Devon and Hilary.
Kevin romances Chloe.
Jack confesses to Phyllis.

Tuesday, October 25
Patty plays a dangerous game.
Dylan wants the truth from Mariah.
Chelsea has a shocking encounter.

Wednesday, October 26
Victor asks Natalie for help.
Billy supports Phyllis.
Jill puts Cane on notice.

Thursday, October 27
Sharon visits Patty.
Nikki and Neil bond.
Mariah makes a move.

Friday, October 28
Nick loses control.
Kevin contacts an old friend.
Jack is cornered by Ashley.
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Spoilers for the week of October 31st

Monday October 31:
Patty spills the beans in a chilling phone call
Jack thinks he and Phyllis can start digging Victor's grave.
Victor corners Travis and grills him about investigating his family.
Abby is surprised when Victor says he never left town.
Summer gets the goods on Phyllis.
Chelsea arrives at The Underground to find Nick having a meltdown.

Tuesday November 1:
Nick tells Sharon about his phone call from Patty.
Chelsea tells Victor that Christian may be alive.
Chelsea has a nightmare about Adam.
Patty is pleased there are no more secrets.
The truth about Christian comes out.

Wednesday November 2:
Dylan makes a difficult decision.
Sharon confesses
Chloe slows down her relationship with Kevin
Dylan makes a difficult decision.

Thursday November 3:
Billy finds potentially useful information.
Nick wants justice.
Nick and Dylan butt heads
Billy uncovers shocking information
Jack tries a new tack in his plot against Victor.

Friday November 4:
Jack must work with Phyllis.
Phyllis rescues Jack
Travis wants Billy to stay away from Victoria
Cane's efforts to improve his family life fail.
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Spoilers for the week of November 14th

Mon 11/14
Jack wants Phyllis out of town; Travis takes a risk; Victoria receives unsolicited advice from Billy.

Tue 11/15
Nick receives a surprise; Sharon's decision to share her story results in disaster; Hilary issues a challenge to Mariah.

Wed 11/16
Victor and Nikki butt heads over Dylan; Billy suspects a rat; Nick holds Sharon's fate in his hands.

Thu 11/17
Victor opens up to Chelsea; Ashley takes charge; Traci Abbott comes to Genoa City.

Fri 11/18
Victoria must make a life-altering decision; Cane becomes impatient; Dylan and Sharon get bad news.
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New Head Writer Sally Sussman Answers Burning Questions!

Help is here. Back in the day, Sally Sussman was one of the most gifted and revered writers at The Young and the Restless, working alongside its legendary co creator William J. Bell from 1984-89—widely considered the show’s golden era. Now she’s back at this troubled CBS juggernaut as head writer and co-executive producer and longtime fans have greeted the news with both relief and ecstasy. Sussman, who created the groundbreaking, multi-racial soap Generations and also served as head writer at Days of Our Lives, wasn’t planning a return to daytime drama. In fact, she had moved on to a career as a documentary filmmaker—her newest venture, Midnight Return: The Story of Bill Hayes and Turkey, had its world premiere to great acclaim at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. So this homecoming isn’t just exciting and energizing and the best thing to happen to Y&R in years. It’s really kind of a miracle. Here, in this exclusive interview, Sussman gives us a preview of her first episode—airing December 7—and her long term plans for Bill Bell’s treasured serial.

Sussman is taking charge in Genoa City

Welcome back! I hope you know how happy this news has made the old-school fans of Y&R. We’ve been yearning for it, praying for it, begging for it.
The response has been so heartening! The enthusiasm of the fans on the message boards has touched me a lot. I loved Bill Bell and it’s a real testament to his talent that, even with all the not-so-good changes at Y&R over the last few years, the show is still on the air and still relatively solid. That’s due to what Bill created. But I won’t lie. What’s happened to Y&R, and what’s happened to daytime in general, makes me sad. There have been people hired to write this show who didn’t know the history.

And, worse yet, didn’t care that they didn’t know the history. It’s like being cavalier was a prerequisite for the job.
You have to be born to this kind of work. Bill used to always say, “You have to be inside it.” Some people take the gig just because gigs are hard to come by.

That’s why it’s been extra incredible to hear you’ve brought back Kay Alden, another great Bill Bell protégé.
I wouldn’t have done this without her. To my mind, Kay is an indispensable writer. I have great respect for her skill and her history with the show. So it’s been very exciting. I hear people talk about how they watched Y&R with their mothers and grandmothers and how all they want is the show they fell in love with. Well, I hope to give them that show. I highly respect the fact that the fans know this show isn’t working.

Yet how realistic is a return to the glory days? Bill is gone. Times have changed. Can we really go home again?
The irony of this whole thing is that, while soaps are said to be dying, the serialized format is thriving today like never before—in primetime, in cable, even in the big movie franchises. How ironic is it that the genre that was once at the cutting edge of storytelling is now stuck doing stories about stolen babies? There is so much to write about today, so much to talk about, and that’s what Bill did. When people want to see the old Y&R recreated, what they mean is that they want honesty with the characters. They don’t want a show driven by plot or incident.

Do you believe it’s possible to grow an audience today, or is maintaining the status quo, ratings-wise, the best we can hope for?
Y&R has a bigger audience than, say, Mad Men, but Mad Men had a devoted audience. You didn’t dare miss it. That’s where daytime has missed the boat. It has failed to make the shows cultish and contemporary. Now Brad Bell certainly makes The Bold and the Beautiful contemporary. But the others have gone completely the opposite—it feels like you’re watching the 1980s again. That’s why people don’t talk about soaps much anymore, certainly not in the mainstream conversation. I have issue stories I want to tell, if the network [will let me], stories that can make Y&R relevant again. The genre isn’t dead yet, thank God. Y&R still gets over 4 million viewers. First, we must keep the audience we have, but I do believe we can bring back some of the lapsed viewers and make them want to see the show again. That will be the test.

Before we look to the future, let’s bring up the uncomfortable past. You returned briefly to Y&R in 2005 to work under head writer Lynn Latham, whose reign was a bloody disaster. A decision you regret?
It was horrible. After that, I never thought I’d come back to daytime. And the way it ended was not nice. It was badly handled. It was all incredibly frustrating. I grew up when daytime drama was cutting edge. I got frustrated when the genre began to lose its glow and frustrated with the serious dumbing down of the shows. I’m not just talking about Y&R. The Erica Kane un-abortion story on All My Children was the death knell for me. I was attracted to Y&R from the very beginning, but I really loved AMC, as well. Agnes Nixon did some groundbreaking, news-making stories back in the day, and so did Bill. That’s why I feel very sad about what’s happened to the show since he died. Lynn Latham was writing about Nazis!

And reliquaries!
The episode that killed Y&R for me was when Victoria went to the art supply store and then made a copy of a 9th century reliquary in her hotel room. Talk about jumping the shark.

And remember when Latham had Victor—daytime’s ultimate alpha dog—contract that rare form of epilepsy that had him arranging flowers, creating origami and taking dance lessons? What a nightmare.
It was humiliating. Well, Lynn fired all of us in 2006. Jack Smith and I got fired the same day, Kay a month later. And I’m the kind of person who, when I leave a show, it’s over for me. I never watch again.

So what can we expect on December 7? Sometimes a new head writer’s work is clearly evident on Day 1. Sometimes, it’s more of a slow roll-out. How will it be for you?
You will see a difference right away. The very first scene of my first episode starts with an Abbott family breakfast.

A Bill Bell classic!
And it will be a real scene, like in the old days. I want to get back the spirit of Y&R, which to me is topical, multi-leveled storytelling with extended scenes—none of this choppy-chop-chop-chop stuff—and stories that give the audience a real payoff.
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