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~General Hospital Spoilers & Discussion~; Monthof July
Topic Started: Jun 28 2016, 07:43 PM (302 Views)
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Spoilers for the week of July 4th

Mon Jul 4
Encore show, first aired May 26, 2016

Tue Jul 5
Tracy and Hayden's relationship becomes cold for the time being.
Finn gets an update on his life-saving medicine.
Maxie begins to like someone who interviews for a position at Crimson.

Wed Jul 6
Jason, Sam, Nikolas and Ava become trapped in a situation.
Alexis makes a daring move to try to reveal the truth.
Griffin has an uncomfortable talk with Maxie.

Thu Jul 7
Alexis believes that she is successful in avoiding Julian's suspicions.
Maxie and Nathan become worried about Claudette's real intentions for coming to Port Charles.
Curtis finds new employment.

Fri Jul 8
Kristina is on the verge of admitting herself to Aaron.
Julian desperately makes a bid for escape.
Laura and Kevin realize that there is more to Spencer's phone calls than they once thought.
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Spoilers for the week of July 11th

Another piece of the mystery of Helena’s legacy is brought to light by Kevin.

Liz and Franco delve into her history of always choosing the wrong man and his criminal history.

A wrecked Alexis is offered comfort by Sonny.

Jason and Sam get the upper hand.
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Spoilers for the week of July 11th

Mon July 11
Jason and Sam find themselves in a good position.
Ava finds some damning evidence against Nikolas and confronts him.
Spencer reveals the truth to Laura and Kevin.
Sabrina continues to be grateful to Michael.

Tue July 12
Anna is greatly affected by what Julian has to say.
Ava's thoughts about Nikolas are accurate.
A stranger appears on Cassadine Island.
Laura shares some good news with Lulu.
Tracy and Hayden offer to come to Finn's aid.

Wed July 13
Sonny comforts Alexis in her time of anguish.
Hayden realizes that there is someone who could help.
Liz tells Franco to stop meddling in her family's business.
Nina enlists Curtis.
Epiphany is worried about the latest scandal at the hospital.

Thu July 14
Maxie finds out some shocking information.
Liz and Franco dig each other's past up-- and learn about his criminal history and her checkered love life.
Carly learns of Nina's efforts to find Josslyn's kidney donor.

Fri July 15
Kevin reveals another part of Helena's mysterious legacy.
Sam and Jason believe that justice is imminent.
Nathan clarifies his intentions.
Maxie begins to suspect Claudette.
Morgan and Kiki's date becomes interrupted.
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Finola Hughes Takes Break From 'General Hospital'

Update on Finola Hughes taking some time off from GH this summer:
Anna will go to California to visit Robin, Patrick, and Emma.
Her last airdate before her break is announced to be Friday July 12th.
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Jul 7 2016, 12:52 PM
The 12th is a Tuesday, so do they mean next Tuesday or do they mean the 15?
Thanks. It's supposed to be Tuesday the 12th, sorry I didn't catch that.
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Spoilers for the week of July 18th

Mon Jul 18
Theo's actions are surprising to everyone around.
Lucas gets intense with Julian.
Hayden tries to use guilt to get her way with Naomi.

Tue Jul 19
Nina tries to get Curtis to stop his investigation into Claudette.
Alexis is given some shocking news.
Julian's condition begins to take a turn for the worse.

Wed Jul 20
Alexis is unexpectedly given a declaration of love.
Sabrina and Michael form a stronger bond.
Kristina takes time to visit Parker.

Thu Jul 21
Finn is reluctant to agree to the terms that Sonny lays out.
Carly works hard to find Josslyns kidney donor
Elizabeth turns down the gift from Franco.

Fri Jul 22
Ava works to form an alliance.
Lulu is horrified by the discovery she makes.
Sonny ends up having terrible timing.
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Spoilers for the week of July 25th

Mon Jul 25
A state of pandemonium erupts when someone fires shots.
Sonny and Kristina come together and have a heart to heart.
Naomi is astonished to hear a familiar name.

Tue Jul 26
Parker writes a letter to Kristina.
Josslyn makes a heartfelt plea to Carly's emotions.
Nina discovers Julian's plans and puts a stop to them.

Wed Jul 27
Sonny presents a gloomy image of the future to Julian.
Lulu comes to a realization about where she is in the world.
Maxie formulates a devious plan to bring Claudette humiliation.

Thu Jul 28
Sam and Jason stumble onto a dangerous revelation.
Nina sends congratulations to Maxie for a job well done.
Nathan offers to give Claudette a ride.

Fri Jul 29
Claudette's plan seems to working without a hitch.
Liz begins to have doubts about a promise made to Franco.
Amy receives a dreadful revelation.
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