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~The Young & The Restless Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of June
Topic Started: Jun 1 2016, 07:31 AM (702 Views)
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Y&R preview for the summer of 2016

• Genoa City will be rocked by an "epic affair". A familiar face returns and this character will be bringing a legacy link to town with him/her. All of this will cause various characters to launch into more romances and emotional tangles.
• Elizabeth Hendrickson returns fulltime as Chloe.
• Pratt says one family will undergo a shocking change that nobody -- nobody at all -- will see coming. There will be the birth of a new family. And there will be the return of another family.

• Victoria is caught between Travis, Billy, and disasters at Newman Enterprises. Someone unexpected gives Victoria a push she needs.
• Pratt refers to Billy as the "lifelong destiny love" of Victoria. Pratt hints that a family needs to find its way back together. Both Billy and Victoria have their heads spinning. Pratt also says that some loves have fires that continue burning and never go out.
• Affairs usually come with a price to pay. When the wrong person learns of Phyllis and Billy's connection, her marriage and their romance hang in the balance.

• How far will Hilary go? She gets closer to Jack. Will her naked ambition sabotage them?
• Ashley continues to keep an eye on Hilary. In the rivalry between Hilary and Ashley, Ashley holds strong. There will be some surprising twists in the drug company storyline.
• How much will Devon be able to take? Can he forget, can he forgive?
• Lily will do anything to get Hilary out of Devon's life.

• Cane goes back to his roots and finds himself in a seat of power. Lily loves her husband's new fire, and their love deepens. Cane may go too far when he is in the power seat.

• Nikki faces a tough decision: whether she should let Victor go once and for all.
• Victor feels isolated from his family and is determined to put his fractured family back together.
• Adam is aware that Victor is manipulating him. How will Adam react?
• Adam will have to make a terrible choice: Will he allow himself to be pulled down into Victor's level? Adam faces a pull back to his own dark side. Or will he choose happiness with Connor and Chelsea? He will have to make a choice that will alter his life forever.

• Luca, whose ambition is to be a Newman, realizes he's genuinely fallen for Summer. Is this a snag in his plan?

• Abby and Stitch deal with the emotions of yearning and regrets, while trying to make it work as a family with Max.

Kevin/Mariah/Natalie and Kevin/Dylan/Mystery
• Kevin seems to be hopelessly torn between the two women. He is also working hard to assist Dylan with a case. Suddenly, Kevin encounters a new mystery.
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Young and the Restless Rumor Alert: Is Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps OUT?

The social media rumor mill is abuzz with the speculation that a famed “Young and the Restless” Executive Producer is on her way out the door.

A blind item on Daytime Confidential about a showrunner on his or her way out got people speculating that the exec in question is Jill Farren Phelps. Big wigs have been making a case against her due to declining ratings and viewer discontent.

If the rumors are true, it seems there will be no love lost between Phelps and fans. In fact, viewers were so overjoyed Thursday night when the speculation hit Twitter that the hashtag #JFPisFiredParty started trending.

Phelps came to Y&R in 2012. Over the last four years, the 11-time Emmy winner has been involved in multiple actor departures, replaced the previous writing team, and made the controversial decision to bring in former show-running partner Charles Pratt Jr.

Fans have blamed the Phelps for the firing of fan favorite Michael Muhney (ex-Adam) and the shocking departures of much-loved actors like Billy Miller (ex-Billy) and Michelle Stafford (ex-Phyllis). Fans were also up in arms when actress Sage (Kelly Sullivan) was recently killed.

What would a Phelps’ exit mean for the future of the show? Earlier this year, CBS execs brought legendary British Producer Mal Young to the team. Young is known for his work on “EastEnders” and “Dr. Who” and is famous for presenting the first lesbian kiss on a daytime drama.
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Spoilers for the week of June 6th

Mon Jun 6
Billy is blindsided by Phyllis' latest move; Stitch and Abby are faced with a tough decision; Hilary keeps a secret from Devon.

Tue Jun 7
Victoria accuses Victor of sabotage; Dylan is suspicious of Sharon; Nick confronts Summer about her relationship with Luca.

Wed Jun 8
Adam sides with an enemy to save himself; Victoria makes amends with Travis; Michael gives Chelsea a reality check.

Thu Jun 9
Dylan and Paul make a shocking discovery; Summer surprises Luca; Nick and Phyllis join forces.

Fri Jun 10
Ashley is backed into a corner; Hilary gets Jack's attention; Billy wants Phyllis to come clean.
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Wow, thanks Bilki. I always wondered why the Bells were pushed out of their own family creation. The article is right on about the decline of Y&R, no matter how the numbers look. Good to know that JFP's reputation follows her, which makes no sense why they would turn around and give her the reins of the #1 soap, does it??
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Very well said and I agree! It would be very sad to see the end of daytime, but it's getting inevitable.
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Farren Phelps FIRED!!!

Last week rumors began that “Young and the Restless” Executive Producer Jill Phelps wasn’t long for the soaps. Since then, fans have been waiting to hear more. Was she really fired, or is this just speculation started to rile up the masses?

Early this morning Daytime Confidential reported that Phelps has indeed been let go as the soaps’ executive producer and that Sony Pictures Television is pleased with the decision. According to DC, CBS has not confirmed the news, but that Highlighted tweeted about the firing earlier Tuesday.

If this is true, what does this mean for the future of Y&R? While many fans are now rejoicing throughout social media, some cast members could be left shaken, especially those close to the showrunner. Hunter King (Summer), Robert Adamson (Noah), Steve Burton (Dylan), and Jason Thompson (Billy) are among the few who’ve worked with Phelps on and off for years and may be upset over the sudden change.

More importantly, Head Writer and Co-Executive Producer Charles Pratt Jr. was brought on during her tenure to be her right-hand man. Will CBS keep him around or get rid of him as well?
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Michael E. Knight, who plays Y&R’s quirky Dr. Simon Neville and gained soap superstardom as AMC’s Tad Martin, has been let go, reports TV Guide’s Michael Logan on Twitter. Knight debuted on October 5, 2015 for what was supposed to be a few-episode run, but wound up entrenched in story and eyed as a potential romantic partner for Eileen Davidson’s Ashley.. The decision to wrap up the actor’s run was reportedly made before Jill Farren Phelps was removed from her executive producer post. Posted Logan, “Three time Emmy winner Michael E. Knight out as Dr. Simon Neville after a few more eps. Decision made before EP switch.”
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Young and the Restless Spoilers: Phyllis Tells Jack EVERYTHING!

Billy wants Phyllis all for himself and according to “Young and the Restless spoilers,” he’s going to get his way very, very soon.

Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) fought hard to get back into Jack’s (Peter Bergman) arms, but last year’s kidnapping and Marco debacle seems to do too much damage. Her anger and thirst for revenge nearly ruined their marriage, but somehow they came together and made it through.

The couple struggled to find their rhythm and get to know each other again. They faced the worst crime and pulled each other through to the other side. Poor Jack thought they were getting closer, but in reality, Phyllis never truly returned to him.

Who would have guessed it would be Billy (Jason Thompson) who would cause the marriage to unravel?

Phyllis’s seemingly perfect marriage has taken a terrible turn. Not only has she slept with Billy, but she’s fallen head over heels in love. She’s packing up and leaving Jack for a life with his little brother!

The progression of her affair with Billy has taken her life to new highs and lows. The passion they share is beyond anything she has experienced before, but it comes laced with shame and guilt. Nothing about their relationship is pure and innocent.

However, she can’t fight the chemistry between them any longer, and she plans to put on her big girl panties and coming clean with Jack!

Sweet and loving Jack will hear everything that’s happened behind his back. With his suspicions verified, he’ll be forced to face the truth, and Jack may never be the same again!
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Young and the Restless Spoilers: Sage is Back!

Sage is back, and she’s out for revenge…well, sort of. New “Young and the Restless spoilers” reveal that she’ll hang around tormenting Sharon and making sure her “friend” knows just how displeased she is that Sharon hasn’t told the truth.

Sharon’s (Sharon Case) lying and scheming weighs heavily on her conscience as she feels the walls are closing in on her secret. The more Nick (Joshua Morrow) is around, the more terrifying she becomes that Sully’s real identity will come out. Perhaps that’s why she’s conjuring up Sage (Kelly Sullivan) in her subconscious to get her to spill the beans.

Sage’s dying wish was the Nick know Christian is alive. His pain from losing the baby has been overwhelming and Sage died believing Nick would never get over their son dying. Now, he’s lost his child and his wife, and the pain is unlike anything he’s ever felt.

To her credit, Sharon has at least kept the lines of communication between father and son open–even forcefully sometimes. She may be keeping Sully for herself, but she’s at least making sure Nick watches the child grow up.

Sage’s unexpected appearance has Sharon questioning all her actions. She knows the truth will come out one day and isn’t sure how much longer she can keep up this charade. But, is she ready to spill it all?

Sharon’s future looks bleak no matter what she does. Keeping the baby means living with the guilt, while telling all will mean losing everything she holds dear.

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Spoilers for the week of June 13th

Monday June 13 spoilers
Sharon awakens to see Sage's ghost glaring at her.
Phyllis calls out to Jack, who is going after Billy.
Lily tries to bring Hilary down through Ashley.

Tuesday June 14
Victoria wants to know about Travis' past.
Victoria sees a different side of Travis.
Victor feels cornered.
Chelsea has a theory about Ian.
Jack wonders why Phyllis' upset has to do with Billy.
Jack closes in on the truth about Phyllis.

Wednesday June 15
Victor initiates his plan.
Paul and Christine get unexpected information.
Chelsea insists Adam come clean.
Phyllis makes a difficult decision.

Thursday June 16
Chelsea makes a risky decision.
The evidence builds against Adam.
The plan to come between Luca and Summer goes awry.

Friday June 17
Dylan and Nick comfort Sharon.
Ashley warns Hilary away from Jack.
Ashley sticks up for her family.
Billy and Phyllis give in to temptation.
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Spoilers for the week of June 20th

Mon 6/20
Sharon's nightmares haunt her; Jack gets surprising news from Ashley; Phyllis' romantic trip gets interrupted.

Tue 6/21
Nick gets advice from an unexpected source; Billy talks to Phyllis; Devon sees Hilary differently.

Wed 6/22
Adam and Chelsea fret over the future; a crisis catches Victoria unawares; Victor's plan takes a risky turn.

Thu 6/23
Jack and Hilary bond; Nikki gets comfort from Paul; Summer wonders about Luca's loyalty.

Fri 6/24
Victor hatches a revenge scheme; Kevin makes a shocking discovery; Dylan brings damaging evidence to Adam.
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The Young and the Restless RUMOR: Charles Pratt Also Out?!?!

Two weeks ago, CBS confirmed the firing of “Young and the Restless” Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps. This shocking news led to a flurry of rumors that the show would also lose her proverbial “partner-in-crime”–Charles Pratt, Jr.

Now, rumor has it Pratt is on his way out as of September. This online fan gossip has is spreading like wildfire, claiming he’s only staying on during the transition to new EP Mal Young.

It’s unlike CBS to phase out major backstage players one at a time. Historically, Y&R tends to clean house in one full sweep. Also, the show confirmed Pratt would remain in his position during the press release announcing Phelps’s departure.

Pratt was hired as Y&R’s Executive Producer/Head Writer back in January 2015. In the last year and a half, the show has gone through significant changes. Pratt dialed the drama with plane crashes, fake identities, baby snatching, and the shocking death of a lead character.

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Spoilers for the week of June 27th

Mon June 27
Victor and Nick revisit their painful past.
Mariah resorts to extreme measures to protect Sharon.
Adam is given devastating news.

Tue June 28
Victoria puts Billy on notice.
Lily plays hardball with Hilary.
Kevin is pressured to find Victor's accomplice.

Wed June 29
Jack's romantic evening with Phyllis hits a roadblock.
Billy confronts Travis about his intentions towards Victoria.
Chelsea pulls out all the stops to protect Adam.

Thu June 30
Billy and Phyllis play with fire.
Ashley worries about her family.
Hilary suffers a setback.

Fri July 1
Sharon is backed into a corner.
Adam is blindsided at his trial.
Victor makes a shocking announcement.
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