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~Days of our Lives Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of April
Topic Started: Mar 25 2016, 09:33 PM (402 Views)
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Spoilers for Week of April 4th

Monday April 4:
Deimos gazes at a photo of a woman from his past (who looks just like Nicole).

Tuesday April 5:
Chase breaks into Jennifer’s house, continuing his downward spiral.

Wednesday April 6:
Maggie shares an emotional moment with Summer before her surgery.

Thursday April 7:
Abigail finally comes face to face with Ben.
Ciara and Theo kiss.

Friday April 8:
Lucas takes care of a drugged-up Jennifer when he stumbles upon her being out of sorts.
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Spoilers for Week of April 4th

Monday, April 4, 2016
Nicole and Caroline rush to Victor’s bedside.
Caroline has a new vision of Victor.
Summer fears Maggie may be paralyzed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016
Kayla meets Jade for the first time, and learns Joey told her everything about Ava.
Ciara confronts Chase before he’s taken away.
Kayla suggests to Steve that they go on the run to avoid his trial.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Kayla calls off the engagement
In an unexpected turn of events, charges are dropped against Steve.
Phillip has a heated confrontation with Deimos about Victor.
Deimos is fascinated to learn more about Nicole’s past.

Thursday, April 7, 2016
Steve broods over losing the love of his life.
Kayla confides in Roman about Steve.

Friday, April 8, 2016
Abigail prepares for her revenge on Ben Weston.
Nicole makes a shocking discovery about Deimos’ past.
Maggie and Summer open up to each other about their pasts.
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SOD: Nicole catches Deimos' Eye

Deimos sees a picture of Nicole and can't believe how much she looks like Helena. He believes that they may be related somehow. Deimos isn't surprised that Victor and Nicole were married because he believes that it was Victor's way of having Helena in his life (does he know that history of those two? )

Anyway, Deimos digs into Nicole's background because he so believes that Nicole and Helena are related. He sees her live and in person and can't keep his eyes off of her and this is kinda freaky to Nicole because she has no idea why he can't keep his eyes off her.
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SOD: Abigail and Ben Showdown!

Yep, it happens and it's REAL!

At first, Abby thinks that it's not real and she quickly realizes that Ben is indeed real and is in the room with just her and Thomas. She was really doubting herself due to Chad and JJ's lies as to where Ben was at first. She starts to lose doubt in herself and in the two men in her life. KM said, "They kept reinforcing that she was unstable, and that there was no way Ben could harm her. The saddest part for her about where this story goes is how tortured Abby has become by her own mind, and feeling her grip on reality slip between her fingers." At this point, the only person she feels she can trust is herself.

Abby stays focused because of Thomas. She was majorly scared but at the same time affirming that she indeed isn't losing her mind. She now knows that Ben is real.

During this confrontation, Abby is trying to figure out how to get the upper hand and to keep that. Ben glances at Thomas and she then decides to use herself. She seduces Ben to keep him away from her son. Her focus is to destroy Ben and to make sure that she and especially her son is safe. She's grateful for this time with Ben because she can end this nightmare once and for all.
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Spoilers for the Week of April 11th

Monday April 11:
Kayla learns from Fynn that she has a subdural hematoma.

Tuesday April 12:
Ben is in the hospital, burnt and bandaged.

Wednesday April 13:
Hope confides in Caroline that she is the one who shot and killed Stefano.

Thursday April 14:
Rafe declares his love for Hope.
Theresa and Brady’s date night out gets interrupted by Summer.

Friday April 15:
Eric says goodbye to Marlena, Roman, John, and Jennifer after being sentenced to five years in prison.
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Spoilers for the Week of April 11th

-Abigail’s mental stability is questioned.
-Chad covers for Abby aware of her role in Ben being set on fire.
-Rafe supports a disillusioned Roman.
-Nicole pays Deimos a visit with questions of her own.
-Philip tries to make amends with Victor.

Monday, April 11, 2016 .
Worried about Abby’s well-being, Chad reaches out to Marlena.
Steve and Kayla reminisce with romantic memories of their past (flashbacks).

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Marlena is depressed following Eric’s sentencing as John comforts her.
Eric and Jennifer make love following some poor choices.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Roman, Rafe, Hope, and Caroline suspect Deimos to be responsible for Maggie’s accident and Bo’s torture.
Rafe and Hope kiss for the first time;

Thursday, April 14, 2016
Chad addresses his concerns to Rafe about Ben.
Abigail suffers from intense flashbacks from setting Ben on fire.

Friday, April 15, 2016
Victor has new flashbacks of Helena’s death.
Brady and Theresa fight over Summer.
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Spoilers for the Week of April 18th

Monday April 18:
Andre calls Hope from jail, and warns her he’ll go after her and Rafe once he’s freed.

Tuesday April 19:
Deimos makes Kate an offer she can’t refuse.

Wednesday April 20:
Summer connects with Brady, still conflicted about Maggie.

Thursday April 21:
JJ is concerned about his mom’s addiction.

Friday April 22:
Fynn treats Kayla after she passes out, and warns her to take it easy.
Ciara, Claire, Theo, and Henry decorate Edge of the Square for tomorrow night’s prom.
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Pop TV ran this banner tonight during its airing of "Days of Our Lives", announcing it will no longer be airing "Days." "Days" is still listed on the schedule for this week and next week on Pop TV's website. No word yet on when its final airing on Pop TV will be. "Days" began its run on Pop TV on August 24, 2015.
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SOD: Rafe to Hope..."I Love You"

Rafe takes a huge risk and kisses Hope and she doesn't push him away. Rafe feels that his relationship with Hope extends beyond the Police Department. GG said that there's been "Sexual Tension" between the two of them. Rafe has had feelings for Hope for a while. GG said, "It's been a little dicey for me, because you have Hope, who is an iconic character that was part of an iconic couple. When Bo came back that changed things. There was also Hope's relationship with Aiden that the writers had invested time in. Rafe and Hope also had a lot of High-stakes scenes...". He made an effort to being Rafe's feelings out to the audience without losing the Police part of their relationship.

After this kiss, Rafe tells Hope that he loves her.

Let's see her reaction!
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BLIND ITEMS: Just How Many Soap Operas Are Doing Some Spring Cleaning?

For some time now, the suds rumor mill has been grinding out gossip about this soap or that one enduring budget cuts. At this point it would be easier to do a blind item about which sudser isn't cutting costs!

Three out of four daytime dramas are drawing up their purse strings, according to my moles. That doesn't mean every soap is pinching pennies in the same manner, mind you!

One soap is keeping sets standing for much longer than usual because the serial's executive producer went so over budget with big stakes Sweeps stories. Utilizing the same old (or like new) sets is one thing; trimming the cast is another.

This one bubble maker on another dial is seriously looking at cutting down the cast. I hear a popular duo — who respectively play the children of core characters — could be shown the door.

I know what you're thinking. Didn't Days of Our Lives just do that? Yep, they sure did. However, I'm talking about another soap! Apparently the show's writers can't think of anything to do with the twosome in question.

They're finding plenty to do with another pairing fans seem to love. Too bad the male half of the equation hates working with his female counterpart. This just might land one or both of these thespians on the chopping block. It doesn't help that this fictional couple's ties to the canvas are tenuous at best.

Another cost saver might be to gut the male half of yet another of this soap's most popular current couples. Fans will go ape poop if this guy is fired. Like seriously, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Twitter for at least two weeks. The thing is, the dude's boss simply cannot stand him.

Speaking of chopping blocks, I hear a case is being made to oust one teflon showrunner. Hmm, I wonder who'll be better at playing the daytime version of Game of Thrones this time?
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Spoilers For the Week of April 25th

Monday, April 25
Theo tells Ciara they will have a magical prom.
Abe talks to Hope about Theo and Ciara.
Rafe learns Deimos invested in a company linked to Dr. Malcolm.
Rafe surprises Hope with an '80s-themed evening.
Marlena discusses Eric with Belle.

Tuesday, April 26
Jade and Joey move their relationship forward.
Steve is unhappy to see a warm moment between Fynn and Kayla.
Rafe and Hope heat things up.
Abigail has a bad dream about Ben.

Wednesday, April 27
Ciara, Theo, Claire, Henry, Jade and Joey go to prom.
Hope withdraws from Rafe.
Kate and Deimos honor their partnership.
Victor and Nicole finalize their plan to take Deimos down.

Thursday, April 28
Ciara, Claire and Joey face vandalism accusations.
Hope receives another call warning her about Deimos.
Victor makes Deimos feel guilty about Helena's death.
Belle turns to Philip for solace, while Lani draws Shawn to a sleazy hotel.

Friday, April 29
Abe tells Theo to keep away from Ciara.
Ciara wants to quit school.
Claire discovers her prom song is a hit online.
Belle's suggestion of getting married in Las Vegas catches Philip off guard.

Steve sees red when he witnesses a close moment between Fynn and Kayla.
Theo and Abe clash over his interest in Ciara.
Rafe and Hope’s relationship is moving quickly – maybe a little too quickly for Hope. Will she have Rafe feeling blue in more ways than one?
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SOD Confirmed Freddie Smith Is Back!

Soap Opera Digest is confirming the news that Freddie Smith is returning to Days of our Lives as Sonny Kiriakis.

Smith tells Digest, "I am beyond excited to be returning home to Salem. Sonny is back, and it's going to be amazing!"

The actor will first air in July. As of now, there isn't any word on his story or how long he will be sticking around Salem.

More news as it develops.
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