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~General Hospital Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of April
Topic Started: Mar 25 2016, 09:30 PM (553 Views)
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Spoilers for the week of April 4th

A single phone call determines Nina’s fate.

On behalf of her daughter Alexis takes matters into her own hands.

Anna pulls a fast one on Paul when she takes control.

Nikolas is informed by Hayden that she knows what he did.
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Spoilers for the week of April 4th

Mon Apr 4
Sam and Jason follow a theory behind Hayden's shooting.
Curtis offers to help Nikolas.
Nina receives some serious news.

Tue Apr 5
Jason and Sam are shocked by Nikolas.
Paul is tricked by Anna.
Dante considers calling in the FBI.

Wed Apr 6
Nikolas is cornered by Curtis
Something disturbing is left for Ava at her home.
Alexis' actions shock Kristina.

Thu Apr 7
Sam and Jason contemplate the direction of their relationship.
Paul is stopped in his tracks by Anna.
Ava makes Julian angry.

Fri Apr 8
Anna begins to take charge.
Tracy shows a softer side of herself.
Sonny begins a mission.
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Spoilers for the week of April 11th

Mon Apr 11
Anna suspects that Paul is scheming something.
Jason and Sam make an offer to Nikolas that he won't be able to refuse.
Maxie searches the internet for information.

Tue Apr 12
Carlos comes face-to-face with Sonny.
Nikolas feels forced into action.
Valerie begins to rethink her feelings towards Curtis.

Wed Apr 13
Paul thinks Anna has lost her mind.
Andre and Jordan begin to feel tension between themselves because of their jobs.
Ava is taken aback by Kiki's announcement.

Thu Apr 14
Jason informs the Quartermaines about the happenings at ELQ.
Laura's search for answers in regards to her inheritance from Helena leads her in an interesting direction.

Fri Apr 15
Jordan and Paul contemplate Anna's fate.
Julian reveals his secrets to Ava.
Nina shares advice with Nathan that leads to an unexpected reaction.

With art therapy, Franco and Kiki work through their problems.
A new understanding comes for Carly and Finn.
Their hypocrisy is called out on Sonny and Anna.
Things begin to heal for Lulu and Dante after a rocking several months.
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Great article on Jane, thanks jbrr!
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Spoilers for the week of April 18th

Mon Apr 18
Julian has a plan that involves the help of his wife.
Anna and Paul reach their day of reckoning.
Kristina opens up to Sam.

Tue Apr 19
Sonny threatens Julian.
Paul's confession to Anna horrifies her.
Nina finds herself in a bad state.

Wed Apr 20
Sam has a nightmare that stays with her.
Michael and Felix help each other to find Sabrina.
Laura finds out more about Helena's message from beyond the grave.

Thu Apr 21
Ned begins to wonder if Tracy has really changed.
Andre is brought in to give a psych evaluation of an inmate.
Sonny gives Alexis a warning about her involvement with Julian.

Fri Apr 22
Scott has an interesting idea about how to represent Anna best.
Michael gets a clue about Sabrina's location.
Franco attempts to make amends with Nina, which goes very wrong.
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GH Rumors & Spoilers: A New Man For Laura?

Is Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) finally about to get her back broken on General Hospital? I'm hearing Port Charles, New York's most beloved citizen is about to embark on a surprising romance.

Who's the lucky suitor? Can't say. However, I will tease you with this... he's a doctor and he's the ex-hubby of another beloved veteran character. Those are the only clues you're getting!

Oh, and yeah, yeah, yeah, Laura's still on this little treasure hunt Bad Dead Granny Helena (Constance Towers) sent her on. Now for some more GH rumors and spoilers!

The Fight For ELQ: Armed with the knowledge of Prince Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) being responsible for Hayden (Rebecca Budig) catching a bullet to the dome, Jason (Billy Miller) attempts to blackmail his ex-brother-in-law into selling him ELQ.

Jason isn't the only one interested in becoming a captain of industry. Hayden and a worm-free Tracy (Jane Elliot) also wants those shares.

Since we're talking Hayden, I hear Miss Thang's real identity might not be as clear cut as we've been led to believe. Could Rachel Berlin have relatives living in Port Chuck?

Jason/Sam/Finn: On the romantic front, JaSam continues to bask in reunion glow, but you knew this show couldn't resist seeing if Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco still have their old magic! Watch for Sam and Dr. Hamilton Finn to be chem-tested at some point in the near future. Speaking of Finn, what is this dude injecting himself with?

Liz/Franco/Nina: As for Jason's ex, don't be surprised if Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Franco's (Roger Howarth) friendship starts to deepen — much to a barren Nina's (Michelle Stafford) dismay.

Anna/Sonny: Lady Law and the Dimpled Mobster make one helluva team! After their little caper ends, watch for Anna (Finola Hughes) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) to see one another in a new light.

Not that Anna will have a lot of time for new pals. She will have to answer for her crimes related to one Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) starting next week.

Julian/Alexis/Ava: Every time Julian (William deVry) gets out, the Jerome crime family pulls him back in! Will getting back in "The Business" to save his sister's bacon cost Julian his relationship with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn)? Not if Alexis is aware and on board with her hubby's machinations...

Maxie/Nathan/Claudette: The thought of Nathan's (Ryan Paevey) mysterious ex-flame will continue to drive Maxie (Kirsten Storms) batty. How far will the fashion editor go to get the scoop on the former Mrs. Reeves?

Michael/Sabrina: Young Mr. Corinthos (Chad Duell) is determined to bring Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) and her baby home to Port Charles.
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BLIND ITEMS: Just How Many Soap Operas Are Doing Some Spring Cleaning?

For some time now, the suds rumor mill has been grinding out gossip about this soap or that one enduring budget cuts. At this point it would be easier to do a blind item about which sudser isn't cutting costs!

Three out of four daytime dramas are drawing up their purse strings, according to my moles. That doesn't mean every soap is pinching pennies in the same manner, mind you!

One soap is keeping sets standing for much longer than usual because the serial's executive producer went so over budget with big stakes Sweeps stories. Utilizing the same old (or like new) sets is one thing; trimming the cast is another.

This one bubble maker on another dial is seriously looking at cutting down the cast. I hear a popular duo — who respectively play the children of core characters — could be shown the door.

I know what you're thinking. Didn't Days of Our Lives just do that? Yep, they sure did. However, I'm talking about another soap! Apparently the show's writers can't think of anything to do with the twosome in question.

They're finding plenty to do with another pairing fans seem to love. Too bad the male half of the equation hates working with his female counterpart. This just might land one or both of these thespians on the chopping block. It doesn't help that this fictional couple's ties to the canvas are tenuous at best.

Another cost saver might be to gut the male half of yet another of this soap's most popular current couples. Fans will go ape poop if this guy is fired. Like seriously, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Twitter for at least two weeks. The thing is, the dude's boss simply cannot stand him.

Speaking of chopping blocks, I hear a case is being made to oust one teflon showrunner. Hmm, I wonder who'll be better at playing the daytime version of Game of Thrones this time?
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Spoilers for the week of April 25th

Mon Apr 25
A surprising witness comes forth with a testimony.
Franco unintentionally interferes and sets Jason off.
Nina and Julian start to feel the beginning of a connection.

Tue Apr 26
Dillon tries his best to befriend a recovering Kiki.
Obrecht encourages Franco to indulge in his dark side.
Sam tells Jason about his history with a certain person.

Wed Apr 27
Alexis' trust is betrayed by Julian.
Kristina thinks that she is ready to take Sam's advice.
Hayden's day begins badly and ends up only getting worse.

Thu Apr 28
Sonny begins to worry about Michael.
Sam and Jason discover something very disturbing.
Maxie thinks that she should seek help from Sam.

Fri Apr 29
Jason begins to question Sonny's motives.
Andre defends Anna's actions.
Lucas develops a plan.

Carlos' case takes an unexpected turn.
Nina jumps to the wrong conclusion.
Jason worries about his violent nature.
Brad and Lucas discuss plans for their nuptials.
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