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~The Young & The Restless Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of March
Topic Started: Mar 3 2016, 08:51 AM (671 Views)
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Eric Braeden on the current story and his personal views

Eric Braeden interviewed by Michael Logan
(on Victor's downfall, etc)


--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Quoting one snippet from the interview:

Eric Braeden: As far as I'm concerned, Victor should dismiss Nikki. It's over. Done! Are you kidding me? She is persona non grata. I would never tolerate a wife who spoke out against me, and neither should he. The same with his children. He should disown them. Bingo! Bye! This is where the writers and I have had disagreements. They have their agenda. But I remember Victor's history. When I see a script where Victor starts to soften with someone who has done him wrong, I say, "Bulls--t! I won't act this!"
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Spoilers for week of March 7th

Mon 3/7
Victor makes dangerous deal; Max creates issues for Stitch and Abby; Sage and Shawn's relationship disturbs Nick.

Tue 3/8
Neil talks to Devon about Hilary; Summer reveals a perilous secret; Jack demands truth from Billy and Phyllis.

Wed 3/9
Victoria and Phyllis fight; Michael opens up to Lauren; Nikki takes a stand.

Thu 3/10
Chelsea worries Adam is stuck in the past; Ashley becomes impatient with Simon; the Newmans come together to discuss the fate of the company.

Fri 3/11
Victor deals with a setback; Michael takes a risk; Victoria maintains boundaries with Billy.

• Ashley wants to live a full vibrant life. But all the tests, treatments and monitoring don't really feel like "living". Plus she feels terrible, as if she's dying. Ashley would rather just die than live a non-life of constant pain and treatments.
• Simon pushes Ashley to allow an MRI so he can assess her condition. But Ashley is pondering stopping treatment altogether. Simon disagrees on both a scientific and an emotional level.
• Chuck Pratt warns that Ashley's condition will get worse, personally and professionally.
• Devon observes Hilary's conduct and is a bit surprised at what he thinks is a new aspect of her personality (he's fairly unfamiliar with what she was like professionally before they got involved). But he is okay with what he has seen or knows about, so far. Devon is fine that Hilary is ambitious; but he would want her tactics to be ethical.
• Devon is unaware that Hilary blackmailed Ashley into stepping down from her job. But Devon senses there's something else at play between Ashley and Hilary besides a business disagreement.
• Neil warns Devon about Hilary being as ruthless as a mini-Victor. However, Devon sticks up for his wife.
Victoria is unhappy to find out that Billy and Phyllis now have PassKey. Victor is unhappy because he thinks Victoria was part of the conspiracy. Victoria is hurt by Victor's accusation, plus now she's suspicious Billy's been up to no good all along.
• Summer blabs to Victoria about Natalie's longstanding relationship with Billy; and this makes it clear to Victoria that Billy has been misleading Victoria. Again.
• Victoria confronts Billy and is faced with a hard choice.
• Phyllis asks Michael to botch Victor's case. Jack thinks it's a bad idea. Phyllis points out that Christine is not a winner.
• Pratt implies this is going to blow up in Phyl's face, and viewers will be "shocked as Victor goes on trial" and also, there are surprises to come.
• There is an announcement about Jabot's new computer security program. Jack realizes that Phyllis and Billy have been in cahoots all this time. Phyllis justifies it all in the name of taking back her life from Victor.
• Nick is hesitant about moving forward with the adoption because he thinks that Shawn will decide not to give them the baby -- and Nick doesn't want to see Sage's heart broken by that. Sage picks up on Nick's hesitation and wonders if he doesn't want to adopt. But he does want to adopt - he is just worried about Sage. Nick also worries about Sage's feelings about Christian; but he will feel better if he can see that Sage isn't trying to get a replacement for Christian.
• Shawn invites Nick and Sage to dinner.
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Thanks 2buddy!

A few eps behind but this show is still boring! I seriously dont need to see Victor somehow get away with his latest series of crimes AGAIN...and we all know he will.

I dont care about Nick/Sage trying to get a kid. Who cares when we know they'll get Sully/Christian back eventually.

Billy/Victoria round 234,456,566 not interested.

I do enjoy the Billy/Phyllis scenes but I knew I would.

I dont really like Marissa but I have decided recently that she reminds me alot of a young Vanessa Marcil both in looks (though not quite as pretty) and her acting. I'm slowly warming up to her i think.

I've liked Nikki getting a little backbone finally. Not that it will last.

Adam/Chelsea are annoying me. So are Devon/Hillary.

I wouldn't mind more of the Ashley/Simon stuff but even that isnt great its just better than the rest of this crapfest.

I'm pretty close to taking another Y&R break....
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According to Deadline, Pernas received her walking papers on Monday with Y&R execs citing budgetary reasons for not keeping her on. It seems her romance with Noah (Robert Adamson) will fizzle out before it even had a chance to sizzle?

Pernas wasted no time finding another role. Within hours of losing her her contract, she won the role of Amrita Acharia in the CW pilot Transylvania.
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It figures, just as I was starting to warm up to her...oh well. Not a huge loss but I wonder where they are going with Noah now? He's pretty much related to all the other age appropriate girls.
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Spoilers for week of March 21st

Mon 3/21
Victoria surprises Billy; Hilary issues Ashley a challenge; someone uncovers a dangerous secret.
Luca scores points with Summer.

Tue 3/22
Jack opens up to Neil; Sage doubts Shawn's motives; Victoria tries to reconcile with Victor.

Wed 3/23
Victor forces Adam to make a decision; Michael opens up to Phyllis; Dylan talks to Sharon.

Thu 3/24
The start of Victor's trial draws the residents of Genoa City.

Fri 3/25
Phyllis criticizes Victor; Christine and Michael butt heads; Nikki testifies.
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Hot on the heels of the news that Y&R's Sofia Pernas (Marisa) has been taken off contract and Lachlan Buchanan (Kyle) has been let go, comes word from Daytime Confidential that Robert Adamson (Noah) has been placed on recurring status. Adamson started playing Nick and Sharon's firstborn in 2012.
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Well I guess that answers the question of what they are going to do with Noah...nothing lol.
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The nominees for the 43rd Daytime Emmy Awards have been announced, and here’s who made the cut:

Lead Actress:
Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren, Y&R),
Kassie DePaiva (ex-Eve, DAYS),
Mary Beth Evans (Kayla, DAYS),
Finola Hughes (Anna, GH)
and Maura West (Ava, GH);

Lead Actor:
Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH),
Anthony Geary (Luke, GH),
Justin Hartley (Adam, Y&R),
Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R)
and Kristoff St. John (Neil, Y&R);

Supporting Actress:
Lauralee Bell (Christine, Y&R),
Jessica Collins (ex-Avery, Y&R),
Linsey Godfrey (Caroline, B&B),
Peggy McCay (Caroline, DAYS)
and Melissa Reeves (Jennifer, DAYS);

Supporting Actor:
Sean Blakemore (ex-Shawn, GH),
Steve Burton (Dylan, Y&R),
Bryton James (Devon, Y&R),
Jacob Young (Rick, B&B)
and Dominic Zamprogna (Dante, GH);

Younger Actress:
Reign Edwards (Nicole, B&B),
Hunter King (Summer, Y&R),
True O’Brien (ex-Paige, DAYS),
Ashlyn Pearce (ex-Aly, B&B)
and Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma, GH);

Younger Actor:
Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer, GH),
Bryan Craig (Morgan, GH),
Max Ehrich (Fen, Y&R),
Pierson Fodé (Thomas, B&B)
and Tequan Richmond (TJ, GH).

All four shows were nominated for Drama Series. Congratulations to all of the nominees! The show will take place on May 1
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Spoilers for week of March 28th

Mon 3/28
Victor shocks the courtroom.
Jack comes to Phyllis's defense.
Nikki falls off the wagon.

Tue 3/29
Adam is forced to face his demons.
Billy comforts Phyllis.
Victor gets ready to meet his fate.

Wed 3/30
The verdict for Victor Newman is handed down.

Thu 3/31
Billy's power move.
Kevin and Natalie bond.
Nick and Sage hear unexpected news.

Fri 4/1
Sharon's shocking revelation.
Tension at a press conference proves too much for Victoria.
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