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~General Hospital Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of March
Topic Started: Mar 3 2016, 08:44 AM (471 Views)
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Spoilers for week of March 7th

Monday March 7
Griffin is baffled by Tracy's test results.

Tuesday March 8
Sam makes progress in the Hayden investigation.
Nik takes a hard look at his marriage.

Wednesday March 9
Griffin is stalking a popular Port Charles resident.
Tracy thinks about her mortality.

Thursday March 10
Laura prepares herself to face whatever Helena's will might reveal.

Friday March 11
The reading of Helena's will is presented in an unusual fashion.
Nathan spills his secret to Dante about the woman named "Claudette".

• After all the recent chaos and drama, Carly and Sonny examine their relationship.
• Anna learns Andre's thoughts on Griffin; and then she begins researching online.
• Jason has a flash of memory from the time when he was Jason Quartermaine.
• Alexis, Sam, Nikolas, Laura, Lulu, and Elizabeth are perplexed by what Helena has left behind as "gifts".

Sam makes contact with Baxter Corbin.
Curtis agrees to keep quiet about Jordan if she returns the courtesy.
Griffin keeps a close eye on Anna.
Jason remembers a special moment with Lila.
Helena's will holds several surprises.
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Spoilers for week of March 7th

Monday, March 7
• Sonny and Carly dissect their relationship.
• Dante and Lulu have a heart-to-heart.
• Sam has pointed questions for an evasive Baxter Corbin.
• Hayden weaves a tale for Nikolas about her father's past.
• Dr. Mayes, Griffin and Monica weigh in on Tracy's symptoms.

Tuesday, March 8
• Hayden worries that her past is catching up with her.
• Sam's attempt to follow a lead regarding Baxter has puzzling results.
• Curtis promises not to reveal Jordan's secrets, if she doesn't reveal his.
• Paul assures Anna he has a plan that will benefit them both.
• Lulu and Dante make a decision about their future.

Wednesday, March 9
• Jason is shocked by Carly's confession about the life he once lived.
• Anna shares evidence with Sonny that Carlos is alive and on the move with Sabrina.
• Dillon realizes Tracy is more ill than she has let on.
• Griffin admits he's been spying on Anna.

Thursday, March 10
• Jason has a memory flash of his past as a Quartermaine.
• Laura is anxious about the reading of Helena's will.
• Michael is certain there's more to Sabrina's story than meets the eye.
• Brad is willing to bend the rules to help Griffin.

Friday, March 11
• Nikolas, Sam, Laura, Alexis, Liz and Lulu are bewildered by Helena's parting "gifts".
• Anna realizes who Griffin is and why he's been following her.
• Jordan is twigged by Andre's closeness to another woman.
• Nathan tells Dante the truth about "Claudette".
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Spoilers for week of March 14th

Valerie resents Dante's concern for her.
Sonny wants to know what is going on with Kristina.
Ava receives a chilling message.
Julian's plans backfire.
Will Tracy's lab results yield answers or raise more questions?

Monday March 14
Griffin is eager to learn more about one of the residents of Port Charles.
Dante fills Valerie in on his progress with Lulu.
Julian continues to plot for Crimson's failure.
Laura fears that the other shoe is about to drop.

Tuesday March 15
Sonny and Alexis get a lead on Kristina's college secret.
Epiphany issues Liz a strong warning.
Maxie and Dillon's worst fear comes to fruition.
Alexis relies on Olivia's Crimson cover to help win her case.

Wednesday March 16
Ava receives an unsettling gift.
Franco stands firm on his beliefs, even after Liesl makes a case.

Thursday March 17
Mayor Lomax demands that Olivia and Alexis drop their lawsuit.
Sonny comes up with a plan in keeping Avery.
Kristina opens up to Molly.

Friday March 18
Monica tracks down information in hopes of helping Tracy.
Carly's actions affect the breastfeeding case.
Curtis and Valerie find themselves in the Winner's circle.
Nina puts Curtis to work.
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Rebecca Herbst interview (TV insider); Contract Negotiations, Jakeson story

Rebecca Herbst interview with Michael Logan of TVinsider

She discusses the contract negotiations process.
No specifics of the terms being negotiated.
But she does tell the emotions she went through and everything she could say without discussing the terms. She says it was down to the last two days before her current contract was to expire. Some stuff about offers from other soaps without naming any of them. Comments about Valentini. Some thanks for fan support.

Also a brief comment on the Jakeson storyline; and a vague hint about whatever storyline is coming up.

Short interview, but quite a bit of info in it.
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Little Jake actor James Nigbor has left, apparently to be recast

The youngster’s mother, Karoyln, shared the news on Nigbor's official Twitter page earlier today, posting a collage of her son throughout the years he'd appeared on the soap. (Nigbor and his twin, Edward, shared the role as wee ones, but when Jake was found to be alive last year, it was only James who resumed the role.)
At this time, GH has not confirmed Nigbor's exit, or announced the name of his successor.
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Yes, definitely a missed opportunity. Helena's will should have been the start of a great story...but. They really need some fresh blood in the writing department. The only thing I am enjoying right now is Anna and the cute doctor that's Duke's son. It's nice to see her smile again!
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After protracted negotiations, GH vet Rebecca Herbst has signed a new contract to continue playing Liz.
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Spoilers for the week of March 21st

Monday (March 21)
Carly's actions tip the scale in the breastfeeding debate case.
Monica tracks down information in hopes of helping Tracy.
Michael Easton's first airdate in his new role as a new character who is a doctor.

Tuesday (March 22)
Tracy receives encouraging news about her condition.
Liz believes that she may have a way to unlock Jake's memory.
Sam and Jason opt for a fresh start in an unusual way.
Spinelli uncovers a lead about Hayden's true identity.
Nina continues her quest to start a family.

Wednesday (March 23)
Liz's investigation of Hayden turns up some shocking results.
Anna's conversation with Griffin leaves her wondering about his intentions.
Laura learns the origin of the key that Helena left her.

Thursday (March 24)
Laura and Lulu unearth some mysterious clues that lead to Scott.
Sonny and Griffin bond over a shared connection.
Paul makes a move to cover his tracks.
Kristina struggles with her feelings over Parker.
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The nominees for the 43rd Daytime Emmy Awards have been announced, and here’s who made the cut:

Lead Actress:
Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren, Y&R),
Kassie DePaiva (ex-Eve, DAYS),
Mary Beth Evans (Kayla, DAYS),
Finola Hughes (Anna, GH)
and Maura West (Ava, GH);

Lead Actor:
Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH),
Anthony Geary (Luke, GH),
Justin Hartley (Adam, Y&R),
Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R)
and Kristoff St. John (Neil, Y&R);

Supporting Actress:
Lauralee Bell (Christine, Y&R),
Jessica Collins (ex-Avery, Y&R),
Linsey Godfrey (Caroline, B&B),
Peggy McCay (Caroline, DAYS)
and Melissa Reeves (Jennifer, DAYS);

Supporting Actor:
Sean Blakemore (ex-Shawn, GH),
Steve Burton (Dylan, Y&R),
Bryton James (Devon, Y&R),
Jacob Young (Rick, B&B)
and Dominic Zamprogna (Dante, GH);

Younger Actress:
Reign Edwards (Nicole, B&B),
Hunter King (Summer, Y&R),
True O’Brien (ex-Paige, DAYS),
Ashlyn Pearce (ex-Aly, B&B)
and Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma, GH);

Younger Actor:
Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer, GH),
Bryan Craig (Morgan, GH),
Max Ehrich (Fen, Y&R),
Pierson Fodé (Thomas, B&B)
and Tequan Richmond (TJ, GH).

All four shows were nominated for Drama Series. Congratulations to all of the nominees! The show will take place on May 1
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Mar 24 2016, 10:01 PM
I wonder if Geary is dusting off that spot on his mantle for Emmy #9 yet....Nobody else even has a shot. The 3 Y&R guys were all good but didnt have the material/writing that Geary had in the end. I will be SHOCKED if its not him, though I really do like Hartley and what hes done with Adam.
It's gotta be him, no one else even comes close.
I'm looking forward to the lead actress category, both Kassie and Mary Beth did a great job!
I hate that the emmys won't be televised this year, there really is no excuse for the industry to not have the money to put them on.
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Spoilers for the week of March 28th

Mon Mar 28
Hayden and Liz have a disagreement.
Nikolas explains things to Sam.
Tracy develops a plan for ELQ.
Ava looks for help from a strange source.
Laura needs Scott's help to solve the clues Helena left.
Obrecht is tested by another doctor.

Tue Mar 29
Anna sends accusations around that turn out to be untrue.
Ava tells Scott that she has no one to turn to.
Jason and Dillon are shocked by Hayden's true identity.
Tracy receives a surprise that leads to a moment of vulnerability.

Wed Mar 30
Julian is interested by an offer received.
Kiki has an idea to help Morgan out of his depression.
Kristina begins to open up to Alexis.
Scott and Ava's arrangements start off a bit rocky.

Thu Mar 31
Kiki has a PTSD reaction that affects Morgan unexpectedly.
Julian eases Ava's mind.
Griffin's DNA results are revealed.
Sonny's contact bugs someone's phone.

Fri Apr 1
Jason and Sam form a plan to find the truth behind Hayden's shooting.
Nikolas begins to focus on Hayden's betrayal.
Julian shares some advice with Alexis.
Nina hires a guest columnist at Crimson.
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