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The Magicians; Season 1
Topic Started: Feb 2 2016, 01:47 PM (318 Views)
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I think that's it. But I have a lot to say soon.

In general, I can't decide it I should take notes when I watch my favorite shows, since that's what i used to do analyzing Survivor and Buffy (on rewatch) or just relax and watch and post randomly when a thought crosses my mind.

I can't tell you how often I think, "Damn I meant to say blah blah in that thread...." Yet, I do know the 'TV Critic" style of watching initially really does put a distance between the viewer and the material.

Maybe I should get into this 'live-tweet-while-watching' that some people are doing? In that case, a cell phone would be better than a laptop.

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That would be fun!
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I watched 1&2 last week so I’m gonna just list stuff as I remember related to all three episodes……

• I wonder how much of this will play as urban fantasy (where the real world mixes in) VS traditional fantasy. (I count HP as traditional, muggles nothwithstanding).

• I’m not familiar with the books, billed as Harry Potter for adults. PTV review said something like: Mix HP and Narnia, make the kids twenty somethings so they can have sex and get drunk, and presto…. :D

• Having a hard time sorting out the dark haired fems.

• Character roundup:
-Quentin is sorta cute, in a post-grunge sad sack way. I appreciated the theme he and his bff girl represent – feeling there’s something missing in life, some path undiscovered, and how that might be a difficult life challenge.
-Alice still seems aloof and unfocused to me.
-I know four female Pennies. I have never met a male Penny. It’s driving me cray-cray. BUT I like the actor and the talents he shows. He reminds me of a young Jason Momoa.
-I don’t know if I’m supposed to feel any sympathy for Julia but I do not at all. The whole meat locker scene and denouement was a fail for me.
-My favorite character so far is Elliot, in all his Brideshead revisited circa Oxford charm.The moth monster was creepy. Very scary scene.

• Very intrigued with Fillory, the alt worlds possibilities. Love that the books are a central focus.

• This show is having trouble with tone, imo. It veers too abruptly from farce and snark to dark dramatic moment. That tonal variety is what made Buffy awesome, so I hope they keep the range but get the flow down better.

• A major flaw in my mind is the lack of a clear, objective morality. Most good fantasy plays that pretty straight. Gray areas are limited and clearly defined. Instead, we have the Dean claiming Brakebills is there to unlock your potential, and not so worried if you then use it to take over the world. Yet, somehow, the Mothman is a bad guy. That’s disingenuous.

• Better is the question of whether the hedge witches are justified in engaging in magic without oversight/training.

• Some serious missteps that made me think of dropping out right then…
-Quentin is already The Chosen One…
-Mindwiping the students who fail. I hate mindwiping. Still hate what Who did to Donna. Hoping Chibnall fixes that somehow.
-Julia’s fake rape to ‘activate’ her powers
-The badly handled conflicts with Quentin and Penny, and their roles as the guilty MothMonster inviters. (I understand the pilot globbed thru tons of the first book, so some stuff was being rushed?)

• I’m a little confused about how the school actually functions. There’s a Dean, and the blond woman, and some other adults…..

• Alice needs to get some perspective and a little humility. She’s almost killed several people now.

I feel like I’m forgetting quite a few things that resonated and made me laugh and smile. Generally, I enjoyed all three episodes enough to commit for the season.
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Did anyone stick with this?

Boy it got dark. I have some minor quibbles (easily resolved by repeating firmly, "Fillory is NOT Narnia.") but overall, another excellent SyFy offering. This is almost Game-of-Thrones level dark. Yet, the mix of whimsy and weird is different, and the homage to tropes is balanced well with the creative originality. Some uneven tone and plotting, but thast';s more than made up by the characters and the story arc.

I really care about these characters, even whiny Quentin and selfish and annoying Julia. And I <3 Penny and Elliot a whole bunch.

Book One ready to read.

Gate you should watch this.
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