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~General Hospital Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of February
Topic Started: Jan 29 2016, 08:31 PM (485 Views)
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Sweeps Sneak Peek

If you thought January saw some surprise action in Port Charles, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Get ready for a February to remember as “General Hospital” pulls out all the stops for its highly-anticipated GH Wild Winter sweeps.

According to the February 8 issue of Soap Opera Digest, you can expect quite a few surprises in the month to come.

Jasam fans rejoice because falling in love all over again definitely looks like the name of the game. After the dangerous insanity at Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) house and dealing with Little Jake, Jason (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) grow closer as they accept each other for who they are now. Three years can change a lot, especially when you have a new face and choppy memories (for now) to go with it. Meanwhile, Liz finally has an emotional reckoning and needs to face the fact that she did wrong by everyone, especially her son.

Sam’s parents also see their own happy ending (for the moment) when the wedding of the GH year actually results in ‘I Do’s’ for Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Julian (William deVry). Of course, expect some typical drama and fireworks as it is sweeps month after all.

Morgan (Bryan Craig) may finally learn a lesson about the importance of taking his meds when he cycles through yet another manic episode. As Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) deal with their son’s problems, they have to make a difficult decision for him as he is in no shape to make one for himself.

If you’ve loved the renewed crime-fighting partnership between Robert (Tristan Rogers) and Anna (Finola Hughes), you’re in luck because there’s more. While Robert zeroes in on Carlos and Sabrina (who we assume will be off screen as Teresa Castillo enjoys her maternity leave), Anna learns a secret about Paul that can change her entire outlook.

The Port Charles arms race comes to a head with Sonny in deeper than he ever wanted. However, he is determined to bring Ava (Maura West) down and keep Avery safe. What he doesn’t count on is a gun battle that can cost lives.

Expect Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) to enjoy some Valentine’s Day romance courtesy of Maxie and Nathan. While things look like they’re going well, Lulu does something that puts them at risk once again.

Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) and Hayden (Rebecca Budig) may be engaged, but that doesn’t mean either completely trusts the other. He still has no idea she realizes he tried to have her killed, but he does eventually discover she may not be who she seems.
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Shocker: Soap Vet Ashley Jones as “Professor Parker”

Who would have guessed that the professor Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) allegedly propositioned on General Hospital is a woman?

In a surprising turn of events, Kristina opened the door to depart Port Charles Friday and found Professor Parker standing right there–played by Bold and the Beautiful veteran Ashley Jones (ex-Bridget).

According to Jones, it was hard to keep her role under wraps.
“They were so secretive about it that I’ve been scared to tell anyone,” Parker told Soap Opera Digest. “They made it very clear that [Parker’s gender] was a reveal and they didn’t want me to give it away.”

What made the scene even more fascinating was that it came off a conversation Kristina just had with Alexis in which her mother kept insisting she’d find a nice young man one day. Kristina seemed uncomfortable with the conversation and leads many to wonder if GH really is heading towards a same-sex romance for Alexis and Sonny’s daughter.
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Spoilers for week of Feb 1st

Jake's actions result in serious repercussions for several.
Liz fears that history will repeat itself.
Sam's life is in peril.
Ava is in need of an attorney.
Scott shares unexpected news with Laura.
Morgan suffers an alarming reaction to the medication.
Hayden plays dumb when Nick asks her some very direct questions.

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Spoilers for week of Feb 1st

Monday, February 1
• Jake's actions result in serious repercussions.
• Calamity strikes Sam.
• A chain of potentially deadly events is triggered for several people.
• Kristina pushes her professor's buttons.
• Lulu and Dante's encounter takes a drastic shift as they come to a mutual agreement.
• Olivia finds herself with an unexpected supporter in Nina, as Nina finds inspiration in Olivia's battle;
and Nina comes up with an idea for the next issue of Crimson, which Julian isn't thrilled with.

Tuesday, February 2
• Liz is terrified that history will repeat itself.
• Sam's attempts to save her own life might actually cost her, as her plight now becomes life-threatening!
• Mac and Felicia come to Robert and Anna's rescue.
• Paul's threat evokes a strong reaction from Ava.
• Kiki reluctantly trusts Sonny.
• Felix breaks troubling news to Michael.
• Michael gets a clear picture of Sabrina's intentions.

Wednesday, February 3
• A change in circumstances leads a fired-up Ava to prepare to take legal action against Sonny.
• Franco and Nina switch gears from frisky and physical to deep and serious.
• Nikolas is pleasantly surprised when Hayden passes his test.
• Nikolas and Hayden's relationship is taken to the next level, only for a wrench to be thrown into their happy moment (there is an interruption).
• Scotty stuns Laura with a most unexpected document.
• Morgan & Kiki agree to take it slow and go out on a proper date.

Thursday, February 4
• A frightening complication arises in Liz and Jason's life
• Sam has an hallucination of Jason that sparks memories from their past.
• Hayden is forced to play dumb when Nikolas asks her some very direct questions; but he remains suspicious.
• Morgan pulls the plug when things get hot with Kiki.
• Dante gets a first-hand look at Valerie "moving on" -- when Dante witnesses a flirtatious moment between Curtis and Valerie.

Friday, February 5
• Sam's life is on the line.
• Jake's guilty conscience causes him to speak up.
• Someone confesses to murder.
• Kristina opens up to Molly about what happened to her in school.
• Sonny meets his new doctor, who is connected to someone in Port Charles.
• Sonny finds an unexpected bond with a stranger.
• A side effect of Morgan's medication begins to push him over the edge.
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Michael Easton is BACK on General Hospital!

Michael Easton fans get ready for that General Hospital return you’ve been waiting for.
GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini just posted a video “announcing” the actor’s return.
Well, actually, in the video Valentini “coincidentally” runs into Easton in the cereal aisle and casually asks him back. Clearly, the video is tongue-in-cheek, but it looks like the longtime ABC fave is headed back to Port Charles.

Easton already played John McBain and Silas Clay on the soap. Will he be back as one of those characters or will he play someone entirely new? Last we saw Silas seemed clearly dead and the McBain character was no longer owned by ABC. We guess we’ll have to stay tuned and find out what incarnation Easton takes this time…
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Feb 2 2016, 10:26 PM
Ugh...why? I havent missed him a bit and the cast is still way to bloated. I'm barely watching anymore because its so boring, even if I have it on I'm usually tuned out doing something else. At this point I'd rather they had not fired Carlivati, his work was uneven in consistency but at least it wasnt consistently boring.
Don't have a clue how they will bring him back?? I agree, I miss Carlivati, the show has no direction since he left. I liked the way he incorporated everyone into a plot and not just a select few. They really need something to spice the show up, fast!
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February Sweeps spoilers

* Jason and Sam grow closer, as they begin to explore a relationship based on who they are now.

* The arms deal exchange that Sonny is involved in goes horribly wrong, and a few Port Charles residents are caught in the crossfire.

* Carly struggles to accept the violence in Sonny's life, even though she has been through this before.

* Julian and Alexis get married.

* Anna and Paul continue to clash, but a confession from Paul may change everything.

* Robert continues to search for Carlos and Sabrina.

* Nicholas begins to learn more about Hayden's past.

* Morgan goes off of his meds again, leading to a manic episode. Sonny and Carly are forced to make the hardest decision of their lives.

* Dante and Lulu are forced to re-examine their relationship thanks to Nathan and Maxie. Lulu makes a decision that puts her in danger.

* Kristina and Parker come face to face, and we learn more about their connection.

* Jake heads to Shriners Hospitals for Children to get the help he needs.
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Spoilers for the week of Feb 8th

• A new level is attained in Nathan and Maxie's relationship, but there's a catch.
• Because of the recently occurring events, Nik offers Elizabeth and her sons haven at Wyndemere.
• Various people from P.C. assemble for the reading of Helena Cassadine's will.
• Epiphany takes on a new function/position/activity that may be unexpected.

Jason races to save Sam.
Anna decides to dig into Paul's past.
Nikolas does some online research.
Liz finds support from an unlikely source.
Nathan and Maxie try to help Dante and Lulu.
Several attend the reading of Helena's will.

Monday Feb 8
Anna is caught off guard by a visitor.

Tuesday Feb 9
Ava decides on a very unique wedding gift for Julian and Alexis.

Wednesday Feb 10
Maxie and Dillon get closer after he comes up with a great idea for Crimson's new issue.

Thursday Feb 11
Hayden keeps a close eye on Tracy and her activities.
Nathan is uncomfortable around one of Maxie's friends.
Nikolas does some online research.

Friday Feb 12:
Liz finds support from an unlikely source.
Nathan and Maxie try to help Dante and Lulu.
Several attend the reading of Helena's will.
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Spoilers for the week of Feb 15th

Nikolas digs into Hayden's past.
Morgan's mental health takes an alarming turn.
Paul makes an unexpected confession.
Olivia has a vision.
Lucas honors Tony Jones
Lulu is in the wrong place at the wrong time
Lucas and Julian share an emotional moment
Jake is brought to Shriners Hospitals for Children, where he will stay while receiving the specific care he needs.
Anna's investigative process gets a surprising break when Dillon asks her to be part of a magazine feature for Crimson.
Olivia's psychic talents re-emerge, as she has a bad premonition
Alexis’ daughters help her get ready for her wedding.

Monday, Feb. 15
Curtis makes a move on Valerie.

Tuesday Feb 16
Morgan's manic episode triggers an impulsive decision.
Anna is drawn into Dillon's world.
Dillon invites Anna to participate in a feature for Crimson.

Wednesday, Feb. 17
Lulu decides it's time to move on from staying at Maxie's house.
Paul and Anna face off against each other.

Thursday, Feb. 18
Paul drops a bombshell on Anna that leaves her feeling furious yet empathetic towards him.
Liz accepts Nikolas’ offer to stay at Wyndermere, despite Hayden's presence.
Nathan and Maxie devise a plan to reunite Lulu and Dante.

Friday, Feb. 19
The Davis girls help their mom get ready for her big day.
Jason and Liz come together for Jake as he is moved to Shriners Hospitals for Children.
Olivia has a bad premonition involving someone close to her.

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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentine’s Day Action – Nathan Proposal – JaSam Gets Hot – Nikolas Gets Suspicious

(GH) spoilers for Valentine’s Day revealed in an all new video promo show that we are going to get non-stop heat in coming days from some of our favorite couples plus a romantic proposal and many surprises.

First, Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] is on his feet and ready to rip Carly Corinthos’ [Laura Wright] clothes off and show her just how far his recovery has progressed. It will be amazing to see Sonny reclaim his manly status as he takes his wife to bed for the first time in a long time.

Also finally getting to enjoy their man and wife relationship is Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] and Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco]. Sam’s near death experience has rekindled all of Jason’s feelings and Liz Webber [Rebecca Herbst] will step aside and let JaSam be once and for all.

That means it’s game on for Jason and Sam and we will finally get the steamy loving we’ve been waiting for since Jake Doe first showed up in Port Charles. Also enjoying being married is Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher] and new bride Hayden Barnes [Rebecca Budig].

Hayden and Nikolas are wearing each other out as they hit the sheets constantly, but the honeymoon may soon be over – GH spoilers show that Nikolas will soon start investigating Hayden/Rachel and their happily ever after may be doomed.

There’s also a wedding and a proposal slated for Valentine’s. Julian Jerome [William deVry] and Alexis Davis [Nancy Lee Grahn] will get hitched and we’re going to see a lot more of them as they make good use of that big bathtub – bubbles, champagne and Julexis sizzling!

And then there’s the proposal – Nathan West [Ryan Paevey] will soon ask Maxie Jones [Kirsten Storms] to shack up with him, but that’s not all he wants. Nathan is ready to lock it down and has a ring ready to slip on Maxie’s finger.

All they have to do now is reunite Lulu Spencer [Emme Rylan] and Dante Falconeri [Dominic Zamprogna] so they can get Lulu out of the apartment so they can be alone. Lulu may soon be in a life or death situation that may have Dante rethinking their split, so things look promising there too.
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Spoilers for week of Feb 15th

Mon Feb 15
Jason gets a troubling call.
Nikolas gets closer to discovering Hayden's secret past.
Maxie comes to incorrect conclusions.

Tue Feb 16
Morgan's mania leads to an impulsive decision.
There is a dynamic shift in one of Sonny's relationships.
Anna gets pulled into Dillon's world.

Wed Feb 17
Paul catches on to Anna's ways.
Sonny brings the truth to Morgan.
Dante worries about Lulu's plans.

Thu Feb 18
Paul makes an unexpected confession.
Morgan hears something he wasn't supposed to.
Olivia has a presentiment about Julian.

Fri Feb 19
There is a major revelation on the day of Alexis and Julian's wedding.
Lucas salutes the legacy of his adoptive father.
Lulu finds herself in a dangerous situation.
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Spoilers for week of February 22nd

There is something surprising in Nathan's pocket, and Maxie finds it.
Lucas is startled by a gift from Brad.
Franco and Ava are united in the goal of giving support to Kiki.
Carly might feel she's tired of life amidst the mob.
Morgan's actions put an innocent life in peril.
Carly is the bearer of bad news.
People come together to try to avert disaster.
Hayden comes clean.
A mystery person continues to shadow Anna.

Mon Feb 22
Morgan places himself in a bad place/situation at a specific time, and this is intentional.

Tue Feb 23
Lulu is in a situation that she cannot handle.
Bedlam breaks out and bodies drop as a shocking discovery freaks out Carly.

Wed Feb 24
Carly has awful news to deliver.

Thu Feb 25
Morgan hits rock bottom.
Ava is afraid the worst is happening.

Fri Feb 26
Carly is stressed beyond what is bearable.
Maxie is stunned by what Nathan says to her.

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Spoilers for week of February 22nd

Monday, February 22
Olivia's premonition proves to be disturbingly accurate.
Maxie finds something curious in Nathan's pocket.
Lucas is flabbergasted by Brad's gift.
Morgan steps into life-threatening danger.
Anna shares the truth with Sonny.

Tuesday, February 23
That long-awaited moment arrives for Alexis and Julian.
Kiki and Lulu are the unfortunate victims of circumstances.
Nathan's attempt to come to the rescue is met with opposition.

Wednesday, February 24
Sonny makes a surprising appearance.
Anna pleads for cooler heads.
Carly finds a moment of compassion for Ava.
Dante pleads with Lulu.

Thursday, February 25
Morgan's fate is not in his own hands.
Ava and Franco come together to support Kiki.
Curtis is baffled by Hayden's revelation.

Friday, February 26
A brokenhearted Morgan is on the edge.
Anna and Paul's deception infuriates Jordan.
Kiki's future is in question.
A woozy Nathan shocks Maxie.
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Spoilers for week of February 29th

Monday Feb 29th
Liz wonders if her current housing situation may have been a big mistake.

Tuesday March 1st
Liz is comforted by Franco.

Friday March 4th
When Nathan needs advice, will Dante be able to point him in the right direction?

• Due to Hayden being there, Liz reconsiders whether she wants to stay at Wyndemere.
• Jason is very happy to see Danny and Sam.
• A confession from Sam is quite emotional.
• What will result from a major moment in time -- will it cause a truce between Ava and Sonny?
• Maxie is concerned that Nathan is concealing something.

Nathan makes a confession, but is he being honest?
Tracy's health declines.Tracy fears the worst.
Sonny and Ava temporarily put aside their differences .
Diane tries to help Morgan.
Anna accepts a painful truth.
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Spoilers for week of February 29th

Monday, February 29
Elizabeth has second thoughts about her living arrangements; Anna comes to a sad and unfortunate realization; after Maxie overhears Nathan mumble “Claudette”, he claims she was his childhood French poodle.

Tuesday, March 1
Ava has a breakdown; Franco is compassionate towards Liz; Tracy takes a turn for the worse.

Wednesday, March 2
Sonny and Ava share a moment of understanding; Tracy fears the least palatable outcome; Nathan maintains his secret.

Thursday, March 3
Tensions rise between between Sonny and Carly; Nina gets advice from Maxie; Diane reveals her plan to get Morgan out of trouble.

Friday, March 4
Nathan decides whether to confess to Maxie; Sonny's recommendation shakes Morgan; Nathan asks Dante for advice.

Sam makes progress in the Hayden investigation.
Nik takes a hard look at his marriage.
Griffin is baffled by Tracy's test results.
Carly and Sonny disagree about Morgan.

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