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~General Hospital Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of December
Topic Started: Nov 28 2015, 04:30 PM (475 Views)
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Spoilers The Week Of December 7th

When Sam demands that Liz tell the truth will she crumble under pressure?
Johnny and Lulu decide to help one another and strike a deal
Robin's failure results in her living on borrowed time
Monica comes up with an idea for a charitable donation that conflicts with Paul's plans

Monday Dec 7
Anna and Mac determine their next move regarding Paul.
Sonny has reason to believe he could win back Avery.

Tuesday Dec 8
Hayden fills in Nikolas about her life before she arrived in Port Charles -- but is it the truth?
Lulu turns to a surprising source to deal with Valerie.
Sam breaks some shocking news to Jason.

Wednesday Dec 9
Sabrina helps Patrick come to a decision about his future.
Olivia gives Dante a sizeable piece of her mind.

Thursday Dec 10
Patrick makes plans to pick up Emma's spirits.
The puppet master behind Robin's time away from Port Charles once again pulls her strings.
Jason is devastated by the truth.

Friday December 11
The sight of Paul with a “date” brings out the green-eyed monster in Ava.

A combative Sam shows up at Elizabeth’s house to confront her with her suspicions that she’s known the truth about Jason’s identity! Things get downright nasty between the two as they hurl accusations at the other. Liz does her best to deflect Sam by accusing her of paranoia but it only makes Sam more determined. When Jason shows up and asks what’s going on, Sam demands Liz tell him the truth. Unfortunately for Sam, Jason stands by the woman he loves, coming to Elizabeth’s defense and asks Sam to leave, but not before making it clear to Sam that they have no future together!

Liz believes she’s in the clear, but Jason takes off after Sam, unable to shake the feeling that things aren’t adding up. When he finds Sam he asks her to explain her side. When Jason returns, he confronts Elizabeth about her deceit! Unable to withstand the pressure of the house of lies crumbling, Elizabeth confesses. How will Jason react? Later, Jason turns to his old friend Sonny and fills him in on recent events. What wise words of advice will the Teflon Don provide? By week’s end, Elizabeth warns Nikolas that the truth is out and they must brace for the fallout.

Johnny returns to Port Charles and pays a visit to his newly separated ex-girlfriend. He turns to Lulu for help, she turns to him for revenge! More determined than ever, Lulu makes a deal with Johnny and dangerous alliance is formed. Later after Dillon announces his surprising plans, he comes to the wrong conclusion about Johnny. Meanwhile, Valerie asks Dante what his true intentions are with her. Later, the impromptu couple are interrupted during a rather awkward moment.

•While Anna and Mac follow up on her suspicions about Paul, Paul acts on his suspicions about her. Monica comes up with an idea for a charitable donation that conflicts with Paul’s plans. Ava surprises herself with her own reaction to Quartermaine news.
•Patrick assures Emma of their future with Sam. When Patrick decides to calls the shots, will he be left mending a broken heart? Meanwhile, Robin’s failure results in her living on borrowed time.
•Julian reminds Ava that underestimating Sonny could prove to be disastrous.
•Recovery isn’t happening as quickly as an impatient Sonny had hoped.
•Hayden and Nikolas call a truce.
•Michael makes a covert attempt to learn more about Sabrina’s pregnancy.
•Olivia goes ballistic.
•Morgan gets reckless with his meds.
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General Hospital Rumors: A New-Old Lucky for Liz?

With the news out in the soap world that Days of Our Lives (DOOL) has ousted Greg Vaughan as Eric Brady, speculation is everywhere that he may return to General Hospital and bring back Lucky Spencer.

The story would fit perfectly at the moment and Vaughan could seamlessly move back into the role he played from 2003-2009.

When Jonathan Jackson had the role this past summer it was clear he was still in love with Elizabeth, but after Nikolas made it clear she loved Jake and that Jake was actually Jason, he decided to make a clean break and leave town again. His mother supposedly joined him, but Laura has since decided to make Port Charles home again? Why not have Lucky follow? Jackson isn’t available to work on General Hospital due to his role on primetime’s Nashville, but other actors have played the role (including The Bold and the Beautiful’s Jacob Young).

Vaughan had quite the fan following when he played Lucky in the past and made the role his own and he and Herbst had a chemistry and fan following. It doesn’t look like Liz is going to get her happy ending with Jason and the character needs redemption somehow. Why not give her redemption with the ONLY man who’s been able to redeem her in the past? After all, he was the one who found that scheming little girl crying in the park after a brutal rape and helped her turn her life around.
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GH: Sebastian Roché returns as Jerry Jacks --Robin's captor

Sebastian Roché returns as Jerry Jacks this month on General Hospital.
Jerry is the one holding Robin captive yet again.

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Dec 9 2015, 02:28 AM
I really like Roche and at one time really enjoyed Jerry as a villain but its just silly now. Him holding Robin AGAIN is ridiculous!
I liked the way he explained to her that he "inherited" her when Helena died!
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Spoilers Week of December 14th

A fired up Carly gives Elizabeth a sizable piece of her mind while Franco eavesdrops.
Patrick and Emma discover a clue about Robin’s disappearance in Paris, and later team up with Anna and Robert!
Nina comes up with a plan to get Crimson some publicity.
Monica notices something interesting about Sabrina’s sonogram.

Monday Dec 14
Jason makes it quite clear how he now intends to move forward.
Nik gets what is coming to him.

Tuesday Dec 15
Liz receives some words of comfort from an unexpected source

Wednesday Dec 16
Michael has questions about the baby

Thurs Dec 17
Jason looks at all the parts of his fragmented life(lives), and tries to piece them together.
Anna and Patrick get help in their search for Robin.
Maxie and Dillion note an important day.

Friday Dec 18
Julian seeks answers from Kristina and Molly.
People get ready for the gala

Patrick and Emma head to Paris to visit Robin only to discover she has disappeared. Later, they find a clue that may lead to her. Meanwhile, Anna and Mac learn the state of Paul’s family affairs. While Anna continues to investigate the mystery corpse that was identified as Carlos, the mobster gets the order to leave town pronto. Carlos find a place to hide in plain sight. Realizing help is needed to find Robin, Patrick calls Anna. Robert joins Anna and Patrick in the search and rescue of Robin, only to hear the worst possible news. What truth will the trio learn about Robin? Patrick can’t believe his eyes.

Jason’s return has Elizabeth hoping for the best but is Jason ready to forgive? A fired up Carly gives Liz a sizable piece of her mind while Franco eavesdrops. Will Franco show Liz a bit of kindness? Liz, Jason and Sam are caught in an anxious moment that will evolve into a tense conversation between them. Later, Carly tries to get Jason to socialize and Sam comes clean with Jason.

While defending her friend’s honor, Maxie dishes it out and gets it right back in return from Valerie. Lulu appears to be a little too understanding but are appearances deceiving? Johnny puts his plan in motion. When Johnny comes to Valerie’s rescue, he learns something useful about her in the process. Laura tells her daughter to count to ten before she does something she’ll regret. Will she take her mother’s advice? Maxie and Nathan finally find time for some loving.

Also This Week

Olivia gives Julian a special Christmas gift. Later, Julian makes a confession.

Nina hires Dillon and comes up with a plan to get Crimson some publicity. Will her plan work?

The coast is anything but clear for Nikolas and Hayden.
The consistency of Morgan’s meds comes into question.
Liz has the unlikeliest of dates for the Christmas gala to benefit Toys For Toys.
Ava makes an emotional appeal.
Tracy is falling hard.
Kristina returns for the holidays with a secret.
Monica notices something interesting about Sabrina’s baby sonogram.
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Spoilers Week of December 21st

• Maxie and Nina have a vested interest in the success of the holiday gala.
• Sam opens up to Jason, but will a moment between Jason and Elizabeth lead to hurt feels?
• The battle to save Robin intensifies!
• Ava and Kiki's relationship may be thawing.
• Sonny and Sam find themselves remembering their shared past.

First Julian gave Alexis a new home to share with their family, now he’s giving her a ring for Christmas! Julian decides he wants to make it official with his lady-love but not before getting the blessing from the Davis girls. How will Sam, Kristina and, in particular, Molly feel about the proposal? #Julexis fans will not want to miss Monday’s episode.

Tension is sparked when Liz, Jason and Sam are caught in an awkward moment. Later, when Sam and Jason find themselves alone, she confesses her love. Well she get the response she desires or more heartache? After Nik taunts Jason, a fight ensues that leaves one of them in dire straights. Jason and Liz will share a close encounter that will leave Sam distressed. Later, Sam find herself reminiscing with Sonny their history together. When Jason finds himself in the need of some help, Sonny and Carly come to their friend’s rescue. Jason has a memory about Sam. Liz explains the current situation to her kids.

While Carlos hides in plain sight, Monica notices something interesting about Sabrina’s baby sonogram. Michael finally puts two and two together about Sabrina’s baby. Sonny’s sons unite for the holidays and contemplate their unfortunate predicaments. Meanwhile, their sister, Kristina continues to be evasive about her secret.

Robert, Anna and Patrick learn the truth about Robin. Will Patrick be able to believe his eyes? Robin will have an emotional reunion with her family, while Jerry gets his just desserts. Finally reunited after their long and painful separation, Robin has a heart-to-heart talk with Emma.

Nina and Maxie declare the evening a success for Crimson.
Paul’s inability to resist Ava gets him into a heap of trouble.
Laura comes to an accurate conclusion about Lulu.
Kiki softens towards Ava.
*Due to the holiday, December 25th is preempted.
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Robin and Patrick Get Their Happily Ever After As Jason Thompson Leaves for ‘Y&R’

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Robin and Patrick Get Their Happily Ever After As Jason Thompson Leaves for 'Y&R'‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal that fans will finally get closure on the Robin Scorpio [Kimberly McCullough] and Patrick Drake [Jason Thompson] storyline that they’ve wanted for years. And it will all come out as part of Thompson’s final GH exit before he migrates over to ‘The Young and The Restless.’

For the Scrubs exit story, we’ve seen Robin tormented by Jerry Jacks [Sebastian Roche] in the Cassadine island lab and now he’s ordered her execution. You may hate Jerry, but you have to admit Roche is lovely to look at. But no matter how clever Jerry thinks he is, he should not count Robin out.

She’s brilliant and was already planning to outmaneuver Jerry so that she didn’t end up pushing up daisies. But the scheme Robin came up with is shockingly subtle and designed to ensure she comes out of this intact and the bad guys none the wiser.

According to a recent ABC Soaps in Depth interview with Kimberly McCullough, “It’s very Sleeping Beauty-esque, very romantic.” Robin has spent years toiling away in the lab helping the Cassadines freeze and unfreeze people and that inspired the big moves she makes.

GH spoilers indicate that Robin will inject or imbibe some sort of chemical she’s developed to make herself appear dead. Then the bad guys will stash her out of the way. Later, when Patrick comes upon her, he thinks he’s too late and his ex-wife is dead.

This will be particularly hard for Patrick to handle since he has also just realized that Robin never wanted to be away from him and Emma Drake [Brooklyn Rae Silzer] but has been held captive this whole time. Robin never wanted the divorce or to be estranged from her husband or daughter.

All that will come crashing down around Patrick and when he kisses Robin – in what he thinks is a final goodbye, she’ll wake. Wow. What a storybook moment that will be. With the bad guys vanquished and Robin back in Patrick’s arms, they are Port Charles-bound.

Looks like Robin and Patrick will have Christmas back home in New York complete with Anna Devane [Finola Hughes] playing Mrs Claus. But after that, what’s the exit plan? ‘General Hospital’ spoilers also tease that Robin and Patrick will take their long-delayed honeymoon.

It looks like Jason Thompson’s exit will also take Kimberly McCullough off the scene as well – but they can always be brought back later is circumstances warrant. GH spoilers also indicate that with the honeymoon as the exit factor, that will leave Emma free to stay in Port Chuck with her grandma Anna.
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Spoilers Week of December 28th

Monday Dec 28
Spinelli and Jason finally reconnect.
Nik has the power regarding Jason.

Tuesday Dec 29
Lulu and Johnny's strategy hits home.
Jason and Robin have a chance encounter at a significant location.

Wednesday Dec 30
Johnny does something risky -- what are the ramifications?
A proposal -- and a yes.
Morgan is not where he should be when something happens.

Thursday December 31
General Hospital will air an encore episode.

Friday January 1
General Hospital will not be seen today, due to a network preemption.

Sam is made aware of Patrick's stance regarding both herself and Robin.
Johnny and Lulu proceed with their plan of destruction: to attack Valerie where she is vulnerable.
Someone ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and overhearing something he shouldn’t hear. It's Morgan!
Jason and Sam discover themselves somewhere familiar.

Patrick pays Sam a visit.
The fate of Jason's future is in Nikolas' hands.
Jason and Robin run into each other.
A proposal of marriage is happily accepted.
Trouble finds Morgan.
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