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~Young and the Restless Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of August
Topic Started: Aug 1 2015, 07:46 AM (965 Views)
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Spoilers for the week of August 3rd

Mon 8/3
Jack explains to Phyllis that she was living with a different "Jack" after their wedding; Victor warns Marisa about Marco; Kevin tells Det. Harding that he heard Marisa and Victor talking about Marco; Ashley overhears Victoria and Nick talking about getting rid of Abby, then tells Abby what they said; Phyllis is furious with Victor; Nick proposes to Sage, who accepts.

Tue 8/4
Things between Victor and Phyllis get ugly; Noah and Marisa move their relationship forward.

Wed 8/5
Hilary caves under pressure; Neil's behavior concerns Nikki.

Thu 8/6
Adam attempts to win Chelsea back; sparks fly between Billy and Victoria.

Fri 8/7
Nick and Sharon share a moment; Stitch turns to Ashley for comfort.
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By SOD • Posted: Aug 3, 2015

Stacy Haiduk will be back to reprise the role of Paul’s screwy sister, Patty Williams, a spokesperson for Y&R confirms exclusively to Digest. The actress will report to the studio next week and begin airing in September. Haiduk first started playing the role in 2009; Patty was last seen in 2012.
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He stabbed her to death allegedly... I ff a lot too, just keeping up with Adam and when will everyone find out, looks like never. I will say that the new writers are doing better than the old ones. They at least try to make things more believable. Victor getting away with the fake Jack sleeping with Phyllis is not sitting too well with her and that's a little entertaining!
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Y&R murder mystery clues

Next month on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless, the mystery of who has been offing Genoa City's 20-somethings since last February will finally be solved. The question is, whodunit?

Jack Abbott doppelganger Marco (Peter Bergman) is the prime suspect. Austin Travers (Matthew Atkinson), the serial killer's first victim, was doing a tell-all documentary on the Newman/Abbott feud. Since Victor (Eric Braeden) planned to use Marco to take over Jack's life and cosmetics firm, Austin's project posed quite the problem. He couldn't risk the meddlesome kid using footage that incriminated him in any way!

As for the other victims, flaxen-haired cop Courtney (Kelli Goss) and slimy corporate spy Tobias (Jeffrey Christopher Todd), they were both iced after stumbling onto certain truths about the killer. It's easy to see how a man as cutthroat as Marco would kill off a bunch of pesky millennials to keep his cushy secret. Perhaps too easy.

Let's look at a few other men in Genoa City with motivation to kill. Fenmore Baldwin (Max Ehrich) was being blackmailed by the killer. He's the one who drugged his friends and frenemies up at the Abbott Cabin Valentine's Day weekend. When they woke up, Austin was dead.

Maybe Fen's been playing everyone all along? The guy has been nursing an obsessive crush on Summer (Hunter King) since they were in high school. Plus, his dysfunctional home life is ripe for a TLC reality series!

Maybe Fenmore decided to kill Austin so that he could finally have a chance with Summer? It wouldn't be the first time the ex-con did something heinous. Besides, with Ehrich heating up CBS primetime on Under The Dome, Fen being the killer would free up Ehrich's schedule to continue his Hollywood ascension.

Wrestling with inner demons is something Fen has in common with his Uncle Kevin (Greg Rikaart). Before he was a lovable, wisecracking hacker, Kev was a sociopath who gave a teenage Lily (Christel Khalil) an STD, before trying to burn down a restaurant with her BFF Colleen Carlton (Lyndsy Fonseca) inside. Then there was that whole masked chipmunk bank robber business.

Our Kevin definitely is capable of going to dark places. Maybe he decided to kill Austin to stop Mariah (Camryn Grimes) from flirting with the videographer?

Fen Baldwin wasn't the only Genoa City scion jealous of Summer's husband. Kyle Abbott (Lachlan Buchanan) couldn't stop lusting for the chesty heiress, even when he thought they were brother and sister! It sure was convenient for Kyle to show back up in town just as the murders began...

Maybe those Ralph Lauren photo spread good looks serve to mask a lethal heart? Kyle's mother was bludgeoned to death in a park by Summer and Noah's (Robert Adamson) grandmother. Perhaps he killed Summer's husband and Noah's fiancee to settle the score between the late Diane Jenkins (Maura West) and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott)?

GCPD Detective Mark Harding (Chris McKenna) has quite the list of suspects to mull through in order to solve this case by early August. To borrow from the late Michael Jackson, maybe he should start with the man in the mirror?

Harding got off on torturing rookie cop Courtney at work. He's also made a sport out of going after "Fish" aka Kevin.

Remember that whole random smooch Harding and Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) shared on New Year's Eve? What if Harding became obsessed with the not-so-Naked Heiress?

Harding could have become so incensed upon finding out she was schtupping Austin, he decided to commit murder. Hey, stranger things have happened in Wisconsin.There's also the fact that Harding never quite got over Austin going free after shooting Chief Paul (Doug Davidson).
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Spoilers for week of August 10th

Monday, August 10
Nikki makes a confession to Victor.
Cane calls a truce with Lily.
Neil dreams of revenge.

Tuesday, August 11
Chelsea is shocked to learn about Adam's life while he was away.
Ashley comforts Stitch.
Phyllis questions Marisa about her relationship with Jack.

Wednesday, August 12
Victor shares a dangerous secret.
Billy questions Victoria's loyalty; the killer's identity is revealed.

Thursday, August 13
Jack and Ashley join forces to protect Jabot.
Summer makes a shocking discovery.
Hilary wants answers from Neil.

Friday, August 14
Devon and Hilary's wedding day arrives.
Lily confronts Colin.
Kevin closes in on the killer.
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Spoilers for the week of August 17th

Monday, August 17
Neil forgives Devon and Hilary; Devon and Hillary get married; Colin erases the incriminating video; Kevin finds Harding at the cabin; Dylan tells Sharon that he's always thought about being a cop.

Tuesday, August 18
Ashley tells Billy that she knows Jack is hiding something; Phyllis wonders if she and Jack should tell Paul the truth.; Phyllis and Nikki have a confrontation; Marisa decides to take matters into her own hands.

Wednesday, August 19
Victor shares news that surprises members of his family; Lily and Cane come to a decision about their marriage.

Thursday, August 20
Marco and Jack face off; Noah wants justice for Courtney; Hilary's world is upturned.

Friday, August 21
A deadly showdown occurs; Sharon decides to confront Summer and Mariah; Phyllis determines to seeks revenge.
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Spoilers for the week of August 24th

Monday, August 24
Marco explains to Victor and Jack how Det. Harding helped him; Abby tries to connect with Stitch; Harding dies after being shot by Paul; Marco is taken to Victor's helicopter to be transported back to Peru; Sharon goes to the hospital after getting a cramp, and learns she lost the baby; Dylan tells Sharon he will not join the police force and put their future in jeopardy, then proposes to her.

Tuesday, August 25
Paul asks Victor if he ever encountered Marco Annicelli; Devon tells Michael the cops think Hilary is dead and he is responsible; Sharon shows off her engagement ring; Mariah changes tactics with Kevin; Lauren talks to Cane about Michael.

Wednesday, August 26
Adam wants to start fresh with Chelsea away from Genoa City; Victor upsets his deal with Jack; Summer asks Phyllis for answers about Marco.

Thursday, August 27
Nick and Sage's wedding day; Michael and Lily want to help Devon; Nikki worries about Neil.

Friday, August 28
Chelsea gets caught between the Newmans and the Abbotts; Sharon puts her plan into motion; Ashley gets life altering news.
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Spoilers for the week of August 31st

Adam and Chelsea are forced to take on Victor when he makes it clear he wants Connor.

Sharon concocts a plan to keep her miscarriage a secret from Dylan…and it involves getting pregnant as soon as possible. Will Sharon heed Mariah’s advice and come clean, or will yet another relationship blow up due to her lies

Adam and Chelsea team up to take on Victor when it becomes clear Victor wants more of a presence in Connor’s life.

Victoria pushes Billy away.
Devon refuses to give up on Hilary.
Victor backs Neil into a corner. Will Neil admit his knowledge of Hilary’s disappearance?
Cane discovers that Lily is keeping secrets
Noah and Marisa’s relationship hits a snag
Ashley and Billy question Jack’s motives.
Sage struggles with her new life.
Paul threatens to arrest Adam.
Jill returns to Genoa City after an extended absence. A lot has changed since she’s been gone, but she’s still as sharp as ever.
Nikki and Neil’s friendship takes a drastic turn.
Katherine’s friends and family gather to honor her memory
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Spoilers for the week of August 31st

Monday, August 31
Michael tells Devon the DNA matches Hilary, and the case is considered a homicide; Victor offers Marissa half a million dollars to leave Genoa City.

Tuesday, September 1
Victor forces Neil into a corner; Cane learns Lily is keeping secrets; Noah and Marisa hit a snag.

Wednesday, September 2
Ashley and Billy wonder about Jack's motives; Sage has a tough time adjusting to her new life; Sharon avoids a disaster with Dylan.

Thursday, September 3
Jill returns to town; Paul threatens Adam; Nikki and Neil's friendship takes a turn.

Friday, September 4
Katherine's loved ones honor her memory.
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