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True Detective; Season 2
Topic Started: Apr 30 2015, 07:09 PM (922 Views)
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#7 - Our heroes are in hiding, and their handler is murdered... Ani gets her sister and father off to safety, and Paul puts his Mom and Baby-Mama in a motel somewhere... Velcoro and Ani figure some things out related to the '92 robbery and the diamonds... Paul is drawn out (by the dirty cops) with blackmail photos - big underground tunnel shootout - he does well and gets most of them, but James Frain gets him at the end...

Frank gets Blake, his betraying underling, who tells of a twelve million dollar cash exchange going down soon, so he's looking to grab that and get his vengeance on those that screwed him out of the corridor... Osip (Galaan from SOA) has bought the clubs, and 'allows' Frank to live and run them for a salary, but Frank empties their safes and starts some fires...

Finale is going to be 90 minutes.
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Directors this season
Justin Lin 1-2
Janus Metz 3
Jeremy Podeswa 4
John Crowley 5, 8
Miguel Sapochnik 6
Daniel Attias 7

Scott Lasser gets a co-writing credit with Pizzolatto on 4 & 6.

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8 -

After sex, Ani and Ray share stories (her kidnapping, his murder of Not The Rapist)..

Frank and Jordan argue over her not wanting to leave town without him.. He promises to meet her in two weeks.. She finally agrees to go (under the protection of his guy, Nails)..

Paul is zipped up in a bag. Ray calls Paul's phone, Lt. Burris (his killer) answers. Ray says he knows about the '92 robbery, that Caspere kept diamonds to hold over Burris. 'Come in, we can work this out'.. Yeah. Fuck you... Ani and Ray mourn Paul and try to figure out what to do now. The kid witnesses to the robbery - they know the girl grew up to become Caspere's secretary (they met her on the film set) - they surmise the brother was the set decorator they saw on the same day - find him, they may have the hard drive, Caspere's stolen camera... Or should we just get out of the country? No, let's try to get the bad guys...

Frank goes to Mayor Chessani's place - Chessani is dead in the pool...widow stumbles down the stairs... Frank tells her it's likely the son, Tony, did it... and where's Betty, the daughter (Emily Rios' character)?

Ray and Ani are looking for that dude (Len)... They find The Bird Mask and the non-lethal shotgun shells and photos of his targets (the dirty cops that did this robbery in '92... The kids' parents were killed, so this is a revenge thing...). Sister (Erica) is there, he'd handcuffed her to the fireplace... She met Tony while working as an escort... And then Caspere, and knew who he was after her friend told her about his diamonds... So she changes her name and appearance and gets a job with him (Caspere).. She goes on to describe how Len got carried away during his interrogation of Ben (who were the other guys?) and killed him... Drove him around because he thought it was funny, then left him on the road... So now there's a trade set between Len and Chief Holloway - the diamonds for Caspere's hard drive, which would have had lots of good blackmail footage, but without the password, it erased itself... So Len is going to kill Holloway... at the train station... Big public place...

Phone threats between Frank and Osip...Ray calls Frank.

Ani puts Erica on a bus out of town.

Frank in a hideout (above his bar, with Felicia, the waitress with the scars..). He says Ray and a woman will be there soon(if everything goes all right), and they'll need transport to Mexico.

Music montage... Ray in disguise (big cowboy hat) at train station... He gets to Len first... Holloway arrives, nods to Burris, goes up escalator... Surprise. Ray with the bag now.. They sit on a bench, directly behind Len.. Hard drive and land documents for his name cleared (Davis and Paul's deaths are both being pinned on Ray)... Talk. Confirmation that the big shootout was a set-up to get Teague and close the case. Ray sees Burris. More talk - Erica is Ben's daughter, and the parents' murder during the robbery was deliberate, not accidental (Mom was pregnant again ).. Hearing this, Len rages, goes all stabby with a big knife... Gunshots, chaos... Ani shoots (wounds) Burris... Len on top of Holloway, who shoots him, but security gets them both... Ani gets Ray safely away... music...

Hideout. The long-awaited Vaughn/McAdams Wedding Crashers reunion. "We met?", Frank asks. Discussion... Run? (To Venezuela) Or join Frank on his heist/revenge mission, and THEN run?

Ray in car with Frank, going north in the night.

Ani to Pitlor's office... He's dead, and somebody stole all his files.

Heist goes smoothly. They have a lot of guns, kill a bunch of guys (including Osip), and get a lot of money. The guys split up, into the two new cars Frank secured with some guys last week.

Ray stops to wave bye to his son, who has the badge cube thing with him at school. Aww.. On his way to his car, he spots that there's a tracker underneath the car. Oh, shit.

Frank gets carjacked.

Ray calls Ani to say he may be a little late, but she should get on the boat... Ray is driving... 'They' are not far behind him...

Desert. Frank is taken to... Oh. Unexpected. The Mexican guys that wanted to sell in his clubs. They're pissed that the clubs got torched..

Ray records a message for his son...

Ani gets to the boat...

Frank offers the guys a million in a suitcase (he made the bulk of his bounty smaller, a little earlier, exchange it for 3.5 mil worth of diamonds)

Ray is low on gas... His phone is showing his voice message being delivered slowly... Stops somewhere kinda secluded, in the woods.. Bag is too heavy, spills... He runs up a hill...

The million is accepted. But Frank wants a ride back home... Guy wants his suit... Frank fights, is stabbed, and left out in the desert.

Ray has a shotgun and one pistol... Five guys (Burris is one) have a lot more...looks bad...foot chase...

Ani and Felicia on the boat.

Frank walks, is taunted by the spirit of his Dad...

Ray gets two.

Frank walks, is taunted by childhood bullies (black guys)...

The other three get Ray. He's done. And I think his phone says the message failed to deliver... That sucks.

Ani cries. She feels... something. Arrive in Venezuela...

Frank walks, and sees some random guy pleading for his life, and Jordan... She tells him he fell down awhile ago.

So. Rust and Marty survived at the end of TD1 (though it looked bad for both prior to the epilogue), but no such luck for three of the four leads here...

Ray's Dad sees the news of Ray's death on the tv.

Gena opens paternity results... 99.99% chance Ray was Chad's father, not her rapist, after all...

There's a CHP Paul Woodrugh Memorial Highway...

Ani narrates "these facts were paid for in blood" over a short montage indicating a year has passed... Tony Chessani becomes Mayor... Ground broken on the high speed rail line.. She's talking to the Times reporter, is giving him most of the evidence... She goes to Jordan, who has been watching the baby... They (and her knife) disappear into a celebrating-with-fireworks crowd... Music...



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