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~OLTL Spoilers & Discussion~; Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012
Topic Started: Dec 1 2011, 07:13 PM (1,088 Views)
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Daytime Royalty

Week of 12/5


* Clint and Viki share a kiss.

* Roxy’s favorite soap is canceled.

* Viki decides to leave Llanview.

* Stacy has a feeling of déjà vu.

* Shane receives some shocking news.


SNEAK PEEK: Week of December 5.

Calmar is questioned about Victor’s murder, Shane has a plan to get justice for Gigi, Roxy receives devastating news, Viki and Clint kiss and Clint is surprised to learn Viki plans to leave town.


Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers

The lights are out and no bodies home at 320 W 66th Street. Where there once were fans waiting to get a glimpse of their favorite actors now the streets are empty. It was a sad day for the OLTL cast and crew but many are moving on, with the recent announcement that Prospect has dropped the ball on AMC and OLTL there are many angry fans out there, myself included....But as the old saying goes never give up hope and I am sticking to that. It has been mentioned something huge is coming down, what that is I don't know, all I know is there are some higher ups that are not giving up, that is all I was told........As what we will see in the coming weeks I really don't know because the cast concluded on the 18th, PP announced their statement on the 22nd so do the actors come back and re-shoot or did they know all along what was coming down? Some many questions and not any answers.....YET!!!!!...So sad when Matthew claimed it was his last day on earth, or was it?...Look for David Vickers to return for his 2nd movie debut " The Boy With The Chipmunk Tattoo" but Roxy rains on his parade when she begs him to save "Fraternity Row" her favorite soap opera with the help of Llanview friends and family..Gotta love it!


Monday December 5:

Todd worries when Claude is brought into the station.

Aubrey drops a bombshell on Rex.

Starr's desperate measures might come back to haunt her.

Tuesday December 6:

Viki and Clint kiss.

Roxy gets devastating news.

'Stacy' and Cutter visit an important place from Gigi's past.

Wednesday December 7:

Shane plans to get justice for Gigi.

Roxy desperately tries to save something she loves.

Thursday December 8:

John gets advice from Bo.

Rex has shocking news to tell Shane.

Friday December 9:

Clint is surprised to hear Viki is leaving Llanview.

Coming up:
Viki runs into Charlie.

Claude admits Tomas killed Victor.

Blair receives a message from Tomas and is stunned by his confession.

John is there when Tea experiences a moment of crisis in regards to her baby.

Neela seeks out Jack with a hidden recorder.

Aubrey and Rex find Kim, who tries to cut a deal with them.

Kim tells Rex everything about 'Stacy'.

Kim visits Clint.

'Stacy' experiences déjà vu.

Rex and Shane arrive in Paris, Texas.

David surprises everyone with a visit.

Roxy finds out her favorite soap "Fraternity Row" has been canceled.

Roxy thinks David can save "Fraternity Row."

Noelle Stubbs returns.

Noelle and Shane talk about Gigi.

Viki runs into Charlie Banks at the diner in Paris, Texas.

Viki sees the girl with Gigi's face.

The truth about 'Stacy' is revealed.

Things get heated when it comes to Destiny's baby.

Destiny Evans gives birth.

Markko returns for a visit.

Cole Thornhart returns.

Viki's daughter Megan Harrison reappears.

Luna Moody Holden makes an appearance.

Gabrielle Medina appears.

Lindsay Rappaport resurfaces.

Mitch Laurence turns up.


Rex gets surprising news

Calmar shows up at the Llanview Police Department

Cutter and the woman with Gigi's face visit a place from Gigi's past

Viki and Clint kiss

Viki decides to leave Llanview

Clint gets a surprise

Shane is determined to get justice for his mother

Down the road previews

Will Clint and Viki rekindle things?

John learns the truth about Liam's paternity, but will it be too late for him and Natalie?

Nora and Bo get some welcome news about Matthew

Lindsay Rappaport resurfaces

Gabrielle Medina makes an appearance -- but how?


Wrap party pics:
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Sorry I've been a little lax in getting spoilers up lately but with the holidays things have been a bit hectic. I'm going to try and keep up to date now with the end coming soon, so without further delay here we go.

Daytime Royalty

Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers--11/27

The lights are out and no bodies home at 320 W 66th Street. Where there once were fans waiting to get a glimpse of their favorite actors now the streets are empty. It was a sad day for the OLTL cast and crew but many are moving on, with the recent announcement that Prospect has dropped the ball on AMC and OLTL there are many angry fans out there, myself included....But as the old saying goes never give up hope and I am sticking to that. It has been mentioned something huge is coming down, what that is I don't know, all I know is there are some higher ups that are not giving up, that is all I was told........As what we will see in the coming weeks I really don't know because the cast concluded on the 18th, PP announced their statement on the 22nd so do the actors come back and re-shoot or did they know all along what was coming down? Some many questions and not any answers.....YET!!!!!...So sad when Matthew claimed it was his last day on earth, or was it?...Look for David Vickers to return for his 2nd movie debut " The Boy With The Chipmunk Tattoo" but Roxy rains on his parade when she begs him to save "Fraternity Row" her favorite soap opera with the help of Llanview friends and family..Gotta love it!

Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers--12/4

Piecing together spoilers and rumors, sounds like the stress gets to a pregnant Tea. She collapses after her fight with Todd and John rushes her to the hospital. It would be a very soapy twist if Todd causes her (near) miscarriage......What exactly is Todd's deal with Baker? We know what Todd wants from Baker but do we know what Baker is getting from Todd? It has to be more then money. Todd manages to force Tomas to make a video and send it to Blair which devastates her......It's Gigi no its Stacy its Gigi finally the truth comes out look for Gigi and Cutter to have real feelings for one another sooner then later but what will happen when the truth is finally revealed now that Rex is somewhat smitten with Aubrey?....Viki leaves Llanview and heads out west and meets up with Charlie at the Buenos Dias......Viki sees a familiar face while working at the cafe....Rumor has it Todd will finally be arrested on Christmas Eve....With the show over and done it is getting harder and harder to find any info on the finale and as for the cast no word coming from any of them ether sadly.

Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers--12/11

Lots of speculation on who is moving over to GH, names have been thrown around like baseballs. One name is Bree Williamson who has been rumored to come on and play a mafia princess the other I hear is Michael Easton but for now this is just hearsay. And if you have not seen the pix of Bree Williamson in her new red do check it out. Fabulous look Bree!!......Erika Slezak did a farewell interview and it is a must read.... go to: http://www.erikaslezak.com/Nov11.pdf Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat to read it........Dream sequences coming our way people and oh boy you won't believe your eyes. My favorite Nigel (finally) in drag I love it!! Is Cameron Mathison coming to Llanview to interview David? I saw a picture with the 2 of them and it sure looked that way so I am assuming he is unless it is a real time interview...... The Fraternity Row story is on fire, it is so full of giggles and so much OLTL pass history stories inserted. You have to be a long time fan to pick up on these treaures. What we as fans are having to deal with now is that the show is once again in cancellation. Is Roxy on fire or what? When she gave Natty a piece of her mind it was probably the most sane thing Roxy ever said. This woman is a star!! Why TPTB waited till the show ends to bring her front and center is beyond me. Love ya girlfriend....I am sure or I hope many of you read the main page of Soaptown and saw the headline "Daytime Fans Unite". Tonya Walker made a statement on Dec 7th that is a must read.......If your wondering where Echo has been not to worry. She will not be seen on the One Life canvas until January towards the finale. The Emmy winner said "she had no more airdates but that has clearly changed. "

Week of 12/19

One man is forced to make a tough choice.

Someone sees things from a whole new prospective.

More than one secret is revealed.

One Llanview family spends Christmas with someone unexpected.



Roxy awakens in an altered state of reality.
Clint decides between Kim and Viki.
David supports his best friend Viki.
The truth about Stacy finally comes out.
Jack asks Todd to spend Christmas with the family.


SNEAK PEEK: Week of December 19.

David comforts Viki, the truth about Stacy is revealed, Shane draws closer to extracting justice for Gigi.

Soap Opera Source

Roxy's dreams come true

Clint makes a choice

Shane decides that the best gift for Rex is justice for Gigi

Cutter comes clean, but it might be too late

Todd is delighted when Jack extends an invitation to spend Christmas with the family

John and Natalie open up to each other



The Pie Contest

Clint has difficulty choosing between the women in his life; Jack makes a move on Neela.


Gigi's Death

Jack reveals all to Neela, unaware she can't be trusted; David gives Kim a shoulder to cry on.


Rex Gets Angry

Jack asks Todd to spend Christmas Eve with him; Nate and Dani take another step in their relationship


(The Confession)

Shane listens to Jack's taped confession; Natalie gears up to talk to John


Monday December 19:

Roxy's dreams come true.

After passing out she wakes up as Lorraine from "Fraternity Row."

Lorraine is married to David Vickers.

Viki and Clint are Lorraine's maid and butler.

Tuesday December 20:

Tea urges John to open up about Natalie.

Clint has to choose between Kim and Viki.

Wednesday December 21:

Shane admits he's hoping to give Rex a very special gift - justice for Gigi.

Thursday December 22:

Jack asks Todd to spend Christmas Eve with their family.

Cutter confesses the truth.

Friday December 23:

John and Natalie prepare to discuss their relationship.

The truth about Stacy is finally revealed.


Coming Up:

Roxy plans to tell John Natalie still loves him.

John asks Natalie to stay with him and Liam.

David surprises everyone with a visit.

Roxy finds out her favorite soap "Fraternity Row" has been canceled.

Roxy thinks David can save "Fraternity Row."

Clint's ankle monitor goes off when he crosses Llanfair's threshold in order to kiss Viki goodbye.

Viki puts on a waitress uniform at the Bon Jour Cafe and is stunned to see her next customer, Charlie Banks.

Viki sees Gigi.

Things get heated when it comes to Destiny's baby.

Destiny Evans gives birth.

Markko returns for a visit.

Cole Thornhart returns.

Viki's daughter Megan Harrison reappears.

Luna Moody Holden makes an appearance.

Gabrielle Medina appears.

Lindsay Rappaport resurfaces.

Mitch Laurence turns up


Coming up:

Todd calls Blair and says he has something to tell her.

Tea and John trick Claude.

Roxy's dreams come true.

Jack asks Todd to spend Christmas Eve with their family.

John struggles to admit his feelings for Natalie.

Kim and Clint realize they were duped by Cutter.

Clint has to choose between Kim and Viki.

Ford and Jessica go Christmas tree shopping.

David's there for Viki.

Gigi has a memory of being with Shane at the motel across from the Bon Jour Cafe.

Charlie urges Viki to go after Clint.

Viki sees Gigi.

The truth surrounding Gigi/Stacy is finally revealed.

Destiny Evans gives birth.

Markko returns for a visit.

Cole Thornhart returns.

Viki's daughter Megan Harrison reappears.

Luna Moody Holden makes an appearance.

Gabrielle Medina appears.

Lindsay Rappaport resurfaces.

Mitch Laurence turns up.


SOW: Todd's Master Plan

Todd wants a unified family for X-Mas and he's on the verge of getting it this week, Trouble is, it's all based on a lie. Todd has arranged things so that Tomas confessed to murdering Victor, a fact that distressing Tea and Blair.

"Poor Todd" says RC "he does this every time. He's so close to getting everything he wants, but then he does something that threatens to ruin it all. The tormented Todd knows if this comes out, he'll lose everything, but that doesn't stop him from going full force ahead trying to get Blair back. His relationship with Starr is stronger then ever. Todd is getting it all, only to possibly lose it all again"

As for Jack, Todd is blackmailing his son to be nice to him. He threatens to let the police know that Jack set fire to the Sun if the teen continues to shun him. RC smiles "that is our twisted version of father/son reconciliation. Forcing Jack to deal with him. He says, You could give me a chance. Stop calling me Scarface and give me a chance to be your dad, Or you'll go to jail for arson" LOL!!! Heeee Go Todd lol

Todd may be easing into the holiday spirit, but he better watch out. John and Tea are determined to locate Tomas and if he's found the real truth will come out.


SOW - asks their editors what they will remember for 2011 - One Editor says she was on the set of OLTL the last week of production and " I got to watch Kassie, Roger and Kristen tape their final scenes together. It was a mighty emotional day!"


From the soap magazines:

Its getting close to decision time for Destiny. She and Matthew begin to deal with their childs decision and the future.

Shawn is still upset about Vivians stance on marriage.

Cutter realizes Gigi has got to get out of town before she bumps into one of these familiar faces running around Paris.
LOTS of close calls until it happens.

Roxy continues her Fraternity Rowe protest and uses the Lord house as ground zero to save her soap.

Kim tells Clint to make a decision, she wants him back.

Viki goes back to her waitress job.

John confesses his love for Natalie---unfortuately its to Liam, and he aint talking...

Todd blackmails Jack into accepting him as his father or go to jail for arson. Jack responds by inviting Todd to Christmas Eve.

The search for Tomas heats up.

Starr gives Todd advice..

A crisis brings John to Tea..

Nat and John are together on the December 23 episode...will they FINALLY connect...

NO MORE ECHO...the actress last scenes have aired and she wont be seen again.


Fantasy Episode Spoilers From TV Guide

In the December 19th episode there will be a fantasy episode with Roxy visiting the fraternity row set and then passing out. When she awakens, she's Lorraine, the fabulous Erika Slezak-like superdiva of the show. Everyone else in Llanview is in Fraternity Row too. Lorraine is married to David Vickers. Viki & Clint are her maid & butler.

Ilene Kristen says it's hysterical and a real valentine to the audience.


SID asks the actors about their favorite storylines this year--not really spoilery but an interesting read


Carlivati says its impossible to change cliffhanger ending--

Unlike with All My Children where a closed-ended finale was reportedly taped, One Life to Live's head writer Ron Carlivati was instructed by Prospect Park—the company that licensed the ABC soaps with plans to take them online—to pen several open-ended storylines in preparation for the soap's move online. The scribe tells Soap Opera Digest (on newstands now) there is no way to go back and edit the finale, or shoot new footage to give fan's closure.

"It's impossible. There is no reshooting of anything at this point."

You would think Disney-ABC would at least have the decency to produce a pair of 90-minute All My Children and One Life to Live reunion movies to give the fans closure for these storied shows that financed ABC's primetime pilot development for decades, while entertaining millions of fans and training generations of Hollywood A-listers. But then again, that would be too much like right.


HBS on final day sadness--

Daytime Emmy winner and long time member of the cast of One Life to Live, Hillary B. Smith (Nora Buchanan) took to Twitter this morning to share her thoughts as she prepared to go to One Life’s ABC Studios in New York City to clean out her dressing room and take one more look around. As you know, tomorrow, December 9th, is the final day for the cast to clear out their dressing rooms and belongings.

Hillary’s touching tweets stated, “I am awake and dreading today. It is the day I move the last of my stuff from the dressing room and say good by to my family. I will roll my stuff unaided through the audience waiting in line to see The View like a discarded lover when she has been all used up.”

“After 20 years of caring and bleeding for this show. I feel dismissed. Like we are all being told, “Move along. Nothing to see here.”

“Have to share the morning. Walked in, through and passed all the audience lining up for The View. It hit me… I will be doing the “Walk of Shame” leaving the building pushing and carrying all of my belongings past the sad looks of the audience. I walked into wardrobe to say “Good-Bye” and burst into tears! After hugging, all 5 walked in my dress room, grabbed my things. Your not alone. They walked me through the crowd like an entourage, helped me load the car and hugged, kissed and waved me “Good-Bye”. True Friends! It makes you realize, the little gestures in life are like the arms of a conductor, they bring music to your soul. The lightest touch leaves the deepest imprint. Even a passing courtesy can make someone’s day. This morning will be forever a memory of love.”

Michael Fairman

Slezak farewell interview will Michael Fairman--


Ilene Kristen exit interview with TV Guide--


TSJ interview with Soaps.com


Soapnet plans 14 hour OLTL New Years marathon--

SOAPnet's ringing in the New Year with a 14-hour One Life to Live celebration! Join us as we spend the day looking back at some of OLTL's most iconic characters and memorable moments from throughout the years! The One Life to Live celebration airs Sunday, January 1, from 10AM-12AM.

10AM – On the witness stand, Karen stuns everyone by admitting that she was a prostitute. (original air date 3/6/79)

11AM – In Argentina, the boat with Tina in it goes over the waterfall. Distraught Cord takes out his anger on Max. Kate feels it's her fault, and Gabrielle tells Max that she can get along just fine without him. (original air date 3/9/87)

12PM – The Buchanan clan goes back in time to the old west for Clint and Ginny’s wedding, and Asa and Cord can't figure out why pictures of Bo are missing. (original air date 5/13/88)

1PM – Jake is devastated as Megan dies in his arms. (original air date 2/7/92)

2PM – OLTL's 25th Anniversary show – Viki and Dorian are locked together in a secret room, Luna is adamant that max is alive, and in the hospital, Tina sits by Cord's bedside and reminisces about their history. (original air date 7/15/93)

3PM – Viki leaves her wedding and walks in on Dorian's affair with Joey, Powell holds Todd at gunpoint, and David asks Tina to accept his proposal and secretly marry him. (original air date 11/28/94)

4PM – Todd and Blair are married and celebrate with a private wedding reception, Marty and Patrick sleep together, and Kelly asks Joey to help her lose her virginity. (original air date 11/14/95)

5PM – Viki realizes she killed Victor Lord, or rather, her multiple personality Tori did. Meanwhile, Dorian is arrested for his murder. (original air date 12/8/95)

6PM – All of Asa's wives turn out for his "funeral." Adjusting to the news that she's a Buchanan, Natalie makes an angry appearance at the service. (original air date 11/16/01)

7PM – One of the show's live episodes – Niki is desperate to get out of Viki's marriage to Ben, Blair confronts Todd for lying to her that her baby died, and Natalie warns Jen about Al. Angry, Al tells Max he wants nothing to do with him. Antonio defends Keri to his mother regarding her financial issues. (original air date 5/14/02)

8PM – In the hospital after being rescued from the pit, Natalie shares her feelings with John. Plus, Jess tries to tell Nash that she's not Tess, but Tess takes over. Meanwhile, Rex thanks Evangeline for saving Natalie. (original air date 8/22/05)

9PM – As he awaits his execution, an emotional Todd gives final goodbyes to his loves ones. Meanwhile, John has the evidence to prove Todd innocent, but can he get to the prison in time? Plus, Antonio pleads with Tess as he tries to get through to Jessica. (original air date 5/29/06)

10PM – After Starr gives birth to Hope, she bonds with Blair and Marcie; Todd decides not to steal the baby, but Bess does instead; Viki saves Natalie and Jared from the bomb in the secret room; John reveals to Marty that it was Todd who raped her. (original air date 11/10/08)

11PM – In front of friends and family, Bo and Nora are married by David. (original air date 6/7/10)


Slezak to co-host the view--

On Friday, January 13, THE VIEW will commemorate the finale of ONE LIFE TO LIVE with a special show dedicated to the beloved soap. Six-time Daytime Emmy Award winner Erika Slezak (Viki) will be a guest co-host of the hour, with OLTL creator Agnes Nixon and other fan favorites scheduled to appear. (Guests will be announced in the coming weeks on The View's official Web site, abc.com/theview.)

The show will feature exclusive footage of OLTL's final taping, interviews with special guests and returning cast members, surprise appearances and a sneak peek clip of the final episode. ABC is looking to fill the studio audience with devoted OLTL fans, so if you want to be a part of this special goodbye, E-mail your request to TheViewSalutesOLTL@gmail.com.

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Daytime Royalty

Week of 12/19

SOW: OLTL Scoops for week of December 19th

The pie-off begins in Paris

Shane tells Aubrey about his gift for his dad

Jack invites Todd over for Christmas

Irene taunts Todd about his fate when the truth is revealed

Tea has strong word for John

Can’t Miss:

12/21: Neela records Jack as he breaks down and admits his part in Gigi’s death.


Gigi’s loved ones gather in Paris, Texas, and share fond memories of Gigi. After waking in Cutter’s arms, “Stacy” meanders by and peers into the windows of the Bon Jour café, and she is deeply touched by the sight of all the people she loves. The judge of the pie contest is the descendent of Professor Del Fina, who had helped Rex and Gigi travel through time. After the contest, all the Llanview residents head to the airport to return to Llanview, but the airline is oversold and Rex remains behind to take a later flight. Rex and “Stacy” come face-to-face. Rex goes off on “Stacy” who defends herself by swearing she doesn’t remember anything. Rex grows more angry until Cutter interrupts and tells Rex and Stacy the truth. Rex doesn’t immediately accept what Cutter is telling him and is infuriated and punches Cutter out. “Stacy” is concerned at first, but Rex reveals that Cutter is a murderer and tells her she is no better. “Stacy” laments that she cannot remember her past. Professor Fina arrives to help. Meanwhile, back in Llanview, Shane arrives home to find Aubrey decorating for Christmas. Aubrey promises Shane she is not trying to replace Gigi, and Shane confides in Aubrey about his plan to get justice. Shane reminds Neela that he needs her help to get Jack’s confession, and after they share a kiss, Jack makes a heartbreaking confession to Neela as her recorder rolls. While maintaining Shane’s confidence, Aubrey tries to warn Rama to keep an eye on Neela. In spite of her misgivings, Neela plays Jacks confession for Shane. Shane calls John over Neela’s objections.

John is at the hospital to bring Tea home after her crisis is averted. Todd interrupts as they are discussing him, and Tea unleashes her fury. Todd is alarmed by her hostility. Later, Tea grows anxious that Todd is trying to get closer to Dani and almost goes off on him again, but John holds her back reminding her that she must take care of her unborn baby. John insists Tea stay away from Todd because she’s in danger of blowing the investigation. Dani tells Tea she invited Todd to spend Christmas Eve with them. Meanwhile, Todd is making headway with Jack.


Roxy's dreams take shape. Viki returns home to find Clint in Kim’s clutches. Upset, she leaves and is comforted by David. Clint tells Natalie about what happened with Viki and Natalie reveals she’s having second thoughts about John after talking with Jessica and plans to find John to talk to him. Natalie finds John with Tea. Christmas Eve arrives and Todd is with Blair and their children. Dani finds gifts that Victor left for his family. Natalie talks with Viki about Clint and Clint tells Jessica he sent Kim away because he loves Viki. John arrives with a gift for Liam.


Special Episode: Roxy dreams of Fraternity Row on Monday, December 19.

Kim comes to Clint to find out if he’s made up his mind, and plants a big kiss on him just as Viki returns home on Tuesday, December 20.

After getting Neela’s reassurance that Jack can trust her, Jack spills the whole story about his part in Gigi’s death while Neela secretly tapes him on Wednesday, December 21.

Tea is upset that Todd's worming his way into a closer relationship with Dani. Almost loses it again, but John pulls her back on Thursday, December 22

Blair explains the Echo diSavoy-as-Santa incident to Todd. Alone, Todd is visited by Irene who warns him that if anyone finds out he killed his brother, he’ll lose everything again on Friday, December 23.

Soap Opera Source

Week of 12/26 and beyond

SNEAK PEEK: Week of December 26

Shane comes face to face with his mother, a beloved couple decides to marry, Gigi and Shane come face-to-face with Jack.

Soap Opera Source

Coming up:

Tea has a hard time controlling her emotions toward Todd.

Dani tells Tea that Todd will be spending Christmas with them.

Dani finds gifts that Victor left for them.

Nate and Dani take another step toward rebuilding their relationship.

John struggles to admit his feelings for Natalie.

David gives Kim a shoulder to cry on.

David's there for Viki.

Clint tells Natalie that he sent Kim away and chose Viki.

Gigi spies a gathering at the Bon Jour Cafe and is touched by seeing all of the people she loves.

Professor Del Fina, the man who helped Rex and Gigi travel back in time, judges the pie contest.

Rex is left in Texas to take a later flight, sees Gigi and lashes out at her.

Cutter tells Rex the truth when Gigi claims not to remember anything.

Shane finds Aubrey decorating at the Buchanan Mansion.

Aubrey assures Shane she's not trying to take Gigi's place and listens as Shane expresses wanting to get justice for his mother.

Jack makes a move toward Neela.

After Neela plays Jack's confession for Shane, he calls John.

Shane and Gigi come face to face.

Viki sees Gigi.

Shane and Gigi come face to face with Jack.

A beloved couple decides to tie the knot.

Destiny Evans gives birth.

Markko returns for a visit.

Cole Thornhart returns.

Viki's daughter Megan Harrison reappears.

Luna Moody Holden makes an appearance.

Gabrielle Medina appears.

Lindsay Rappaport resurfaces.

Mitch Laurence turns up.


More guests announced for tribute on "The View"

Thank Goodness, The View had the forethought to include (and not forget, because that would have have been a HUGE mistake) the incomporable Robin Strasser (Dorian) to their tribute show on One Life to Live!

It will be great to see Robin and Erika Slezak (Viki), who is slated as the episode’s special co-host, reunited on The View Salutes One Life to Live airing January 13th just a few hours before the final episode of OLTL airs across the county!

In addition, another stellar One Life star, Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan) has also been added to the line-up! We had also heard via Twitter from Hillary B. Smith (Nora Buchanan) last week that she would also be appearing on the episode.

Michael Fairman

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Daytime Royalty

Week of 12/19

At the Bon Jour Cafe, Gigi's friends and family gather to remember her

Gigi and Cutter spend the night in each other's arms

Gigi is moved when she sees everyone together at the Bon Jour Café

The judge of the pie-off contest has connections to Rex and Gigi's past

Fate conspires to keep Rex in Paris

Gigi and Rex come face-to-face

Rex is furious when Gigi explains that she doesn't remember anything

Cutter is tempted to clear things up when he catches up with Gigi and Rex

Gigi and Rex learn the truth about the night that Gigi was locked in the basement

Aubrey promises Shane that she doesn't have any intention of trying to replace Gigi

Shane reveals to Aubrey that he intends to seek justice for his mother

Jack makes a full confession, unaware that Neela is armed with a tape recorder

Neela hands the tape over to Shane, who realizes that he has what he needs to send Jack to jail

Neela pleads with Shane to reconsider turning the confession over to the police, but Shane ignores her

Natalie sides with her mother when Clint talks to his daughter about Viki

Viki returns home in time to catch Clint in a heated kiss with Kim

David is on hand to whisk a shaken Viki away before Clint realizes that she saw him kiss Kim

Clint and Kim have a heart-to-heart talk about their relationship

Natalie is hurt when John avoids her calls

Todd is taken aback by Téa's hostility

Blair, Starr, and Sam try to cheer Téa up

Dani stumbles onto some presents that Victor had bought for everyone

Sam anxiously awaits Santa's arrival

Blair tells Todd about Sam's encounter with Echo in a Santa suit

Irene pays Todd another visit



Clint talks to Natalie about his woman troubles. Kim asks Clint if he’s made up his mind yet. Viki gets an unpleasant surprise when she returns home on Tuesday, December 20. Storming off in a huff, Viki bumps into David who tries to boost her spirits. Meanwhile, Clint makes his decision. Viki confides in Natalie, while Clint opens up to Jessica. Elsewhere in Llanview, John tries to calm Téa’s nerves. However, Téa soon nearly loses her temper with Todd. Dani asks Téa if Todd can spend Christmas with them. Blair, Starr, Jack, and Sam try to cheer up Téa. Dani finds gifts Victor bought them before he died. Sam awaits another visit from Santa. Todd has another hallucination of Irene on Friday, December 23. John has a present for Liam. Natalie wants to talk things out with John. And Roxy awakens to the world of “Fraternity Row” on Monday, December 19.

The Inside Story: Back to the Past
Gigi’s loved ones remember her as the pie bake-off begins on Tuesday, December 20. Meanwhile, Cutter and Stacy awaken together and head to the Bon Jour. Everyone is shocked to learn that Professor Delbert Fina’s son is judging the contest. Rex makes an interesting discover. Stacy confides in Professor Fina, and later encounters Rex. On Wednesday, December 21, the pair have a confrontation. Cutter makes a surprise confession. Aubrey is busy decorating the Buchanan mansion. Stacy learns about Cutter’s checkered past. Cutter calls Aubrey to ask for her help. And Friday, December 23, Professor Fina talks about the night Gigi “died.”

A Closer Look: All’s Fair in Love and War
Shane keeps Neela under his thumb on Tuesday, December 19. Todd invites Jack and Neela to lunch in his office at The Sun. Jack kisses Neela and makes a surprise admission. Shane opens up to Aubrey about his plans for Jack. Aubrey tells Rama to keep an eye on Neela. On Thursday, December 22, Jack and Neela grow closer. Todd does something nice for Jack who in turn invites his dad to spend Christmas Eve with the family. On Friday, December 23, Shane gets leverage over Jack. Neela has second thoughts. And John learns of Jack’s confession.


Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers

Roxy's dreams comes true when she dreams of being the lady of Llanfair. Each character is changed from one extreme to the next. Look for Nigel in drag, John as a tennis pro, David who is her husband and quite debonair. Viki and Clint as the hired help and not to miss is Roxy with the hotties of Llanview. This is one episode you won't want to miss. I hear the cast and crew had a ball filming these scenes which made a day of fun and it made them forget what is coming.......The truth will finally come out what happened the night Gigi died, but can she convince Shane and Rex that she is the real deal? Bet on it when we will finally see these two on the road to marriage when Rex purposes to Gigi at Llanfair. But what about Aubrey will her world come tumbling down or will Cutter be there to pick up the pieces? Will Clint choose Viki over Kim?.....The coupling of Todd and Blair is not what it used to be, seems they have lost fans or have just turned people off these days. Could the chemistry be gone between these two....Where is Victor?????.... The latest rumor running the mill is that with the recent conversation that David had a child way back when that we will find out who it is before the show ends next year. Any guesses who it will be? Of course it has to be someone currently living in Llanview.....Did you know David's movie The Boy with the Chipmunk Tattoo is one of RC's clever pop ref's -from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


Week of 12/26

Shane's world is rocked when he sees his mother

Gigi and Shane confront Jack

A couple elopes

Everything changes when Llanview's lights go out




(A Proud Shane)

Shane takes pleasure in his achievements; Todd and Blair's bond deepens


(Shane Meets His Mother)

Todd vows to make Neela pay for her actions; Starr pays a visit to Rick in the hospital.

(Gigi's Alive)

An encounter with Gigi has John and Natalie floored; John and Téa fight about Jack's part in Stacy's death



Shane is reunited with his mother.
Jack encounters Gigi and Shane.
Someone gets married.
A power outage hits Llanview.
Todd and Blair inch closer.


(New Year's Eve)

A potential power outage threatens to leave Llanview residents in the dark


Soaps.com Interview: One Life To Live's Jerry verDorn


The Loving Llanview event will be held at the Theatre at Westbury in New York on January 21, giving fans a chance to celebrate "One Life to Live's" 43 years with several of the soap's cast. Soaps.com recently chatted with one such cast member, Jerry verDorn (Clint), to discuss the event, the "One Life to Live" finale and the future.

Soaps.com: So, The Loving Llanview event is coming up next month.

Jerry: Yes, we've got quite a group of people too. Several of them that usually don't come out in public. Michael Easton (John) usually doesn't do a lot of appearances. So, it's going to be a good time. Have you ever been to that theatre?

Soaps.com: I have not.

Jerry: Oh, it's great. A perfect venue for this kind of thing.

Soaps.com: What are you most looking forward to at the event?

Jerry: Well, seeing the people again. I haven't seen them since our last tape day. November 18 or so. I'm going to catch up on what they're doing and what's going on. It's going to be fun seeing the fans express what they feel about everything that's happened and the end of the show on ABC. The way the storyline is going, it's going to be a very…I think they'll like it a lot.

Soaps.com: "All My Children" ended on a pretty big cliffhanger. Will "One Life to Live" end the same way?

Jerry: It's not really a cliffhanger. It's open ended and it's very upbeat and positive. Several huge, years long stories are resolved in the last week. It's a very, very clever ending.

Soaps.com: Are you happy with how Clint's storyline is wrapped up then?

Jerry: Yes. Very much so. I think it not only was fun to do, it made all the sense in the world. If something does happen where we continue somewhere else, it's very easy to continue.

Soaps.com: What was it like to tape the last few episodes?

Jerry: It wasn't much of anything because we thought we were going to go on immediately into another venue, so we didn't have any idea that it would be the last time we would be together. It still may not be the last time we may be together because Prospect Park has 14 months still of finding something to do with the shows. When Erika [Slezak, Viki] and I had the last scene at ABC, there was like about 350 people out there watching the last scene, which is very unusual. Usually it's just the cameramen there. A lot of people who wouldn't go with Prospect Park if it happens were there and they were kind of teary and everything because they had been with the show, some of them since it started on ABC. And of course everyone had cameras, so it was kind of tough for Erika and myself. [laughs]

Soaps.com: Speaking of Prospect Park, you think there's still hope "One Life to Live" will have another life?

Jerry: Yes. I think there's hope because according to their contract they have until, I think, 2013 in which to do something with it. Either sell it to cable or get refinanced and go online again. They discontinued it. They haven't ended it. They suspended it. So, yeah, I think there's a chance.

Soaps.com: Would you still like to be a part of it if they could make that work?

Jerry: If it's on the East coast. I wouldn't go to the West Coast or anywhere else, but if it's in the New York area, yeah, I would do it.

Soaps.com: What are your plans now that "One Life to Live" has wrapped for the time being?

Jerry: Well, I'm just going to lie low for awhile. I'm in the fortunate position where I don’t have to work if I don't want to. The older ones are kind of in that position. It's the people who are in the middle I feel sorry for, who still have kids and mortgages and stuff like that, because it's difficult to find jobs.

Soaps.com: Back to the event, it will be held a week after the finale airs, so the fans will no doubt be emotional. Do you think it will be an emotional time for the actors as well?

Jerry: I think it will. I know it will for Kassie DePaiva [Blair]. [chuckles] She was kind of teary all the last week I saw her at ABC. I think it's going to be kind of cathartic and people will…it will be a good time to get their feelings out about how the show ended and I'm looking forward to that being 90 percent positive because it makes sense. It's upbeat. Frankly, I think it's a much better ending than what "All My Children" had.

Soaps.com: That's good to hear. Many fans were upset with the way "All My Children" ended, especially now that it might never come back.

Jerry: I know. That's really too bad because they could have done it another way. It happened faster for them, so maybe that was the problem.

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The End is near :rip:

Daytime Royalty

Week of 1/2

Destiny Evans gives birth.

Markko returns for a visit.

All hell breaks loose at Statesville Prison.

Cole Thornhart escapes Statesville.

Lindsay Rappaport resurfaces.

Mitch Laurence turns up.

Viki's daughter Megan Harrison reappears.

Luna Moody Holden makes an appearance.

Gabrielle Medina appears.


Llanview is forever changed when the lights go out

Someone breaks out of jail

A villain returns

Shots ring out

Lives hang in the balance


The aftermath of the prison break continues to take its toll; gunshots ring through the streets of Llanview


(The Prison Break Fallout)
The prison break puts several lives in jeopardy


Mitch has Natalie and John demands to talk to her on the phone when Mitch calls Viki with his demands.


Casting Info:

* Ty Treadway and Meghann Fahy will return as Troy MacIver and Hannah. Look for Ty on January 3.

* Roscoe Born will return as Mitch Laurence beginning on January 3.

* Van Hughes recast as Cole Thornhart and will first appear on January 3.

* Peter Austin Noto plays a convict named Johnny Rocket starting on January 3.

Catherine Hickland returns as Lindsay Rappaport the first week of January.


Tuesday January 3:

Bo and John find out who masterminded the prison break.

Troy holds Nora captive.

Mitch Laurence approaches Natalie, looking for Jessica.

Cole Thornhart surprises Starr.

Wednesday January 4:

John insists on talking to Natalie.

Bo receives a visitor.

Mitch makes a demand of Viki.

Thursday January 5:

Shots are fired.

Friday January 6:

Lives hang in the balance.


SOS Preview or Jan 2nd


In the chaos of the power outage, there is a prison break. John and Bo work together to find the mastermind behind everything and make a surprising discovery. Meanwhile, Natalie comes face to face with Mitch Laurence and another Llanview citizen walks into danger. Mitch makes his demands to Viki and Clint, and John has an important conversation with Natalie. Viki, Clint and John work together to save Natalie. At the prison, Bo learns Troy has escaped, and calls Nora, who is already being held by Troy, to warn her. Bo is frantic with worry over Nora, and an unexpected ally comes to his aid. Troy threatens to repeat history. Starr is shocked when Cole shows up. James warns Starr that Cole has escaped, but will Starr protect Cole?


ENCORE EPISODE: Monday, January 2.

Blair and Todd share a soulful kiss, Todd declares himself to Blair, painting a pretty picture of the life they could have together Tuesday, January 3.

Mitch makes his demands to Viki. John insists on talking to Natalie, and it’s a huge moment for both of them on Wednesday, January 4.

The fallout from Statesville Prison break continues. At the end of the day, shots are fired on Thursday, January 5

The fallout from Statesville Prison break continues as lives hang in the balance. Who will live and who will die? on Friday, January 6.
SNEAK PEEK: Week of January 2.

After 43 years, the people of Llanview say goodbye as they revisit one of the show’s most iconic storylines and draw to a close Agnes Nixon’s mission for “One Life to Live”.

Bo and John are informed of a prison break

Bo and John learn the identity of the mastermind behind the escape

Mitch returns for Jessica

Mitch torments Viki

An unsuspecting person walks right into danger

John is determined to tell Natalie what's in his heart

Viki, Clint, and John join forces to save Natalie

Bo is stunned to learn that Troy MacIver has disappeared

Troy immediately makes his way to Nora

History threatens to repeat itself when Troy is determined to have his way with Nora

Bo receives an unexpected visit from a familiar face

Cole turns up on Starr's doorstep

James races to Starr's side to warn her about Cole's escape

Starr is faced with a difficult choice

Todd and Blair kiss

Todd tries to paint a rosy picture of their future for Blair

Shots ring out

Lives hang in the balance


Nora learn a shocking secret from Lindsay that will change Nora's and Bo's relationship.



Bo and John learn of a prison break at Statesville on Tuesday, January 3. The ring leader of the escape is revealed. Natalie receives an unexpected visit from Mitch Laurence. Troy goes to see Nora. Starr is shocked to see Cole. And Todd and Blair share a meaningful kiss. On Wednesday, January 4, Mitch tries to bargain with Viki. John is determined to talk to Natalie, and races against time with Viki and Clint to save her. Bo is concerned for Nora’s safety. Troy goes to great lengths to get what he wants. James learns of Cole’s escape. Cole asks Starr to hide him. The fallout from the Statesville Prison break continues on Thursday, January 5, when shots are fired. And by Friday, January 6, several lies are in jeopardy. But who will live, and who will die?


Week of 1/9

* Agnes Nixon makes a guest appearance in Llanview the week of January 9.

* John Wesley Shipp returns as Eddie Ford.

* Jason Tam returns as Markko Rivera in January.

* Susan Batten and Jessica Tuck will reappear as Luna and Megan before the show's ABC finale.

* Fiona Hutchison reappears as Gabrielle Medina.


Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers 12/25

With only three weeks left I find myself getting sadder and sadder....Ilene Kristen landed a gig on Law & Order as a high strung ex-beauty queen. She films in January. What is so cool is that she didn't have to audition, they came to her and asked if she would do it......No one really knows the final outcome of the show or how it will end. What I do know is that Gigi finally sees Jack at the police station. Tea is there also to help Jack with his arrest and when she sees Gigi she is shocked beyond belief. Tea and Gigi get into a bit of a spat regarding the kids, but the bottom line is someone died and that was Stacy.... so the question is will Jack be charged with murder? .....The recent news regarding any cast member crossing over are getting stronger, I spoke with one of the actors who DOES believe the news about Easton coming to GH. And it's someone who would have spoken directly with Frank. He says he believes Michael may start taping sometime in January, as to what character it is being speculated he will come over to PCPD as John McBain. Could Mac be getting a new detective now that Lucky has left to go to Ireland?....... I have also heard that Ted King may be on his way as well but nothing solid on that end.....The new year or close to it brings a huge blackout to Llanview. Could this be how we will finally get to see those residing at Statesville Prison...What I am hearing is ....Mitch, (Kidnaps Natalie) Troy, (kidnaps Nora and holds her against her will) Allison (will reveal her secret and that maybe Jessica is "really" Clint's biological Father? ) Hannah, (Kidnaps Starr) Cole, (looks for Starr and Lindsey ( helps Bo find Nora) and everyone else imprisoned escapes....Sad news..... It has been mentioned that Trevor St John is not in the finale as previously hoped.


Erika Slezak Holiday Letter to the fans--

“To all my Dear Friends, This will be a somewhat sad ending to the year for me, but at the same time, I feel enormously grateful for all that I have been given: for the wonderful friends I have made through One Life To Live; for more than 40 years of consistent employment; and for the stories and the laughter and the life that I have been privileged to have led. You, our wonderful audience, have made much of that possible, and so I want to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty, and in particular, for your friendship.

At our final wrap party for OLTL, I said that I would not say goodbye, because I believe we will all cross paths again, and so I am not saying goodbye to all of you for the same reason. OLTL may be ending on January 13th, but we will all continue to be friends, and hopefully will see each other again.
For the last 40 years, I have been so fortunate to have had all of you in my life, all of that due to Walter Miller, who has put up with me through thick and thin, and has managed this club so brilliantly. I would like to thank him so much for all his work and loyalty and his friendship. I also owe a big debt of gratitude to Kit (Swanson) Williams and to AJ, without whom none of this would have happened so effectively and efficiently.

I have no intention of retiring voluntarily, so hopefully some kind soul will find a nice job for me somewhere. Whatever happens in my professional life will always be shared with you. I wish all of you a blessed Christmas, very happy holidays, and all the best for 2012. And I do hope to see you all again. With much love and gratitude, Erika”


KDP interview (incl. video)--

Ilene Kristen interview--

JPL and Farah Fath video interview--

Hillary B. Smith & Robert S. Woods video interview--

Erika Slezak interview--

Cat Hickland interview--
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Daytime Royalty

Week of 1/9

Week of January 9:

After Viki and Clint are shot, Viki will have an out of body experience that will have her late daughter Megan Harrison escorting her around Heaven.

Viki has a lot of company in Heaven.


One Life to Live | Will this ABC soap’s fans be left hanging come Friday, Jan. 13, as their All My Children counterparts were? Mayyyybe not. Though Florencia Lozano, when I visited the set in November, suggested that the “Who killed Victor?” storyline would serve up a cliffhanger in the series’ final episode, I am now hearing that’s not necessarily in the case. What is certain, a source tells me, is that there will be “a major development” in that murder mystery during the sudser’s final hour. Might Tomas be absolved of his fabricated guilt in the crime? Ted King told me to expect a final twist involving his abducted alter ego.

TV Line

In the new issue of SOD they are talking about the final week of OLTL.

Jerry Ver Dorn said the show might rearrange the scenes on the final show so no one will know what the final scene will but he hopes Erika Slezak is in it because that's fitting.

Kristen Alderson said they taped 2 endings for her character and she doesn't know which one they'll use.

As for the stories in the week everyone's still dealing with the prison break/aftermath. Once all that's resolved the characters move on.

Rex,Gigi and Shane decide to leave town and have their goodbyes with everyone

.Destiny gives birth but not in a hospital.

Melissa Archer said that Nat and John's story is left open but it does have some kind of closure to it.

The Fraternity Row also ends. Roxy meets characters played Agnes Nixon,Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini. The characters Frank and Ron are going to play were originally scripted for Prospect Park's Rich Frank but he backed out of it.

In the final week there's a death,a birth and a surprising proposal.


There is an article in TV Guide with Erika Slezak talking about the end of OLTL and it includes spoilers.

Basically a shocking turn happens, during the week of the 9th, due to the Statesville break out, both Viki and Clint get shot. They (Viki and her soul mate Clint) end up in heaven. The photograph is of Erika and Jessica Tuck (Megan) speaking with Clint in the background. There is a reference to how when Viki visits heaven she has a return ticket. Erika also jokes that the only original body part that Viki still has is her appendix.

Full article here: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Erika-Slezak-OLTL-1041253.aspx

Judith Light (ex-Karen) and James DePaiva added to The View tribute to OLTL airing on finale day 1/13. Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Erika Slezak (Viki), Judith Light (ex-Karen), Hillary B. Smith (Nora), Bob Woods (Bo) and Agnes Nixon are also scheduled to appear.

Michael Fairman farewell interviews:

Florencia Lozano & Ted King-- http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/news/oltls-florencia-lozano-ted-king-chat-on-the-final-plight-of-the-delgados/2012/01/06/

Melissa Archer-- http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/one-life-to-live/melissa-archer-interview-one-life-to-live-farewell/2012/01/06/

Erika Slezak-- http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/one-life-to-live/erika-slezak-interview-one-life-to-live-farewell/2012/01/06/

Kassie DePaiva & Kristen Alderson-- http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/one-life-to-live/kassie-depaiva-and-kristen-alderson-interview-one-life-to-live-farewell/2012/01/06/

One Life to Live fans, make sure not to miss this coming Monday’s January 9th episode of Good Morning America on ABC. That is when GMA’s special correspondent and former star of All My Children, Cameron Mathison (Ryan) will host a very special segment as the show pays tribute to OLTL as the iconic show draws to an end and becomes part of television history, while the viewers at home get ready to watch the last five episodes as it wraps up its final week of airshows!

We are hoping they will look at the history, interview the actors in the current cast, and gives us a behind-the-scene glimpse of the final days of life in Llanview.

Michael Fairman
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NY Post article about the end of soaps in NY (lots of actor quotes from all the soaps including some about GL)--


Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers

I write this last OLTL section with great sorrow. I just can't tell you how sad and angry this makes me...... With only one week left it's all about the prison break and what will happen to our favorites.......Viki and Clint will be shot during the conclusion of the Statesville prison break. Viki will be led to the afterlife by none other than ...you guessed it, her daughter Megan played by Jessica Tuck. Viki has been back and forth to heaven 3 times and I have been told she will return from the dead (again). No word if Clint survives.....The good news is that Rex, Gigi and Shane leave town and bid farewell to family and friends....Destiny will have her baby but not in a hospital.....Melissa Archer said that Nat and John's story is left open but it does have some kind of closure to it......The Fraternity Row has it's final air date the same as OLTL and that show comes to an ending....Roxy meets characters from the show played by Agnes Nixon, Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini. The characters Frank and Ron are going to play were originally scripted for Prospect Park's but they backed out.....The final week there's a death, a birth and a surprising proposal......After scheduling conflicts reportedly kept her from reprising her signature role of housewife turned prostitute Karen Wolek, Judith Light will join the girls at the View along with long time friend Erika on Friday, January 13, just three hours before the final "One Life" episode, Light will join several of her former co-stars to recall some of her fondest memories of the show during her time there.....Soaptown's columnist Jeremy who writes Llanview Craze will be attending the January 13th 'Celebrating OLTL" and will report on that event. Soaptown's east coast rep Rhonda will also being attending the "Loving Llanview" event, January 23rd and you can bet these two will have some good reporting.

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Happy about DePaiva and Howarth. Could've lived without Alderson and Easton. Glad they are keeping the same characters though.
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