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~AMC Spoilers & Discussion~; June/July 2011
Topic Started: Jun 11 2011, 12:12 AM (1,462 Views)
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Thought since the end is growing close I would start a new spoiler thread to keep track of the returns and rumors in Pine Valley.

Daytime Royalty

ALL MY CHILDREN: Broderick's writing is coming sometime this month and she has had input over the last few months so we will start to see storylines start to come alive finally!! But only problem is that I honestly believe is that Frons is still putting his two cents in and makes the decisons who will stay and who will go. He needs to let LB do her magic and I am also hearing Agnes Nixon has alot of input as well. Here's hoping these two can do the show and the viewers justice. In my heart of hearts I love AMC it was the first soap I got hooked on but I have to say it's some what of a relief that it is being canceled. The show was so good back in the day and for the last few years it has gone down the toilet. (Thanks Frons for all your hires of unimaginative writers and your insistence to bring back dead beat actors old and new).....While Jane continues to blunder to keep her self in tact as Erica her loved ones begin to realize there is something terrible wrong with her....More Dixie coming and we will find out where she has been and who has been keeping her. Cady tweeted that her scenes are going to air sooner then expected and they had to cut alot of scenes to move things up for Dixie to return. We will find out more about what has happened to Dixie in the time since she ate those killer pancakes. Michael Knight has said in a recent interview that Tad/Dixie are endgame....The Bianca/Marissa story or as fans call them Minx reminds me very much of the Otalia/Frank story on Guiding Light......Coming this month.....The story of Jane's past is revealed. Jane, meanwhile, gets more and more caught up in David's schemes.....Believing Jake and Cara had sex, Amanda makes a reckless decision that could have awful consequences for her.....Marissa responds to Bianca's confession.....Angie and Maya meet......Colby and Asher investigate what Maya's secret is.


Josh Duhamel returns to 'All My Children' -- EXCLUSIVE
by Lynette Rice

Posted Image

In a classy show of gratitude for the show that helped to jump start his career, Josh Duhamel has agreed to perform a cameo on the soon-to-be shuttered All My Children.

Duhamel will reprise his role as con artist Leo du Pres on the ABC soap, which is set to air its final episode in September. The film actor, who went on to star in NBC’s Las Vegas before appearing in flicks like Transformers and Life as We Know It, will appear in an August episode (or two?) of AMC.

De Pres supposed died in 2003 when trying to save Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) in a waterfall accident. His body, however, was never found — which left open the possibility that his character would return to Pine Valley.

Duhamel was nominated for four Daytime Emmy awards for his time on AMC; he won for outstanding supporting actor in 2002.

Occasionally, the daytime soaps are successful in recruiting famous alums to perform cameos before they go off the air. In April 2010, Julianne Moore (A Single Man) reprised her role as Frannie Hughes on As the World Turns before it ended last fall. The Oscar-nominated actress got her start on ATWT in 1985 by playing half-sisters Frannie and Sabrina - a depiction that earned her a Daytime Emmy in 1988, the year she left the show.

There are plenty of other exciting alums that AMC could lure, if the timing (or money) is right. Besides Duhamel, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Christian Slater also got their start on AMC, as did Kelly Ripa and Kim Delaney. The list of graduates of One Life to Life, which goes off the air in January 2012, is equally fun and impressive. Former stars of that soap include Tommy Lee Jones, Blair Underwood, Hayden Panettiere and Yasmin Bleeth.


Eva La Rue Returns to All My Children

Eva La Rue has joined the growing list of All My Children alumni returning to the ABC soap before it goes off the air in September.

Earlier this week, the show announced that it had also snagged star Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas, Transformers). He'll be back for at least one episode in August, reprising the role of Leo du Pres, who died in 2003. Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater) and Cady McClain (Dixie Cooney Martin), both of whom play characters who are now deceased, will also return.

La Rue, who currently stars in CBS' CSI: Miami, will be back for several episodes beginning in July. The actress played Dr. Maria Santos Grey, who first turned up in Pine Valley in 1993, left in 1997 and returned again in 2002. Maria moved to California permanently in 2005 after she spun out of control following the death of her husband Edmund (John Callahan). La Rue was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award and won two ALMA Awards for her role on the show.

All My Children insiders say the show is fielding calls from many former cast members about potentially returning for its final days. (The daytime soap will be replaced this fall by The Chew, a one-hour talk show centered on food.) Other notable stars who got their start on All My Children include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Melissa Leo and Christian Slater.

OMG at Yahoo

More From SID

Before there was Kendall and Zach, Maria Santos was the lady in the casino owner's life. And now, a reunion may be ahead for the former flames since the lovely doctor's portrayer, Eva La Rue, will be bringing her back to ALL MY CHILDREN!

ABC has announced that the CSI: MIAMI star is the latest alum of the soap to return to Pine Valley before AMC signs off in September, and will air in July. Just earlier this week, the network revealed that Josh Duhamel (Leo) would be making a brief appearance, and the soap had already secured fan favorites Cady McClain (Dixie) and Thorsten Kaye (Zach) to reprise their roles. While Transformers star Duhamel is scheduled to only appear in an episode or two -- most likely as a ghost from what sources tell Soaps In Depth -- a spokesperson for the show confirms that LaRue's stint will be spread out over several episodes next month. She first joined the AMC cast in 1993, and left in 1997. La Rue returned in 2002, but the character moved to California in 2005 after spinning out of control following the death of her husband, Edmund (played by John Callahan). Even though she was already starring on hit CBS crime drama, La Rue made a brief AMC appearance as Maria last year during the soap's 40th anniversary celebration in the documentary shot by Kelly Ripa's Hayley.


Week of 6/13

Jack rescues someone.

Greenlee wants Ryan to remember what they have.

Liza asks Colby for a new start.

Amanda hatches a plan to make Jake worry.



Amanda learns Jake & Cara are working together again & hatches a plan to make Jake worry.

Opal encourages Tad to move forward.


Coming up:

Greenlee fears she is becoming her mother.

Cara confesses to Tad.

Griffin plans to leave town.

Greenlee encourages Scott to fight for Madison.

Liza wonders what David is up to.



Jackson rallies the family after stopping "Erica" from taking a drink.
Will Bianca confess her true feeling to Marissa?
Opal tells an insecure Tad to not to allow the past to interfere with his future.
Cara and Jake's renewed working relationship throws Amanda for a loop anew.
Amanda plots to give Jake a taste of his own medicine.



Jake tries to rekindle his romance with Amanda, while Amanda continues to try to manipulate Jake’s feelings. Erica gets in a bind.

Soap Opera Source

Greenlee strikes a bargain

Opal encourages Tad to fight for his future

Colby grows concerned when she spots a bruise on Maya's arm

Jake tries to get his marriage back on track by planning a surprise trip

Amanda plots a new way to gain Jake's attention


Monday 6/13 -- (Helping Madison)
Scott looks to Ryan to comfort Madison;
Marissa tells Bianca she thinks she might give JR another chance.

Tuesday 6/14 -- (Telling the Truth)
Cara feels pleased about her decision;
Greenlee becomes threatened by Madison.

Wednesday 6/15 -- (Bianca Hides Her Feelings for Marissa)
Bianca gives JR some advice;
The bruise on Maya's arm alarms Colby.


Jackson tries the 12-step two-step on Erica, calling on the posse… The real Erica finds herself in quite a pickle… Bianca has a chance to put her heart on the line for Marissa… Opal tries to self-help Tad into overcoming his reticence with love, to be with Cara full-term… Cara jumps into her work at the hospital and around Jake, 100 percent, which is daunting for the jealous wife, Amanda… Amanda toys with making Jake jealous with her own chosen boy toy… Jake takes a shot at making things right with Amanda.


Monday June 13:

Greenlee makes a deal.

Jackson comes to the rescue.

Tuesday June 14:

Opal reminds Tad to stop being a prisoner of the past and fight for his future.

Amanda’s surprised to find out that Cara’s been reinstated at the hospital.

Greenlee asks Ryan not to forget about the connection they share.

Wednesday June 15:

Liza asks Colby for a fresh start to their relationship.

Colby notices a bruise on Maya’s arm.

Amanda is determined to find out what Cara is hiding.

Thursday June 16:

Jake tells Angie he is trying to rekindle his relationship with Amanda by planning a trip.

Bianca apologizes to Krystal.

Past regrets are revealed.

Friday June 17:

Erica tries to negotiate herself out of a sticky situation.

Marissa talks to Bianca about her feelings for JR.

Amanda hatches a plan to make Jake worry about her.



While Opal is happy that Tad and Cara’s marriage seems to be developing into something real, Tad still believes Cara has feelings for Jake. Opal encourages Tad to let go of his baggage and focus on his future. Tad’s hair turns orange when Opal tries to die it. Amanda is surprised to learn Cara and Jake are working together again, and Cara wants to know why Jake didn’t tell her. After Lucy’s christening, Amanda tells Jake she will fight for them, and pulls him into a kiss. Jake wants to make love to Amanda, but she is uncomfortable with the “setting”. Tad shows Cara his hair, and admits he did it to be more attractive to her. Jake admits to Tad that he hasn’t told Amanda about what happened with Cara, and Tad advises him not to. Jake plans a surprise trip to rekindle the romance with Amanda. Amanda confides in JR about her concerns for her marriage. JR encourages her to investigate further before jumping to conclusions about Cara and Jake. Cara admits to Tad that she’s feeling guilty about lying to Amanda, and then she dyes his hair and plants a kiss on him. Cara tells Tad about the trip Jake is planning, and Tad worries that there are too many secrets. When Amanda tries to talk to Jake he is called away for an emergency. Upset, Amanda proceeds to the bar where she gets an upsetting call that David overhears. JR and Amanda meet at the Yacht Club and toast her business success. Amanda decides to give Jake a taste of his own medicine by staying over at the Yacht Club and letting him wonder where she is for a change. Trumball shows up to check on Cara and Tad.

Bianca almost gives Marissa the music box, but backs out when Marissa tells her she is thinking of giving JR another chance. Bianca gives JR the music box on her way out, and JR makes a gift of it to Marissa who is delighted. Marissa later shows Bianca the music box and expresses her delight with JR’s thoughtful gift. Marissa notices that Bianca seems upset and suggests a night out, but Bianca encourages JR to ask Marissa on a date. Bianca helps JR plan a date with Marissa in the park. Marissa wants to continue to move slowly with JR and he thinks it’s because she has feelings for Scott. Scott tells Bianca that Marissa will be making a mistake if she goes back to JR, but Bianca insists it’s up to Marissa to make her own choices. Marissa complains to Bianca that JR is still jealous of Scott.


Madison’s grief is overwhelming and when Scott shows up, she unleashes her fury. Scott calls Ryan and tells him that he’s worried, and Ryan leaves Greenlee to go comfort Madison. Jackson explains his concerns about “Erica” to Kendall and informs her that “Erica” almost took a drink. Jane proposes to buy the hospital from Greenlee and they shake on it. Jackson, Opal and Kendall call Jane to the house and confront her with their worries. Jane explains her behavior by telling them she is still afraid the kidnappers may try again. Ben blurts out to Erica that he is the reason Jane did this and he is loyal because of something he did to Jane. Jane interrupts before he can explain. David tries to persuade Jane that the life she is living isn’t hers but she’s not hearing him. Erica tries to get closer to Ben. Maya is introduced to Angie, and Frankie suggests she would be a good babysitter for Lucy. Liza asks Colby to give her another chance.


Ben blurts out that he’s the reason Jane did this and he’s trying to repay what he cost her. Before he can continue Jane shows up on Monday, June 13.

Frankie realizes Maya’s never met Angie and introduces the two and they immediately hit it off on Tuesday, June 14.

Tad’s hair turns orange after he allows Opal to dye it. He shows Cara and admits he did it for her, hoping to get rid of his gray hair on Wednesday, June 15.

David continues calling Jane by her real name and she insists he stop. Jane admits to mistakenly telling Erica’s family that she was tempted to drink and now they won’t stop hovering on Thursday, June 16.

Jackson tells David he can’t hold the Kendall incident over Erica’s head forever and David says he’s not blackmailing Erica, but rather they’re becoming friends again on Friday, June 17.

Soap Opera Source

Week of 6/20 and beyond

Jake and Amanda's marriage reaches a crisis point

Angie undergoes experimental treatment to restore her vision, and it creates a rift between her and Jesse and Frankie

Krystal has to make a series of difficult decisions .


Liza reaches out to Colby.

Believing Jake and Cara slept together, Amanda makes an impulsive move that could backfire on her.

Jane's past comes to light.

Things get shaken up for Bianca, Marissa and JR.

Angie and Maya meet.

Colby and Asher look into Maya's secrets.



Faux-Erica introduces her new partner after completing the purchase of Pine Valley Hospital.
Amanda comes to a shocking realization after making an impulsive decision with someone familiar.
Angie agrees to move ahead with David's treatment plan.
Kendall spots a disoriented Madison wandering alone in the park.
Bianca continues to struggle with her feelings for Marissa.



Amanda gives into her impulses with JR and is stunned to learn Jake didn't sleep with Cara. Angie is determined to get her sight back.

Soap Opera Source

Coming up, which includes Summer Previews:

Believing Jake and Cara slept together, Amanda makes an impulsive move that could backfire on her.

Greenlee suggests Madison take time off.

Asher offers Colby some advice.

Marissa has second thoughts.

Erica learns more about Ben.

Tad gets a new look.

Jane makes an announcement.

Amanda makes an impulsive decision with JR.

Krystal quits.

Angie wants her sight back.

Maya interviews for a babysitting position.

Jane's past comes to light.

Things get shaken up for Bianca, Marissa and JR.

Angie and Maya meet.

Colby and Asher look into Maya's secrets.


Spoilers & Interviews From June 21st SOD / SOW

Amanda becomes convinced that Jake and Cara are hiding something from her. She confides in JR who tells her not to jump to conclusions. She finds Jake's missing button at the clinic, hears Jake & Cara in a conversation about never telling Amanda their secret b/c it would crush her. Amanda now believes they slept together. She tries to talk to Jake about it but Opal gets in her away and then an emergency distracts Jake. David, who is in the vicinity, decides to taunt Amanda a little bit about the situation noticing she's very insecure. CS notes she thinks the scenes are throwaway but she has missed working with VI. Amanda ends up on a business meeting with JR. The client heads home and Amanda notices JR has booked a room for the night that will be empty now. She decides to take the room and stay there overnight to make Jake worry about what she's doing. SOW tells Jake to be very concerned about what happens next week as things take a stunning turn.

Opal appears to have lost her Glamorama skills when she turns Tad's hair purple this week. Cara is charmed when she realizes Tad's hair experiment was for her. Cara rewards him with a kiss. LH thinks any road to romance won't be smooth even w/o Dixie. He's her best friend, she's not thinking of it as anythign more. There's Jake. There's Jake and Tad are brothers.

Wk of 6.13 Jack catches "Erica" with booze. David gets Jane to do his bidding. Erica continues to work Ben. Jack confronts David. Cara kisses Tad. Maya & Angie hit it off. Frankie suggests Angie hire Maya as Lucy's nanny.
Wk of 6.20 Erica warns Jane she's no match for David. Jane purchases PVH & announces David is her new partner in charge at PVH. Kystal resigns. Angie is determined to see again. Kendall finds a disoriented Madison in the park.

SOW talks to VI about Liza and David. He says them not moving forward with D/L is one of the many things that he doesn't get about the past year. One week there's a kiss, then they don't air. Then another kiss, then nothing. He went to JHC who told him they wanted to wrap up the other stories before doing anything more with that. He was like at least write in a few scenes. SOW speculates even if D/L do get another chance, there's probably an obstacle coming: David's former obsession, Dixie.

A popular female villain from AMC's past will make a quick return before AMC ends.

Lucci gets SOD's Performer of the week for the first weeks of Jane/Erica. They note all the different things she's doing with the two characters, the differences in interactions.

SOW's AMC editor calls a MISS Oout on Grififn walking around anywhere he wants anytime he wants while he's in hiding.

SOD's AMC editor loved CBL getting a chance to show her chops during the Ricky/Michael tie in. In another section, the editor contemplates WTH AMC had David backburner after he woke from the coma. She's happy he's back on the FB. She wants to see lots of making up for lost time with Jane, Dixie, Liza, and Greenlee.

MAIL: A fan discusses being a long term fan of AMC and how she misses love in the afternoon and hopes LB brings it back. A fan hates on ABC for the cancellations. A fan or two in SOD (line) and SOW (full letter) hates Greenlee and very much doesn't want her rewarded with a Leo return. Fans are speculating on who else may return to PV.

Moment fans most looking forward to? 44% Blair seeing RH Todd. 35% Kendall seeing Zach. 21% Tad seeing Dixie.

Kendall is a winner for not having to kiss Ricky again. Madison is a loser having lost her baby and bf in the same week. SOW's Peanut Gallery notes a broken leg seems like a small price for Ricky to have suffered.

Eddie Matos talks about the great experiences he's had with casts including PC's, Cane's and AMC's.

SG discusses how hard it is playing being mean to DC/Scott. Talks about how much they laugh before the camera rolls. Sometimes her tears are from laughing so hard. She talks about how great an actor DC is because as soon as the camera is on, he puts on his heartbroken and she just gets right there with him thanks to that.

There's a father's day article with RPG. Sweet article where he talks about being a dad. Stause, Vilasuso and Minshew comment on daddy Ricky. A father's day Q&A with Cameron. The most rewarding thing about being a dad for him is that what is most gratifying is not having attention on himself but on others.

Nobody has sex on AMC (until the week of 6/20? lol) so this isn't an AMC tidbit: A on-screen duo that recently had sex on-screen, is hooking up in real life too. One portion of the duo is not a first-timer in hooking up with his/her on-screen partner.

Emmy Stuff...

CBL chats about Minshew and her Emmy nomination. Especially with being a part of those scenes, there was no doubt in her mind AM was going to get the nom. She's happy for all the nominees, but she's got a special spot for AM because she was there with her during that. She's proud of her.

Stause notes most embrassing Emmy moments. Once she forgot to wear undergarments and had to send her date to get them. Last year, she arrived so hung over that she passed out 30 minutes before the red carpet. LeBlanc from Y&R notes that when he won lead Actor in 2009, Susan Lucci presented it. He got all fangurl and was gushing bigtime and trying to take pictures with her. She got pulled away before they could.

Interviews with the nominees...

RPG says he chose something not at all melodramatic for this years nomination. Jake proposing. He says he woke up to go to the bathroom when he check his phone. 20 texts with Congrats. He went back to bed with Greta. Greta realized he was nominated when she woke up and she's been giving him the Emmy nominee treatment. He's disappointed the time between nom and ceremony is so short b/c he wanted to milk this. They talk to him about this being his first Lead nom. He says he was Lead but he notes he let the producers decide. He is happy to be in such good company in the Lead category.

AM says she was being driven to work at 6 in the morning after a late night at AMC, she was cranky. Then the producer called with the news than she called her hubby. She picked 5 shows and had the producers choose between them, they all chose the epi where Kendall finds out Zach died. Difference btw Supporting and Lead? She notes supporting is maybe a harder category to get into but there's something so prestigious about being in Lead. She says after 9 1/2 yeard of very hard work, 12 hour days crying about Zach, leaving her baby, moving to L.A. - it feels good to be rewarded with that. She got a lot of texts, kind of credited TK when talking to him for choosing to stay in NY thus the show giving her the material.

DM was coming out a Pilates class when she saw her phone. 10-11 Congrats messages. She thought AMC got extended or something. She opened JHC's message and saw she got a nomination. She discusses usually choosing scenes with Darnell, but she decided early on to go with Ricky Paull. She had some great scenes with him while going blind while being pregnant. Co-nominees Zenk, Flannery, Stafford and [her girl] Minshew all called her to eee. She's not used to talking to some of these ladies, so that was specials. Talks about her chat with Stafford.

MCE found out about her Supporting nod when her parents called her. Then she got all kind of calls, texts, messgaes. She talks about feeling really good about the scenes she submitted where Annie is in no makeup and losing it after cheating on Scott with JR. She's so happy to get a chance to cgill and celebrate with her castmates. She notes she was at the studio the other night, but this is different. She's going to the Emmy's with Stause. She hasn't picked a dress yet. She waxes poetic about being on the show for 4 years and getting 2 noms. SOD notes exactly like Josh Duhamel (fact checker: he got 3 noms). MCE loves the comparison but notes she needs a foot and a half (and a penis) to catch up to him.

Allen (Younger Actress) is not interviewed.


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Daytime Royalty

Exclusive: Three More Fan Faves Return to All My Children

All aboard the crazy train for Pine Valley! Josh Duhamel, Eva LaRue, Cady McClain and Thorsten Kaye aren't the only All My Children grads returning to the cancelled soap. An AMC rep tells TV Guide Magazine that the show will also bring back a trio of women known for playing sinfully delicious nutjobs: Jennifer Bassey (Marian Colby), Kate Collins (Janet "From Another Planet" Green) and Melissa Claire Egan (Annie Chandler) will all be seen again the week of July 25 — together!

The plot finds Marian, Janet and Annie being held at the Oak Haven psychiatric hospital where the presumed-dead Dixie Martin (McClain) is also under observation. The women find a way to escape the facility and will make their way to PV to reunite with their loved ones.

Bassey was last seen on AMC in 2009 when Marian tried to shoot Kendall (Alicia Minshew) and suffered a nervous breakdown. Collins' character was placed into custody in 2010 after stalking her own daughter. Egan left AMC just last March when Annie was committed to Oak Haven for kidnapping. She is currently in the running for a Daytime Emmy in the outstanding supporting actress category.

So who's next? Look for more great AMC stars to be added to the list of returning faves!

Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine now!


It seems like a family reunion is ahead for ALL MY CHILDREN's Jackson! Leven Rambin hinted on Twitter that she is joining the list of Pine Valley alums scheduled to return to the soap before its Friday, September 23, finale. "I might have some good news for All My Children & Lily Montgomery fans!" the actress tweeted last night.

As previously reported, Thorsten Kaye (Zach), Josh Duhamel (Leo), Eva LaRue (Maria), Kate Collins (Janet), Jennifer Bassey (Marian) and Melissa Claire Egan (Annie) have all signed on to make appearances before the show tapes its final episode at the end of the summer. In fact, Duhamel will be on the AMC set today to tape his scenes! The actor tweeted last night that he was "gearing up for Leo's return. Shooting tomorrow!"


Leven Rambin Returning to AMC

By SOD • Posted: Jun 16, 2011

Leven Rambin, who played Lily Montgomery on AMC from 2004-08, confirmed on Facebook that she will return to the show before its September bow. "Can't believe I'll only be able to play Lily Montgomery one last time," she posted. [The] role is such a huge part of who I am as an actress and person. Taught me everything I know. Bittersweet if there was ever such a thing."


Week of 6/20

Erica warns Jane that Jane cannot outwit David

Everyone is stunned when Erica announces that David will run the hospital

Krystal turns in her resignation to Jackson

Amanda learns that Jake and Cara did not sleep together

Kendall finds Madison wandering around the park in a disoriented state

Randi opens up about her miscarriage to Madison

Colby fears that Maya is being abused



Erica warns Jane she's no match for David.
Jane purchases Pine Valley Hospital and announces David is her new partner in charge of the hospital.
Krystal resigns.
Angie is determined to see again.
Kendall finds a disoriented Madison in the park.

6/20 -- (JR and Amanda Discuss Their Lives)
JR and Amanda commiserate regarding their troubled love lives;
Jane solicits advice from Erica.

6/21 -- (Jackson Questions Erica's Behavior)
Amanda looks for comfort from Angie;
Krystal accepts a job offer from Caleb.

6/22 -- (The Kind Words)
Greenlee pays Madison a compliment;
Kendall makes an important decision regarding David.


Amanda plays with JR, as in she may very well go all the way… Imagine Amanda’s dismay and panic when it turns out Jake never went all the way with Cara… Jane follows through with the sale of the hospital, only to come forward with her new business partner… Bianca fights her love for Marissa… Kendall catches a confused Madison walking around aimlessly in the park… Angie resolves to end her blindness—even if it means trusting David.


Monday June 20:

Amanda makes an impulsive decision with JR.

Erica warns Jane that she is no match for David.

"Erica" buys the hospital from Greenlee.

Tuesday June 21:

Krystal gives Jackson her resignation.

Amanda is stunned to find out that Jake didn’t sleep with Cara.

"Erica" announces that David will be her partner in charge of Pine Valley Hospital.

Wednesday June 22:

Kendall tells Griffin she is going to stop blaming David for everything.

David tells Greenlee that his dark side helps him understand her in a way that Ryan never will.

Bianca continues to struggle with her feelings for Marissa.

Thursday June 23:

Angie is determined to get her sight back after David gives her a detailed treatment plan.

Kendall spots a disoriented Madison in the park.

Angie interviews Maya for a babysitting position.

Friday June 24:

Randi shares with Madison the story of her miscarriage.

Amanda struggles with telling Jake the truth.

Colby suspects that Maya may be in an abusive relationship.



Jackson asks “Erica” what David wants, and Erica brushes it off as sharing information, nothing more. “Erica” signs the deal for the hospital. David presses Jane to sell him the hospital. Jane seeks advice from Erica, and Erica warns her about the dangers of dealing with David. Erica tells Jane she knows about the accident and warns her that pretending to be someone she isn’t will not heal her true scars. When “Erica” announces that she and David are co-owners of the hospital, Jackson is shocked and wants to find a loophole to break the contract, but Erica refuses. Jackson catches “Erica” and David at the yacht club sharing a drink, but “Erica” claims it was only sparkling cider. News that David is now co-owner of the hospital rocks the PVH staff. Jake and David almost come to blows. Angie shares the news with Frankie and admits that David is a talented doctor. Krystal and Caleb share their puzzlement that Jackson would just stand by and allow “Erica” to become involved with David. Kendall tells Griffin he must help her stop David from manipulating “Erica”. David informs Greenlee that he bought the hospital to help people and now she can focus on her personal life, then subtly digs that he will always get her in a way Ryan never can. David tells Angie he can restore her sight but Jesse objects. David claims he wants Angie back on staff, but if she keeps allowing others to think for her she will remain “blind as a bat.” Ryan begins to suspect that David may have been involved with Erica’s kidnapping.

Amanda and JR confide in each other about their relationship woes. After talking with Opal and Bianca, Marissa apologizes to JR and tells him their argument was not his fault. Marissa wants to go on a trip with Bianca, who tells her JR is planning a trip for her to the Grand Canyon. Jake decides to tell Amanda the truth about what happened between him and Cara. Amanda confides in Angie, and Angie spills the beans about Jake’s planned surprise trip.


Kendall admits to Griffin that she was running away from him. Krystal resigns her position with Jackson and takes a job with Caleb. Ryan realizes that he’s neglected Greenlee and apologizes. But when Kendall and Griffin find a disoriented Madison alone in the park and take her to Kendall’s, Greenlee’s suspicion and jealous is reignited. Kendall promises Madison she will help her get through this. Randi shares her story about her miscarriage with Madison. Angie interviews Maya for a babysitting position. Colby sings for Asher and he’s blown away. Colby notices more bruises on Maya’s arm.


Erica warns Jane that she is no match for David. She tells Jane she knows about the accident and points out that being her will not take away her pain on Monday, June 20.

“Erica” makes the announcement that David is the perfect partner to help her guide PVH on Tuesday, June 21.

When Marissa tells Bianca she wants to join her on her trip, Bianca says JR planned a trip for him and Marissa to the Grand Canyon and JR plays along on Wednesday, June 22.

Angie assures her husband that David will not control her. David tells Angie he wants her back on staff but if she keeps listening to everyone else she’s going to remain blind as a bat on Thursday, June 23.

Greenlee is surprised to find Madison at Kendall’s. She questions if Madison’s faking being ill but Kendall says no way on Friday, June 17.

Soap Opera Source

Week of 6/27 and beyond

Coming up:

David wants to buy the hospital from "Erica."

Jack wants to break "Erica's" deal.

Amanda cries on Angie's shoulder.

Caleb offers Krystal a job.

Asher hears Colby sing.



David warns Jane to keep her distance from Ryan.

Erica is knocked out.

Dixie stirs in her sleep.

Jake wants a baby.

Cara assures Opal she wont hurt Tad.

Bianca makes a confession to Marissa.



Marissa takes a huge step after Bianca confesses her feelings. But towards whom?
Fate appears to be taking Amanda's situation from bad to worst.
Griffin tells Kendall and Bianca he's going back to the field immediately.
David warns Jane not to get too close with a suspicious Ryan.
Someone goes down when Erica and Jane get into an altercation.



Bianca makes a confession to Marissa, Jake suggest he and Amanda have another baby, Dixie stirs in her sleep, and Kendall and Griffin have an awkward goodbye.

Soap Opera Source

Spoilers From June 28th Issue Of SOD / SOW

Lorraine Broderick basically does an ode to David and Vincent. She licks her chops over the VI/SL yarn left to her by D & D. She thinks David is a delicious villain and the Jane blackmail is so him in top form. She notes he has chemistry with every woman on the show and she thinks every woman on the show would love to work with him. That aside, she pretty much eees over having SL/VI together. She notes that when Erica is really back on the canvas, there's going to be a lot with Erica/David. She thinks they're wonderful together and has big plans for both of them.

JR & Amanda have sex. Amanda is convinced Jake & Cara had sex. JR confides his own problems with Marissa and is surprisingly compassionate. They end up kissing. Amanda stops but JR points out Jake didn't stop. They have sex. Amanda's upset afterwards because it didn't really make her feel better, even though she's still convinced Jake cheated. JR is still being nice which he isn't usually after they have sex, so she calls him out on that. Amanda returns home where Jake is ready to spill the truth. They keep on getting interrupted. She blurts it out for him, he had sex with Cara. He's like no, we almost did but stopped. Amanda is guilt-ridden. CS is annoyed by this storyline thread. In her mind, what Jake/Cara did was cheating (the kiss & emotionally), more dangerous than JR/Amanda's connection. She's not condoning cheating for cheating BUT she's having a hard time playing this as written which is just b/c Jake didn't have sex it wasn't cheating and it's all on Amanda.

Walt Willey is also having a difficult time with his story. He knows in real-life a person wouldn't conclude a loved ones life was taken over by a twin, but this is a soap. Making David co-owner of the hospital is so not something Erica would do. He laughs at the notion of Jack committing "Erica" and her ending up in OH with Janet, but says Jack's priority is to not make Erica run away. "Erica" turns it around on Jack when he catches her about to take a drink with David. Willey groans about Jack's stupidity in letting her do that. Meanwhile, Krystal quits working for Jack due in part to he David stuff. Willey thinks Jack/Krystal have been completely dropped. By the end of week, Krystal does accept employment with Caleb.

Wk of 6/20 Jane asks Erica for David advice. Angie decides to start David's treatment. Ryan shares his David supicions with Jesse. Colby's singing gets to Asher. Kendall gives Greenlee advice about Madison. Bianca/Marissa leave on a trip.

AMC/OLTL get joint Editors' Choice in SOD for Good and Evil. OLTL for the Matthew/Eddie/Nate/Bo/Nora thread with Matthew collasping after Nate hit him for the whole Eddie situation. AMC for the Ricky/Kendall showdown (editor remains a bit anal about not offending Z/K fans).

SOD's AMC Editor still has her issues with the Erica/Jane story (Jane not being careful enough not to drink in public, etc) but she's enjoying SL's performance. Jane taking a liking to Greenlee but not being able to get away from Erica's kids fast enough. Her admiration for David.

The lovely song played a few time including during Jesse saying goodbye to Ellie was "Dust" by Ben West.

Eddie Matos talks about how wonderful SL is. She's so big but makes you feel anything but intimidated in scenes. He told her his bro was being honored in Florida and asked her if he bought a book would she sign it for him so he could put it up for the charity. She went to her dressing room, got a book she had in there and gave it to him. He was so touched he teared up.

CBL says she and AM taped the first scenes after the cancellation announcement (I'd estimate that was Ricky goes down week). She talks about how difficult it was to finish that day and its a testament to the actors on the show.

SOW does FYI with Jordi. He'd call Alicia if he ever needed bail money. His epitaph choice is cool. It's moe or less: I was blessed. So are you. Enjoy it. There's more Q&A's there. SOW notes David is a winner for figuring it all out abotu Jane. Erica, though, is a loser b/c David believes Jane about treating Erica right. SOW also ponders Pink (whose real name is a variation of Alicia) naming her new kid Willow like AMC's Alicia.

MAIL: A lot of mail about the cancellation. A fan just wants a happy Jerica ending. Fans are wondering what Dixie's return will mean for Tad and Cara. A fan gives kudos to CBL for her performances lately. Disappointed it took so long to give her meaty material.

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Daytime Royalty

Week of 6/27

Cara promises not to hurt Tad

David advises Jane to stay away from Ryan

Ryan wants Tad to officiate his wedding to Greenlee

Asher and Colby share a heated kiss

Jesse decides to question "Erica" about the kidnapping

Erica is rendered unconscious


Griffin reports to Kendall and Bianca he’s ready to return overseas for Doctors Without Borders duty, as soon as he’s able… Kendall and Griffin try to say aloha, but it’s full of trips and stumbles… Bianca drops pretenses to be real with Marissa… Marissa makes her decision about Bianca or JR… Jake is the one to bring up baby-making with Amanda… Is Dixie coming back?... David alerts Jane to refrain from chatting up Ryan like he’s harmless… Erica and Jane begin to tussle.


Monday June 27:

Cara assures Opal that she won’t hurt Tad.

Amanda experiences stomach cramps.

Bianca makes a confession to Marissa.

Tuesday June 28:

Marissa reconnects with JR.

Griffin tells Bianca and Kendall that he’s leaving Pine Valley.

David warns Jane not to get too close with Ryan.

Wednesday June 29:

Ryan asks Tad if he will marry him and Greenlee.

Dixie continues to stir restlessly in her sleep.

Kendall and Griffin have an awkward goodbye.

Thursday June 30:

Jake asks Amanda if they should start trying for another baby.

Asher unexpectedly kisses Colby and wants to make love.

Jesse questions Jane about the kidnapping.

Friday July 1:

Kendall admits to Greenlee that she misses Griffin.

Erica is knocked unconscious.



Tad brings Cara a bouquet of flowers and Cara presents Tad with a box she found containing a stuffed animal Dixie once gave to JR. Tad takes the toy to JR for his birthday and they talk about Dixie and how she would feel about their lives and their loves. Tad returns to find Cara dressed up for a celebration, and they toast their three month anniversary. Cara says goodbye to Griffin and he’s surprised she’s not more upset. Cara confirms she is happy with Tad and wants to make their marriage a real one, as Dixie dreams of her wedding to Tad. When Jake leaves with Trevor to continue planning his surprise for Amanda, JR admits to Amanda he was scared she told Jake the truth. Bianca admits her feelings to Marissa, who is flattered but says she is straight. Bianca doesn’t want her feelings to get in the way of their friendship and offers to babysit for AJ while Marissa goes to be with JR on his birthday. Marissa surprises JR with a passionate kiss and they make love, but afterward, Marissa ponders Bianca’s confession. JR and Marissa share the news that they are back together with Bianca and AJ. JR is delighted, while Marissa seems more reserved. JR confides in Tad that his mother would be disappointed in some of the things he’s done lately, but reveals that he and Marissa have reunited. Later as Tad prepares breakfast for Cara, Dixie awakens.

Amanda goes home to find Jake dressed as a pirate, opening a special bottle of wine and she is overcome with emotion at his romantic gesture and bursts into tears. Jake believes her tears are because he hasn’t been showing her how much he loves her, and tells her he wants them to have another baby. As Jake and Amanda begin to make love, she experiences stomach cramps. Amanda pretends she has business with JR, and when she sees him, she expresses concern that they didn’t use protection. JR assures her that their relationships will not be affected by their tryst.


Ryan and Greenlee marry in a surprise wedding. Madison develops a new, edgier and feistier look to accompany her ideas for a new line called “Fierce”. David and Jane sleep together, and Ryan’s continuing investigation into Erica and David turns up evidence that they spent the night together. When Jane tells Erica she slept with David, Erica pushes her. Colby and Asher make their relationship official, and they almost bust Maya’s boyfriend, Mookie, but Maya covers for him. Kendall and Griffith share an awkward goodbye when he leaves for Chile, and Kendall regrets not admitting to Griffith how she feels and asking him to stay.


Amanda arrives home to find Jake dressed up as a pirate and armed with the wine they drank on their first on Monday, June 27.

After making love to JR, Marissa lays awake thinking about Bianca’s admission on Tuesday, June 28.

Ryan surprises Tad by asking if he will marry him and Greenlee today on Wednesday, June 29.

David finds Jane after her chat with Jesse and having dropped her “Erica” persona is nervous again. David pulls her into a kiss and tells Jane he wants her on Thursday, June 30.

Randi is shocked by Madison’s new, fierce, look. Madison’s confident and has a new sense of self. on Friday, July 1.


Week of 7/4 and beyond

Coming up:

Cara wants to take Tad on a date.

Marissa surprises JR.

Bianca encourages her sister to take a chance.

Ryan questions "Erica."

Maya shows up with a black eye.

David and Jane grow closer.

Madison gets a new look.

Ryan surprises Greenlee.



Erica tries to make her escape.

JR tells Marissa that Bianca has been helping him rebuild their relationship.

Asher pops some pills.

Ryan sneaks into David's office.



Ryan's suspicions of David grow, Jake takes Amanda to the hospital, Marissa cools things off with JR, and Erica begins to work on her book.



Erica finds herself with the perfect opportunity to make her escape.
Ryan sneaks into David's office determined to get to the bottom of things.
Amanda is rattled to learn what is causing her symptoms.
Marissa is surprised when JR reveals Bianca's pivotal role in his wooing of her.
Asher begins popping pills after re-injuring himself.


Spoilers From July 5th Issue Of SOD / SOW


Ryan & Greenlee get remarried. CM jokes that Ryan's 180 is because the show was axed. He says that Ryan forgives Greenlee for everything she's done & surprises her with a wedding. She's happy & Tad marries them. Ryan then starts to go after David.

Griffin decides to leave town because he's afraid of his feelings for Kendall.

Cady McClain talks about how Dixie is trapped at Oakaven & trying to hold on to her memories because she's really out of it & she's trying to keep remembering who she is.

Sneak Peeks:

Colby & Asher decide to be boyfriend/girlfriend. Bianca admits to Marissa that she's attracted to her.
David and Jane have sex. Madison debuts a new look. Picture in SOD shows Madison coming out of all this smoke like a smoke machine is being used. Maya covers for her abuser. Can't Miss: Friday, July 1: Erica knocks Jane unconsciois.


More Details + Video About Josh Duhamel's Return

A setsider tells Soaps In Depth that when Josh Duhamel (Leo) returned to the ALL MY CHILDREN set last week, on June 15, he taped enough scenes to span three episodes! The Transformers star should hit the small screen in August, but he can be seen on the big screen as Lt. Lennox starting Wednesday, June 29, in the third installment of the action film series, Dark Of The Moon, based on the 1980s toy line.

A few days after taping his AMC scenes, Duhamel visited THE TONIGHT SHOW to chat with Jay Leno about his Pine Valley return and the latest Transformers flick. Check out a hysterical clip of the two arguing about AMC below!


Carol Burnett Returns to AMC

Carol Burnett, who made her AMC debut in 1983 as Langley Wallingford’s long-lost daughter, Verla Grubbs, will reprise the role for several episodes in September in scenes opposite Susan Lucci (Erica) and Jill Larson (Opal). Viewers may recall that longtime AMC fan Burnett also hosted the show's 25th anniversary episode in 1995 and did a cameo opposite Eden Riegel (ex-Bianca) and Terri Ivens (ex-Simone) in conjunction with the show's 35th anniversary in 2005. Said EP Julie Hanan Carruthers in a statement, "It is our honor and pleasure to welcome back Carol Burnett to Pine Valley. Verla Grubbs is a beloved member of the ALL MY CHILDREN family and we look forward to reprising her character."

Source: SOD
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Daytime Royalty

Week of 7/4

Erica attempts a daring escape

Jake takes Amanda to the hospital

Bianca tries to get over Marissa by going out on a date

Marissa learns that Bianca has been helping JR woo her

Asher becomes more dependent on pain medication

Ryan takes a look around David's office


Erica sees a chance to make a break for it… Erica puts pen to paper for her next best seller… Ryan digs around in David’s office… Amanda’s pain impels Jake to escort her to medical care… The cause of her labors blindsides Amanda… JR discloses all the wonderful things Bianca did for him to charm Marissa, leaving Marissa in awe… Marissa turns cold on JR… The pain from the blast has taken its toll on Asher—in the form of prescription painkillers.


Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers

Melissa Clare Egan mention she is coming back and her first airdate is July 25th. Insiders say she is involved in an umbrella story which involves the three woman who breakout of Oak Haven as well as Dixie. The story is to include Tad, JR and maybe David along with some others possibilities. This story may last longer then expected due to what the writers have planned if all goes accordingly. I am hearing it will be the endgame for Tad and Dixie, and it seems they're going to fill up the remaining days with drop ins from returning vets to make the viewers happy if only for a momemt. But as of now the hatches are tighten down at AMC. One fan commented to me that the returns are only to distract from how bad the show really is and they may be right!!!......"We're not going to have everybody be happy and fade into the sunset," Mrs. Nixon says. "It's going to be very satisfying, but there are some things that one would want to watch in the following weeks"......... Eden Riegel Twittered: "What am I, the only person NOT going back to AMC? I propose me & Sarah Michelle Gellar do one day as extras. Binx and Kendall can look at us funny. Even if they did want these 2 back would CBS even let Eden cross over to ABC after all the bad blood of stealing actors from one another?...Did you notice Chrishell Stause new do on Emmy night? Loved it....What if Jane and David hit the sheets?

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Daytime Royalty

Week of 7/4

Monday July 4:

A repeat of the November 11, 2010 episode will air. Relive some of Zach and Kendall's last moments together.

Tuesday July 5:

Ryan becomes suspicious of David’s actions.

Erica tries to make her escape.

Wednesday July 6:

Jake brings Amanda to the hospital.

Bianca goes on a date.

Marissa decides to cool things down with JR.

Thursday July 7:

JR reveals to Marissa that Bianca is the one who’s been helping him rebuild their relationship.

Scott tells JR that he’s restoring the guest house so he can move in.

Asher pops some pills.

Friday July 8:

Erica begins to work on her book.

Ryan sneaks into David’s office.

David finds Jane clad in lingerie waiting in his room.



Everybody wants to figure out what David is up to. Kendall is certain there’s an explanation for “Erica” spending the night with David. Jake vents to Jesse about David taking over the hospital and muses that there must be away to kill him and get away with it. Jesse says there are better ways to handle the David problem and asks Jake to keep his eyes and ears open. Ryan tells Jesse about Erica and David spending the night together and they discuss how David is treating Angie’s blindness. David offers Madison some tips on dealing with Greenlee, but she wonders if he’s just using her to get under Greenlee’s skin. Greenlee speculates that “Erica” and David are having an affair. Bianca is shocked to learn that “Erica” spent the night with David and is frustrated that her mother keeps pushing Jackson away. When Angie busts Ryan snooping in David’s office, he admits he is trying to get the goods on David’s business with Erica. Angie agrees to help. David returns to his room to find a scantily clad Jane, looking for love. When he claims he has business to attend to, Jane feels rejected and accuses him of using her. David covers and plays the “I’m falling for you” line and Jane buys it hook line and sinker. Just as David kisses Jane, Jackson shows up and almost catches them. Jackson wants to know how David persuaded “Erica” to work with him all night, and David says he thought she went home. After Jackson leaves, Jane comes out of hiding and David sends her to find Jackson and make up.

JR and Amanda fret over her potential pregnancy. JR tries to persuade Marissa to have a baby with him, but she accuses him of pushing her too far too fast. JR is uncomfortable with taking things slow and talks about his worries with Bianca, who advises him to make Marissa feel loved and wanted. JR confesses to Marissa that Bianca has been helping him woo her. Bianca and her date run into JR and Marissa and Bianca’s date notices the connection between Marissa and Bianca. Bianca’s date cuts their evening short, and Bianca and Marissa come to an agreement that for their friendship’s sake, they need to keep their distance for a spell. Meanwhile, Amanda’s symptoms grow more worrisome. Jake takes her to the hospital where Cara treats her. Amanda’s relief at learning she is not pregnant is short-lived when Cara reveals that her symptoms could be the result of HPV or cervical cancer.


Tad tells Cara that his feelings for her are growing stronger, but he is worried that her feelings are more about gratitude, and he wants to reinforce that their marriage is one of convenience before either of them gets hurt. Kendall is first worried when Ryan tells her that Griffin wasn’t on the plane, but later is delighted to discover that he stayed in Pine Valley . . . for her. When Jane is unconscious from a fall, Erica puts on her clothes and pretends to be her to escape, but her plain fails when Jane comes to. Erica asks for a tape recorder so she can work on a new book. Ben’s sympathies are tweaked as he listens to Erica dictate her life story. Colby’s concerns over Asher’s use of prescription drugs proves well founded. Mookie informs Maya he’s accepted a job and is staying in Pine Valley to be near her.


ENCORE EPISODE: (original airdate 10/6/10)--Kendall and Zach go down memory lane and the history of their relationship on Monday, July 4.

Marissa’s taken aback when JR suggests they have another baby. Jake takes Amanda to get checked ouT at the hospital on Tuesday, July 5.

Cara explains she was crying because she wants Jake and Amanda to be as happy as they are. She’s grateful for all he’s done for her. The two kiss and then Tad asks Cara for a divorce on Wednesday, July 6.

Scott tells JR that he is restoring the guest house so he can move in. He wants to be close to his family similar to how Adam and Stuart lived there together on Thursday, July 7.

Kendall’s surprised when Griffin shows up at her house. He admits he came back to town for her on Friday, July 8.

Soap Opera Source

Week of 7/11


Greenlee overhears Jane/David plotting together. Ryan forms an alliance with Ryan. Jordi notes that David is coming into Griffin's story in an interesting way. Griff lies to Ryan. Ryan continues to investigate. David makes an announcement. Amanda tells JR her secret. JR dreams of marrying Marissa then buys a bottle of liquor.


Coming up:

Amanda finds out she's not pregnant, but learns from Cara there could be another serious reason for her symptoms.

Madison vents to David.

JR is confused by Marissa's change of heart.

Liza comes on to Tad.

Amanda gets surprising news.

Tad confronts Cara about their marriage.

Ryan learns Griffin never got on the plane.

Mookie takes a job with Scott.

Angie catches Ryan in David's office.

Greenlee overhears David and Jane.

Ryan and Griffin team up.

David's medical advances go beyond what he's doing with Angie.



Greenlee overhears David and Jane making plans, JR buys a bottle of alcohol, Marissa acts impulsively, and Griffin lies to Ryan.

Soap Opera Source


Amanda reveals to a disbelieving JR that she has an STD.
JR struggles with the temptation to turn back to alcohol in the face of his life falling apart.
Is the noble Dr. Griffin really on team Ryan or is he actually on team David?
Erica's friends and family stage a different type of intervention.


Spoilers & Interview From July 12th SOD / SOW

SOD is an AMC cover previewing the end. Erica has the big picture, smaller pictures of Duhamel, Bianca/Marissa (Love at Last), Angie/Jesse (Huge Fallout) Zach/Kendall & Tad/Dixie (Happy Reunions). None of this is really previewed but LB does have an interview in there. A lot of AMC stories in both magazines.

David's master plan is...about a breakthrough in medicine he's discovered. It starts with Angie but it's bigger than that. To that end he has to try to keep an agitated Jane in line because he needs her influence as Erica to get this to fruition. VI waxes poetic about Broderick. He notes fans are enjoying the Jane/David dynamic. David knows Jane's plan won't be able to last forever (somebody will figure it out) but his goal is to ride it out with her to get his breakthrough to completion and revealed. Jane is feeling David now that they've had sex and he has to reel her in. David is kind of enjoying messing with Jack about Erica being into him b/c he's David, lol. Jack finds out they spent the night together. Greenlee confronts David who goads her in his typical way. Ryan searches his office. Angies catches him. Will she turn Ryan in or help him?

This week Marissa backs off JR suddenly and is jealous of Bianca dating another woman. Marissa is flustered when she realizes just how much Bianca helped JR. She really just jumped in bed w/him to "reclaim" her hetero-ness not b/c it felt right. Knee-jerk reaction. Then there's the date. Bianca's date calls Marissa out on Marissa being jealous and Marissa is definitely bothered by the date. Bianca admits she helped JR b/c she couldn't do it herself b/c of Marissa's sexuality. Bianca tells Marissa they need their distance which upsets Marissa.

Amanda isn't pregnant, but all is not good news as Cara reveals to her that [Amanda] may have an STD. Stause once again is agitated by the fact that what Jake did with Cara is not seen as cheating by Amanda. It is to Chrishell. She thinks a lot of women agree with her too. She just would have liked more balanced writing instead of that angle being completely dropped by Amanda. She goes on to joke about how stupid JR/Amanda are for not using protection as this has happend before - the pregnancy scare. Jake takes her to the hospital and has no cluse she could be pregnant with another mans baby. Again, she isn't. It may be an STD. Cara agrees to keep quiet.

I'll go back to the OP. But first the Lorraine Broderick interview...

At the time of this interview she only had 3-4 weeks left of writing.

She had no idea about the cancellation. She got the call a week before and was working on her storylines that weekend and then the news came down. Her mission then became to give the show a conclusion it deserves and satisfy long-term fans. It's the ame thing to her. The core characters, the history, the relationships in particular - digging into all those things is how she found the story. It would have been that way with or w/o the cancellation. She talks with Agnes about three times a week and she participates in all their note meetings.

She goes on for quite a while on Cady, Tad/Dixie. She thinks Tad/Dixie are one of the great love stories but also loves what D & D with Tad (bringing him frontburner) and Tad & Cara. (She also talks about working very closely with D & D while she was head-writing last time.) She thinks it's the beginning of a wonderful triangle. She says she feels about Tad/Dixie how she felt about Adam/Brooke and getting Cady back was equivalent to how she felt about getting Julia Barr back when she was head-writing last. Due to all the history she felt there were things that needed to be rectified. Everybody on the writing team was on board. She talks about how she was there when Dixie was created and Cady was a 17 year old, before she was at AMC, MEK was her student at the University she worked for. There's going to be wonderful events for the Chandler family as well.

Erica. For some reason she brings up that she thinks D&D did a good job with Erica/Caleb, but probably in reference to Erica's need to challenge all the men in her life due to the fact that she can't be loved enough. LB notes Erica loves Jack with all her heart but that something that won't change about her. She talks about Nixon's deep understanding of Erica. She thinks the story that was started is perfect to go into that fabric of Erica. They'll resolve the Jane story in a fun/interesting way. They're going to be able to start fresh with Erica after this story. The exploration of what this situation would do to Erica's psyche. She's excited to be back but there'll be a sense of betrayal and it'll color the relationships.

Lorraine Broderick Interview Continued...

Jangie. Powerhouse actors. incredible characters. They're already digging into how to resolve that in a very dramatic & interesting way. She can't wait to see what DW/DM do with this material. She cries when she's writing the current material for Jangie. It's going to be good.

Zach/Kendall, wonderful couple. Kaye, terrific actor, she's thrilled he's back and he'll be working a lot. They've started the writing for him. She notes it's a gift to be able to work with all these unresolved situations with important characters.

Leo/Josh. Thrill, gift to the writers & fans, all the returns. Some of the returns will be surprises.

The rest is general. Her daughte ris getting married at the end of July so taking on this task wasn't the easiest decision but she doesn't regret it. Despite the circumstances, it's a wonderful experience for everybody involved to be working together like this. She has all this old history (Brooke/Tom, Erica, the Martins) and Addie Walsh her right hand woman has all the more current one (Z/K, R/G). She's also working closely with Jeff B in writing. Then there's Agnes who is the Erica encyclopedia. They got all the history there. The history all of them have together helps them write situations/stories that really speak to all these characters.

She says Agnes will contribute to have both AMC & OLTL end and that's how it should be.

Wk. of 7/4 Con't. We learn Griffin never went to Chile from sleuth Ryan. Kendall is surprised to see him at the hospital where he doesn't reveal why he returned. He does visit her later and after a lot of talking finally admits he returned for her. How will she repsond?

Liza is fired. Caleb offers a job. Erica starts writing a book and plays on Ben's sympathies. Asher is becoming dependant on pain pills. Tad wants a divorce.

Josh Duhamel talks about how nervous he was to be working at that daytime pace again. He loves on Leo/Greenlee/RB (<--who he taped with) but won't reveal if Leo is alive. Says he and RB just fell into their old pattern like it was yesterday.

Catherine Kresge will play Bianca's girlfriend wk of 7/4

AMC editor in SOD thinks the JR/Amanda hook-up was unnecessary. She wrote this two days before it aired. It didn't ring true. Cheapens Amanda and her marriage.

AMC editor in SOW is loving seeing David back on the FB and says from what he's heard it's just the beginning.

Walt waxes poetic about Lucci getting to do this double role.

Cady says she didn't attend the Emmy's b/c it was sad for her. So many people out of work, all the drunk people in part due to that, lol.

Many, many Emmy pictures and Emmy stuff in both mags.

MAIL: Fans enjoing the Minx (Bianca/Marissa). A Jerica fan is upset about the current story with Erica/Jane/David. A Jerica fans is happy about all the returns but wishes the writers would give them hope about Jerica. A lot of mail about the Daytime Emmy's sucking. A fan asserts that Jake was born Joey, and Joey had Downs Syndrome. She'd like that acknowledged on the show. A fan would like the dead to remains dead in PV, points out Zach.


RUMOR REPORT: Is All My Children Getting a Two-Hour Finale?!

I'm hearing the last episode of All My Children will be September 23, and reportedly the serial will be getting a two-hour send off! Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as more information becomes available!


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Daytime Royalty

CONFIRMED: Two-hour finale of All My Children to air September 23rd!

On-Air On-Soaps has confirmed this morning with an All My Children spokesperson that the series will go off the air with a two-hour finale on September 23rd!

According to ABC, “The final broadcast will end in a manner that respects the show’s legacy and honors its history. Out of love and respect for the show, many beloved actors will be returning to Pine Valley, including Josh Duhamel (Leo Du Pres), Eva La Rue (Maria Santos), Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater), Carol Burnett (Verla Grubbs), Kate Collins (Janet Green), Jennifer Bassey (Marion Chandler), Melissa Claire Egan (Annie Chandler) and Leven Rambin (Lily Montgomery), among others yet to be announced. Final episodes will celebrate the stories of the families that fans have grown to know and love over the years.

Recently nominated for a total of 13 Daytime Emmy Awards in 2011 and hallmarked for its iconic brand of humor and satire, All My Children has been prized with more than 30 Daytime Emmy Awards over the past four decades, including the three-time top honor of Outstanding Drama Series. January 5th, 2011, marked the celebration of 41 years on the air for All My Children. Praised for its socially conscious foundation, the show has been at the forefront of such issues as AIDS, rape, abortion, alcoholism, spousal abuse and racial bias, among others.”


Week of 7/11

Erica attempts a daring escape

Jake takes Amanda to the hospital

Bianca tries to get over Marissa by going out on a date

Marissa learns that Bianca has been helping JR woo her

Asher becomes more dependent on pain medication

Ryan takes a look around David's office


Griffin plays fast and loose with loyalties, Ryan vs. David… Griffin tells a big, fat fib to Ryan… Greenlee has cause to worry as she gleans pertinent dish between David and Erica, in the throes of scheming… Loved ones prepare to pounce on Erica for an intervention of sorts… Amanda drops an STD bombshell on JR, who shakes his head that this is happening to him… The stress of it all pushes JR to become an alky again. He purchases some booze for drinking and forgetting… Marissa does something without thinking.


More Coming Up Spoilers:

Kendall sees Griffin at the hospital, but he doesn't reveal that he stayed in town for her.

Bianca's feelings are reciprocated.

Jesse, Jake, Ryan and Greenlee look into David's schemes and something called The Orpheus Project.

Angie agrees to keep tabs on David.

Tad wants a divorce.

Liza teams up with Caleb.

Asher has trouble managing his pain medication.


Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers

ALL MY CHILDREN: According to Kaye's official site, Zach's first airdate is August 5th he is in Los Angeles all ready and is taping. Certain cast members were thrilled Thorsten came back to end the show. In tow with Kaye was his wife Susan Haskell (Marty OLTL) and his kids. I hear a visit to Disneyland is on the schedule .....Rumor has it that it will be the end for Marissa, Asher, and Caleb, says one insider and that Broderick wants to focus on the core families. They say that the final weeks of the show will focus on the Kane women, Chandlers, Hubbards, and the Martins. It seems they are getting rid of any of David Kreizman created characters. Word is and rumor for now that Christina Bennett Lind is going to exit on August 15th and Cara will exit August 1st, also Amanda will exit August 4th according to SON. Fact or fiction?..... As for an ending I would like the final day of the show to have the Kane women looking at the picture album and closing the book thne fade out. Agnes Nixon keeps insisting that she's not wrapping things up completely, just in case the show gets picked up.....And still, no word on Adam or Brooke...I do know we will see a lot of exits before September...........Natalie Hall is taking over the role of Kate, the stepsister of Ashley Benson's Hanna on Pretty Little Liars. Natalie Hall doesn't have to be released early because they can work around the shooting schedule, because it is ABC and ABC Family so no need to worry. Did you know Natalie and Brandon Barash (Johnny GH) were an item?


July Preview From Soap Opera Network

Erica regains control of her fate and holds the fate of those around her in her hands.

The extent of both David's work and his connection to Griffin comes to light as the mad scientist presses his student apprentice to choose between their craft or his heart.

Marissa follows her heart and fully embraces who she really is.

The people around JR are at a lost as he loses his battle with his demons. With help from some unique new allies, will Dixie be able to save her son before it's too late?

Life becomes a lot more complicated for Jesse once Maya settles in as Lucy's nanny.

In the face of challenging obstacles will Jake & Amanda rediscover the something they need to reconnect?


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Daytime Royalty

Kelly Ripa Confirms: No AMC Return For Hayley & Mateo

Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, will not be making a Pine Valley comeback before AMC takes its final bow on ABC in September. "We just can't be in California when they need us to be," she reports. "It's so upsetting, it really is. The good news is that we were there for the 40th anniversary [in January 2010]. We got to do our big good-bye scenes. It was a moment and it ended on a high note for us. It would be hard to recreate that anyway, but it's unfortunate because I really wanted to be a part of it."


Eva La Rue (Dr. Maria Santos) returns on Tuesday, July 19.

Duhamel returns as Leo du Pres on Thursday, August 4 and despite conflicting reports it does appear Kaye will make his return as Zach Slater on Friday, August 5.


Week of 7/18

Greenlee gives Madison another chance.

Griffin kisses Kendall.

Jane gets jealous seeing David with Madison.

JR finds Scott comforting Marissa.

Amanda finds out what's wrong with her and confesses all to Jake.

Marissa kisses Bianca.

Marissa tells JR the truth.

Greenlee catches David and "Erica."

Griffin tells David they have a problem.

David continues to manipulate Jane.



Maya feels a connection to Lucy.

Ben may help Erica get free.

Marissa confides in her mom.

Dixie stands up.

Tad gets a delivery.

Tad tells Cara about his Cad days.

Kathy sees Dixie.



Maya is deeply affected by her first interaction with Lucy.
Tad receives something personal that belonged to Dixie; meanwhile, Dixie returns to the living in a big way.
Marissa opens up to Krystal about everything.
Greenlee starts on a mission to get the truth after having a nightmare she believes may actually be a memory.
Through will and some luck Erica inches closer to regaining her freedom.


Maya bonds with Lucy

Cara learns about "Tad the Cad"

Dixie's diary ends up in Tad's hands

Dixie is determined to get back to her loved ones

Greenlee fears that a nightmare is actually a suppressed memory

Kathy sees her mother


Marissa lets Krystal in on something major… Greenlee begins to experience flickers of the rest of her memory coming back, including a poignant dream that unsettles her to her core, maybe not such a dream but reality… These memories spur Greenlee on a journey to find herself… Tad accepts a diary belonging to Dixie… Kathy gets a load of Dixie in the flesh… Lucy makes a huge impact on Maya, who feels as if she’s known this child forever… Erica establishes a better means of reclaiming her life from her current hostage crisis.


Monday 7/18 -- (Setting Erica Free)
Jane interrupts Ben's plan to let Erica go;
Krystal takes pleasure in hearing about Marissa's new-found love.

Tuesday 7/19 -- (Drinking Again)
Tad wonders if JR is going to drink again;
Maya warns Mookie to leave her alone.

Wednesday 7/20 -- (The Diary)
Tad reads Dixie's old journal;
Amanda shares her fears with Opal.

Thursday 7/21 -- (Jane Overhears Some Disturbing News)
Jane becomes envious of David and Greenlee's relationship;
Bianca's news thrills Kendall.

Friday 7/22 -- (Jane Reveals Her True Feelings)
Jane and Erica bond over their troubled childhoods;
Marissa blames herself for JR's actions.


Monday July 18:

Maya feels unexpectedly close to Lucy.

Marissa has a heart to heart with Krystal.

Tuesday July 19:

Tad receives Dixie’s diary.

Griffin tells Kendall about how David taught him everything he knows regarding medicine.

Dixie gathers enough energy to get on her feet.

Maria makes an appearance.

Wednesday July 20:

Tad tells Cara about his past as "Tad the Cad."

Frankie is convinced Asher is developing a serious problem.

Greenlee awakes from a nightmare and tells Ryan it could be a memory.

Thursday July 21:

Jane is moved by Jackson’s passion.

Kathy sees Dixie.

Jane becomes upset after seeing a close moment between Greenlee and David.

Friday July 22:

Erica makes a plea to Jane.

JR’s drunken state scares AJ.

Jackson throws a drink in David’s face.



Jesse conducts a DNA test on Maya/Lucy, secretly.

Tad throws a yeard sale/memorial service for Dixie. Kendall & Griffin clash.

David breaks Jane's heart.


Week of 7/25

Erica gets sent to Oakhaven on July 25th after stabbing David in the chest!

She will be a part of the escape from Oakhaven with Annie, Marian, Janet, and Dixie.



Does JR reunite with Dixie?

Janet, Marian, Annie return.

Brot takes Dixie to OH.

Erica gets a shock.

Jesse gets the DNA results.

Amanda awaits her test results.


Eva La Rue (Maria) Dishes On Her Return To AMC

Tuesday, July 19, will be a big day for Eva La Rue. Not only is she returning to the set of CSI: MIAMI to begin her exciting seventh season as heroine Natalia Boa Vista, but she'll also be seen resuming her role as ALL MY CHILDREN's Dr. Maria Santos that day! "Maria is still in California -- I only did a phone call," La Rue previews of her first two episodes. "but I know that my storyline has to do with David and the Orpheus Project and kind of bringing that down."

While bummed that her real-life pals Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley) and Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo) had not been able to join her for this stint, La Rue was pleased to see other aspects of Maria's history being utilized and hopes to reunite with former castmates like Alicia Minshew (Kendall) and Thorsten Kaye (Zach) when she returns for three more episodes this August. "I think it is personal for Maria because remember when David brought her back from the dead and made her believe that she was a murderer?" La Rue asks. "He made her be on the run, and that is how she met Zach. So she has always a hated David."

The actress may not have yet shared any on-screen reunions, but off screen, La Rue had a great time being on the AMC set. "It felt like old home week," she says. "And it was really exciting for me to hang out and chit chat with everybody and catch up. I'm really looking forward to going back again."


Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers

Erica's friends and family stage a different type of intervention.....Erica regains control of her fate and holds the fate of those around her in her hands......Life becomes a lot more complicated for Jesse once Maya settles in as Lucy's nanny.....I think it's a pretty safe bet David will have something to do with Dixie's story. He mentioned experiments and human guinea pigs. I think that's where Eva LaRue's Maria and possibly Angie will be involved in too...Just a reminder that the AMC Fan weekend is coming and the FCP is gathering up some past characters to join in on the Past Actor Event July 29th so if you haven't gotten your tickets yet or haven't made plans to go this is the time. You will be amazed what past actors were found.


Scoop on the New Web Version of All My Children


Can Prospect Park, the company taking ABC's All My Children and One Life to Live to the internet, possibly be ready to make the move with AMC as soon as September? Hard to believe, but that's what TV Guide Magazine is hearing.

Word is, the production company intends to waste no time — or lose any momentum — and will launch the reimagined AMC on Monday, September 26, just three days after the soap ends its network run. There's also highly reliable buzz — unconfirmed by Prospect Park — that Susan Lucci has agreed to move on with the show, though to what extent she'll participate or for how long isn't clear. Most (if not all) of the soap's other top stars have yet to enter negotiations.

We also hear Prospect Park plans to retain current head writer Lorraine Broderick and executive producer Julie Carruthers. But are there major rewrites in the works for the ABC finale? Broderick, working in tandem with AMC's legendary creator Agnes Nixon, had planned to tie up most of the major storylines with nice tidy bows. Now such a finale is problematic, since creating a few cliffhangers would encourage viewers to check out the internet version.

One more thing: There are also some hard-to-believe whispers going around that Sarah Michelle Gellar has agreed to return to AMC for a farewell appearance before the show leaves ABC — a nifty trick since the character she once played, Erica's daughter Kendall, now belongs (lock, stock and Emmy noms) to Alicia Minshew. But, hey, if this is true we trust the brilliant Broderick and Nixon to somehow make it work— they're bringing back Josh Duhamel as the dead Leo du Pres in a way that's ingenious!

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More Returns....

AMC confirms that Julia Barr (Brooke), David Canary (Adam), original cast member Ray MacDonnell (Joe) and Lee Meriwether (Ruth) are all coming back. No first air dates are available yet, but all four will be back on-screen in September. "I can't wait to work with David again!" cheers Jacob Young (JR).


Its about time that we got confirmation on Canary. It just wouldnt have been the same without him. Happy about the others too but Canary was a major missing piece.

VI updates his status with the show

Vincent Irizarry (David, AMC) has released a statement on Facebook regarding his status with the show. Irizarry wrote: "I've been getting a lot of questions from many of you, asking 2 things: am I going to the AMC Fan Event, and will I be staying with the show when it transitions to the internet? The first is easy, yes, I plan on being at the AMC Fan Event at the end of the month. The second, not so easy. Some have even informed me that it was reported somewhere that I'm staying with the show. That is not at all true at this time. Until I hear from the new producers to learn what they're offering, I have to work under the assumption that my contract with the show ends on Aug 31 and plan accordingly, which I am."

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Daytime Royalty

Week of 7/25


Jesse gets the results of the secret DNA test he conducted for Maya and Lucy.
Erica ends up in a whole new cell after attacking a manipulative David.
Janet, Marian and Annie return.
Amanda & Jake receive the results of her biopsy.
JR & Erica both have encounters from the (not so) great beyond.



Janet "from Another Planet" appears in Pine Valley, Jesse tells Frankie he's discovered something about Maya, Brot finds Dixie.

Soap Opera Source

David is attacked

Jesse receives the results of Lucy's paternity test

Brot takes Dixie to Oak Haven

Erica has a shocking encounter

JR is devastated by AJ's rejection

Annie, Janet, and Marian escape from Oak Haven!


Janet, Annie, and Marian fly the cuckoo’s nest, straight for home… Amanda has Jake by her side when the biopsy results come in… Erica wails on David… Erica doesn’t get very far. David interferes with her escape. He places her in another place of confinement, a cell… Erica crosses fate with a ghost. So does JR… Brot runs into Dixie… Jesse reviews the DNA test results linking Maya to Lucy, and must discuss this with Frankie.


Spoilers From July 26th Issue Of SOD / SOW

Eva returns as Maria on July 19. Her over-the-phone scenes are with Griffin. Griffin want to know more about Orpheus. Maria has no idea with Orpheus is but tells Griffin if he needs any help digging or help with David to just ring her up. When Maria returns for her next batch of episodes they will be opposite Vincent.

Zach first airs on 8/5. His first scenes are with Greenlee.

Dixie and Erica escape this week. There's a picture of Dixie and Erica at their respective walls. They are indeed on the opposite side of two walls. David has been keeping Dixie, his unwilling patient, in the cot doped up notes VI - who found out about this two months ago. David tells her none of this would be happening if she loved him way back when. Cady laughs at David's strange way of showing loves and notes it' complicated. Dixie rips out her IV when David leaves and summons the power to head to the park where she sees Kathy/Cara. She doesn't know it's Kathy but there's a feeling. Dixie slips away before Cara can get a look at the woman. Dixie is scared when she sees Brot b/c he represents danger to her due to the uniform. David is flippin with Ben not contacting him back. Ben is on David's payroll and otherwise occupied. Jane has just seen Greenlee/David talking and realizes David has been using her and has an emotional talk with Erica. She sets her free. David kisses fiance Erica when she arrives on the scene and realizes uh-oh, it's Erica immediately. Erica's family is having a hard time buying her story. So David decides not to help just as Erica may be making progress. In a very concerned doctor way he helps them continue to believe that she has lost her mind. This is driving Erica nuts. And sets her up for an adventure with Janet, Annie and Marian the following week.

To Be Continued....


More from SOD / SOW

EB/Ben waxes poetic on working with Lucci. He thinks Jane accidentally humanized Ben. He came into this w/o feeling and now he has them. Jane changed him from the accident to the time they spent together. He explains that Jane is affected as she listens to Erica talk about her childhood. Erica/Jane/Ben will all have gained new understandings out of their time together.

VI says there's going to be a lot of tension btw David/Griff who doesn't realize Griffin is digging. He's looking forward to working with Eva next time she comes around. AM/Kendall talks about Kendall/Griffin discussing David before the Maria call. Griffin thinks David's cause is for good but Kendall, concerned about Erica, tells him more about the way David is wired. To that extent the topic of David's first "hostage/patient" comes up, Maria.

Bianca and Marissa tell a happy Kendall and Krystal that they're a couple.

Wk if 7.18 Jesse conducts a DNA test on Maya/Lucy, secretly. Tad receives a diary from Dixie. Tad throws a yeard sale/memorial service for Dixie. Kendall & Griffin clash. David breaks Jane's heart. A drunk JR scares AJ.

Wk. of 7.25 Does JR reunite with Dixie? Janet, Marian, Annie return. Brot takes Dixie to OH. Erica gets a shock. Jesse gets the DNA results. Amanda awaits her test results.

SOD/AMC editor really enjoyed Rylee's wedding. Still looking forward to Greenleo though!

SOW/AMC editor notes Griffin is a winner b/c Kendall finally kissed him but a loser b/c Zach is coming back in August and won't be kissing him anymore.

There's an SOD piece about CS's haircut. Photos of her, a stylist, Ricky, his baby, Egan, etc.

AM talks a bit about TK visit back to L.A. Home/Willow stuff. He taped about a week of episodes and will resume taping in August.

There's a flashback section in SOW of Maria's life. 2 pages.

MAIL: Angry Jerica fan. Fans waxing poetic about the loss of AMC/OLTL. Few are holding their peace about Rylee's marriage.


Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers

A setsider tells us ALL of the AMC actors are free of their contracts as of Sept some earlier, meaning Prospect Park would have to start from scratch. Walt Willey made mention that no actors were contacted about contracts and he said all the actors are in the dark, looks like it all boils down to....Cha Ching $$$$$$$....... With the recent announcement that Debbi Morgan is going to YR (this happened before the turnover to online) who else will jump ship? Does no Angie mean no Jesse? Rumor has it that Darnell has been approached by YR......One actor seems to be staying, Cameron Mathison twittered "I love my job at AMC and I will definitely consider staying! Tell you more soon. You guys probably made this happen with your campaigns!".............By now you know David had something to do with Dixie. Pay attention. David has a card from Project Orpheus, Griffith has one as does Ben and but how are they all connected? Is Zach being held captive also?


Duhamel Dishes On AMC Return!

He's become a bona-fide movie star since exiting ALL MY CHILDREN, but when Josh Duhamel (Leo) heard that the soap would be going off the air, he immediately wanted to revisit the series that launched his acting career. His alter ego has been presumed dead since Leo plummeted over a waterfall in 2002 while trying to save new wife Greenlee from his maniacal mother, Vanessa. But as Duhamel himself tells Soaps In Depth, "if there was a chance that I was still alive, then I wanted to go back and do something. I really enjoyed those three years that I had on AMC, and I've kept up with a lot of the people there."

Just a few days after Duhamel placed a call to casting director Judy Blye Wilson, "they called back and said they'd love to do it." While we couldn't get the Transformers star to divulge any storyline specifics -- not even whether Leo returns in the flesh or as a ghost -- Duhamel does promise that his character's reunion with Greenlee "is respectful to what's going on in her life now."

Look for Duhamel to appear on-screen for a handful of episodes starting Thursday, August 4. And for more of our interview with the star, check out the ABC issues of Soaps In Depth on sale July 25 and August 8!


Alexa Havins and Justin Bruening will appear in several episodes this September.

Alexa Havins in "Torchwood"Two vets from ABC's All My Children will be making their way back to their old stomping grounds before it says its final farewell.

Alexa Havins, currently on Starz's Torchwood: Miracle Day, and real-life husband Justin Bruening will reprise their roles as Babe Chandler and Jamie Martin on the daytime drama this September. Both will appear in several episodes.

Havins was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2005 for her role, which she played from 2003-2007. In 2008, Babe was injured after several tornadoes hit Pine Valley, which ultimately ended in her death.

Bruening began playing Tad and Brooke's son in 2003 before departing in 2007, when his character left to work at an AIDS clinic in Africa.

All My Children was one of two ABC daytime soaps that was canceled, the other being One Life to Live. All My Children will air its final episode on Friday, Sept. 23. Several actors who got their starts on the soap have signed on to return, including Josh Duhamel, Eva La Rue, Carol Burnett and Leven Rambin. One Life to Live is set to end in January 2012.


RUMOR REPORT: Has All My Children's Two-Hour TV Finale Been SCRAPPED?!

Remember that two-hour finale for All My Children I told you would be happening? Well it looks like it's being scrapped, now that AMC is set to continue online, courtesy of new production company Prospect Park. According to sources, AMC will now only be getting a normal one-hour finale on ABC Daytime.

In other news, I'm hearing what was planned to be lengthier story arcs featuring such fan faves as Adam Chandler (David Canary) and Brooke English (Julia Barr) had to be shortened due to budgetary constraints.

"Agnes[Nixon] and Lorraine [Broderick] wanted Adam and Brooke for three weeks, but it ends up being only a handful of episodes, because of the budget," says a source.

All My Children's star-studded network television finale airs Sept. 23. Prospect Park has stated they plan to launch an online continuation of the serial just three days later on Sept. 26.

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