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~B&B Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of September, 2010
Topic Started: Sep 16 2010, 09:59 AM (975 Views)
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Spoilers and Previews -- Week of 9/13

National Enquirer

A woman has hopes she will be re-united with her ex-lover.

A mother meddles in her child's love life.

A troubled relationship is ended.

A plan is devised to bring estranged family members back together.

SNS Spoilers

Bridget is stunned to see Rick and Jackie in a compromising position, as Rick tries to convince Jackie that her marriage to Owen will fail so she should end it now.

Jackie is caught off-guard when Rick makes a tempting proposition.

Meanwhile, an unaware Owen is relieved that Jackie still has confidence in their marriage, despite Bridget's feelings for him.

Katie and Hope team up to try to get Liam and Bill to put aside their ill will, but it takes a lot of effort.

However, Bill offers Liam an exciting opportunity at Spencer Publications, and Liam learns more about his dad's past.

Hope is not happy when Steffy drops a hint that she also has feelings for Liam.

Brooke and Ridge want Hope nowhere near Liam.

COMING: Thomas finds new ways to create problems.

Source: SNS

Cable Guide

Monday, September 13
Not Available

Tuesday, September 14
Ridge and Bridget reflect on the night Bridget was born; Jackie tells Owen that she is aware of Bridget's feelings for him.

Wednesday, September 15
Bridget's feelings deepen for Owen at the pediatrician's office; Hope attempts to help Liam deal with his feelings for his father.

Thursday, September 16
Hope tells Oliver about her kiss with Liam; Liam learns some new details about his father's feelings for his mother.

Friday, September 17
Steffy and Hope compete against each other once again; Brooke and Ridge learn that Hope has feelings for Liam.


Now that Bridget and Owen's baby has arrived, their relationship looks to be headed in a romantic direction. Bridget's impressed with Owen's hands-on parenting and becomes even more enthralled with him during a trip to the pediatrician's office. Later, Jackie tells Owen that she knows that Bridget is falling for him. Will he cop to romantic feelings of his own?
Elsewhere, Amber puts Brooke in her place as she questions her former mother-in-law about Rick. Speaking of Rick, Bridget inadvertently witnesses her brother plant a kiss on the very married Jackie. Has he developed feelings for her, or is the kiss part of a plan he's cooked up?

Finally, rounding out the week, Ridge and Brooke recount the night they shared when Bridget was born in the Big Bear cabin while discussing Bridget and Owen's bond over delivering baby Logan in the same location. Also, Hope tries to help Liam come to terms with his feelings for his father. Will her pep talk have a positive effect on Liam and Bill's newly discovered father-son relationship? Stay tuned for a wild and crazy ride all week on The Bold and the Beautiful.


DC Spoilers

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